Sunday, October 20, 2013

Straw, Scares, and Spaghetti O's

We have had SUCH a wonderful weekend!

Yesterday we took most of the kids (a few had other plans made and Sadies wasn't coming home this weekend) and headed to Idaho for some Halloween fun. We went to a huge straw maze. Josh is super good at these things and even he had a hard time finding the exit!! Maggie stuck with us and we bumped into the other kids on and off - lots of laughing! We spent a couple of hours and it was a great way to spend an afternoon.

Noah LOVED it even if he looks grouchy in this pic!

We had to walk through lots of hanging ropes and things. This is the best maze we have done.

Boo Marcus!

Shane, Ben and Shane's best friend who came along with us. Appreciate the effort it took to get them to stand still for this photo!

this was my view. :)

Me and my Maggie
These are my three brave "littles". They disappeared right into the deep dark tunnel and came out laughing.

Love this man. :)

Once we got out there were lots of straw bales to play on.

We went to dinner at a Pizza Pie Cafe (pizza, pasta and salad buffet). Solomon looked up at me while eating this and said, "This is the best childhood I have ever had." My favorite quote ever.
These three were very impressed with their pile of plates. Apparently running around in a straw maze makes you HUNGRY. They ate a TON.
 After dinner we went BACK to the straw maze so the braver bunch could go through the maze again while it was "haunted" and they also took a trip through the "haunted forest". They rode out on a trailer being pulled by a tractor and then were dropped off in the woods and had to make their way back while being chased and harassed by all kinds of scary creatures. (It was "scary" but no blood or gore and very family friendly). They LOVED it. Josh went with the kids who wanted to be scared silly and I stayed in the van with Maggie, Marcus and Noah and we watched a movie on the little DVD player we brought along. It worked out perfectly! 

We didn't get home until after 11pm but it was well worth it because we had so much fun. 

Today we are celebrating SHANE! He turns 14 years old today. He is such an awesome kid - he is in an incredible son, brother, athlete, student, musician and person. He is a heck of a lot of fun too. However, his taste in food is awful. We let the kids pick out box cereal, cake, ice cream, chips (stuff we don't usually buy) and plan the meals on their birthdays. For dinner Shane picked corn dogs, Spaghetti O's and potato salad. BLECK. (Not all of us will be eating that....)  :)

Here is Shane winning a race (by quite a bit) earlier this month.
 This morning I had a really great 17 miles. It was 30 degrees at the start and almost 40 at the finish and gorgeous sunshine. I felt strong and steady throughout and my feet didn't bug me at all. This is the first really good long run I have had since starting up training again and I needed it!

Now we are looking forward to a fun night together as a family. It's been a pretty perfect weekend. Hope yours has been good too!

Anyone race this weekend?

Do you love Halloween? My Dad always made it a blast for us. I think it is such a fun time to be a kid (and a parent of kids). :)


Gracie said...

It certainly sounds like the best childhood to me! Too precious. You take such good care of your kids - making sure they have fun times, too.

coach dion said...

17 miles is a long way... and while that is about what I ran I was shattered after my run, and feel a lot needs to go right for my 3 week program to a marathon to work! I pleased you have a lot more time then that.

Amanda@runninghood said...

Sounds like a PERFECT family weekend!! Makes me happy to read and to see that you are running strong again. And the picture of you and Maggie...beautiful!

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend! How fun!

pat said...

Love this post. Beautiful photos. Beautiful family. Beautiful you. Virtual hugs to you and your whole bunch. :)

Laura @ Mommy run fast said...

Beautiful family photos! And yay for a good run and no pain!!

jamie smith said...

Feel like adopting kid #13? I want to come live with you!