Friday, April 18, 2014

Heart in Boston

I was supposed to be on a plane to Boston today. I was supposed to be meeting up with my parents and my best friend in Beantown for a special weekend. I was supposed to be in the shape of my life, ready to run a big PR in the greatest and most historic marathon in the world.

But I am not.

And I am ok.

Yes, it has stung the past week or so whenever I leave the house and people ask me when I am headed to Boston, or the surprised look on people's faces when I tell them I am not going.  One guy even tried to argue with me after I explained to him that I wasn't racing in Boston because I got injured and have only been running again for five weeks. He said, "I see you running all over the place again!" It's hard for people to understand I guess when they don't understand how marathon training works.

Yes, I feel like the entire running world is on it's way to Boston for a marathon weekend that will be even more magical and meaningful than most years, and I feel a little left out. I truly believe that this weekend we will see the very best of the running community.

And yes, I have a VERY strong desire to race Boston. I don't just want to run it again, I want to race it. I want to show up to that start line and give the course and the race and all of it's history my A+ effort and the respect it deserves.

I got to Boston in very good shape in 2012, but Mother Nature threw a monkey wrench into my racing plans with 80-90 degree temps (after leaving snow behind in Wyoming). Last year I was planning on running it and then our family schedule made it very tough for me to go, so I ended up being home safe and sound when the tragedy occurred. As I watched the awful news footage, and saw the posts all over social media from friends who were there, and answered worried phone calls from family and friends who were worried I was there, I knew right away that I wanted to run Boston this year.

But sometimes God has other plans, and I have learned to accept that. Even though the injury was miserable and missing out on Boston this year is a disappointment, I am so grateful for the path my running is on right now and how well things are going. I am looking forward to Easter weekend home with my family. I am excited to watch the Boston Marathon on TV and cheer on the elites and friends alike.  And I sure as heck am planning on being there to race next year.

GOOD LUCK to all of you who are running in Boston on Monday. Enjoy the experience, and being a part of something so awesome. My heart, thoughts, and prayers will be with the runners and the city.

Me in my Boston jacket from 2012

The day before Boston 2012 at the finish line (this is as close as I got until the race!)


HalfCrazed Runner said...

Sending you a hug - I'm sorry for your injury - feel better!

Suzy Oakley said...

Erin, I started reading your blog recently when our state Women Can Run ambassador sent a link because you're going to be our pasta party speaker. Unfortunately my hubby (fellow clinic leader) and I won't be able to be in Conway until race morning, so we won't get to hear you speak. I'm disappointed about that but love your blog. I hope we get to meet you at the race on May 10.

I don't know how familiar you are with our women's running clinics (about 4 dozen across Arkansas), but I think you'll be inspired that weekend when you see all those wonderful ladies racing. I say "ladies" rather than women because we have an 8-year-old in our group (Batesville) who won her age group at last year's 5k. This is Clara's third year in the clinic, and Mom has been bringing Clara's 4-year-old sister, Darcy, along. Sometimes Darcy rides in the stroller (she has a strong mommy!), and sometimes she wogs, but they are an impressive bunch!

You'll meet lots of ladies like that when you visit us.

That's sort of off the subject, but the clinic is what helped me stick with running and lose 40-50 pounds, and it gives my husband - a lifelong runner - so much joy to volunteer his time doing something he loves more than anything.

So thank you for your post about Boston - you seem to have things in perspective. Not this year for you, but God always has a plan and a purpose for us.

I love your spirit and your positive attitude!

L.A. Runner said...

Definitely understand the jealousy of wanting to race! Hang tough, lady! You'll be back there.