Tuesday, October 29, 2013


In our house we have four birthdays and Halloween to celebrate in between October 20 and November 5. That's a lot of fun. And a lot of sugar. :)

Tonight I took the kids to a costume dinner/party/trunk-or-treat at our church, and of course we will be trick or treating on Thursday.  Here are Shane and Shorty's birthday cake pictures.

No one does happy like Shorty does!
On Friday we had a very cool night. It was senior night for Nate's football team, which means Josh and I got to escort him onto the field before the game while he was cheered for by the rest of the team, cheerleaders, coaches, and fans. Josh and I walked arm and arm with him and it was such a special moment. I held it together until I kissed him on the cheek and told him to have a good game  (which he did!) and then I couldn't stop the tears. I so love this kid and am so impressed with who he is and the choices he is making. Kids grow up WAY too fast.

I snapped this picture right before we walked onto the field.

They had an awesome game (won 56-6) and we had a great time as a family cheering and watching the game. Josh kept looking at me and saying, "we have a senior football player!"

And here is a pic of my gorgeous Destinee just because. :)

My big kids are just so much fun. I enjoy them so much - from the serious talks about life to the silliness. I love watching them with each other, I love watching them with the younger kids, and I love just hanging out with them. They are awesome people. :)

Josh is working SO much. He works a lot usually, but he has had a huge amount of extra graphic design work for political campaigns. He is a talented graphic designer and has done many pieces now and is a big part of several campaigns back east. In the next few days it will become too late for anything else to be designed and printed and he can exhale, but right now everything is rush, rush, panic, panic, now, now. It is his birthday this weekend and I can't wait to do something special with him and celebrate him. I miss him! He is the love of my life and an incredible husband, dad, and person.

Running is going well. I had a decent 19-miler this weekend and my other runs and workouts have been solid. My feet are hanging in there and mileage is growing (up to 80 mpw). I got my training plan from Coach Doug through December and it is both scary and exciting! I am just going to take it one day at a time and enjoy the journey. I can feel my speed and endurance improving and I am excited to be on the right track and to see what I can do. I have gotten back down to my goal training weight which makes me happy. I will be avoiding the candy bowl so I can keep it that way!

It has been fun reading all of the race recaps from so many races this time of year. I am excited for all of those racing New York this weekend! Josh is definitely running it next year (he took the deferment) and I may or may not - have to talk with coach and decide on a target fall/winter race for next year.

That is what has been going around here. Busy as always, but life is good.

Do you have any big races coming up?

What's your favorite Halloween candy? Mine is Dots, and anything with peanut butter. :)


coach dion said...

80 miles, I had planned to get close to that for my marathon in a couple of weeks, but it looks like 60 will be my max this year round...

Like you December could be exciting and scary for the training we have planned, but it is summer here and that means I could find myself running twice a day.

Gracie said...

You have such cute kids. I think it's because they are always smiling!

fancy nancy said...

So many great things happening in your house!! I would have totally lost it as well! I can't believe mine is going to be 5 let alone a senior!!

jamie smith said...

Happy birthday to the gang! How you actually managed to get back down to training weight with all those temptations around is admirable. I certainly couldn't do it.

Laura @ Mommy run fast said...

I'm so glad you're feeling good! Hmm, Halloween candy- it's always chocolate and/or pb. But we didn't get any to pass out, since we'll be out that evening so I'm hoping to keep it to a minimum as well!

Terzah said...

I wanted to check in with you, Erin--it sounds like everything is going great. On the Halloween front, I'm deliberately NOT buying any candy until tomorrow is here. Too tempting. My favorites are and always will be Reeses.

Christina said...

Happy birthday to your babies!!! :) It is such a fun time of year! Glad to read you are feeling good and getting ready to ramp things up.

misszippy said...

Dots-you and my kids--they love them, too. I have a weakness for Butterfingers. We have two birthdays (today and tomorrow) here, so I feel you on the non-stop sugar rush!

So glad you are continuing to get back. In the end, this little break may have been just the thing you needed for a BIG battery recharge and a BIG PR!