Coaching services!!

I am an RRCA certified running coach and a USATF certified coach! I plan on continuing my training and education and I am really really excited about this. As I was taking the courses I kept saying, "I love this stuff!"

Coaching is done mostly via email, text, phone, and interactive training plan.

As a coach, I can help runners who -
- are just getting started as a runner, or just coming back to running
- are looking to run their first race, or their first race of a new distance
- are looking to PR at any distance from 5k-ultramarathon (I have coached people successfully to all of these distances, including helping several runners qualify for the Boston Marathon).

I provide - 
- a unique training plan/log made just for you that is adjusted as needed. NO cookie cutter training plans.
- advice, help, support, and encouragement in all aspects of running/training
- someone to help you stay motivated and accountable

I am extremely well educated when it comes to running and I know what it's like to -
- be in the position of knowing I am unhealthy and need to make a change, but am not sure how to get started
- be a brand new runner and not be able to run 2 miles without feeling like I am going to die
- be the slowest runner in a group and wonder if I will ever be able to keep up with everyone else
- train for and finish my first race
- train for and finish races from 5k-marathon distances
- deal with injuries
- change to a healthy diet/lifestyle
- run high mileage
- make huge improvements in speed/pace
- run competitively
- chase after and achieve big goals and dreams
- find ways to make it work and find time for yourself while being a busy parent

I personally have benefited greatly from having a coach. I love having someone to learn from, to give me my training plan, to give me advice, to give me feedback on my running, to encourage and support me, to watch over my training, to push me, to hold me back when needed, to help me reach my goals, and to be a mentor and friend, and I very much enjoy getting to do all of those things for others.

If you or anyone you know are interested in having me coach you, you can contact me at fullhousemom at g mail dot com

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