Thursday, March 20, 2014

Risk, Care, Dream, Expect

This is one of my very favorite quotes and it inspires me everyday with my running, and in how I choose to live my life in every way.

"RISK more than others think is safe.
CARE more than others think is wise.
DREAM more than others think is practical.
EXPECT more than others think is possible." - Cadet Maxim

I love with my whole heart. Once I make a decision, I jump into things with both feet. I am not afraid to work really hard. I am uber loyal. I dream really big. I take chances. I am an optimist. I set high expectations for myself. I have great faith.

When Josh and I have been presented with opportunities in this life, we haven't been afraid to say "yes!" even when it was scary.

I do lots of things that a lot of people classify as "crazy". (I hear "You are crazy" more times than I can count).  I got married at 19. We packed up and left New York and moved to the middle of nowhere in Wyoming. We have 12 kids (a few of which I traveled to Vietnam and Ethiopia to bring home). I drive a 15 passenger van. I get up at 4:30 (or earlier) each day and run lots of miles. I set really big goals.

Sure, sometimes there is hurt or disappointment. Life is full of trials and challenges. But I wouldn't change a thing. Safe is over-rated. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. Love big. Dream big. Risk a lot. Expect a lot. Work hard. Be bold. Smile easily. Believe in yourself. Serve others. Be joyful.

It's a good recipe.


Christina said...

Thank you Erin ... I needed to read this today :)

Laura @ Mommy Run Fast said...

What a fantastic quote- just pinned it! I love your reflections, too. I can relate. I like to take risks and go after big things- it makes life more interesting and (for me) meaningful!

Kathy said...

You said it girl! Go big or go home..

HalfCrazed Runner said...

Wow! Twelve children. You can spell MOM with capital letters!