Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Let's Eat!

Let's be honest - most of us runners love to eat.

I  am sure that many of you also love to cook.

Me - not so much.

Maybe I would like to cook if I had any free time at all. Maybe I would like to cook if I didn't spend so much of each day feeding (preparing, serving, and cleaning up after) a small army.

Maybe not.

I like the eating part, I just don't like the cooking part. Obviously I do cook all the dang time, but I like to keep it as simple as possible.

I am a healthy eater. I worked very hard to lose 80lbs and now I train hard as a runner. I have learned the last few years how to enjoy food in a healthy way, and how at the same time to use food as fuel for my running. When I eat well, I feel good and my body is healthier and I run better. Of course I want food to taste good too because again, I like to eat. :)

Runner's World sent me a copy of their new "Runner's World Cookbook" and asked me to share it with you.

Being honest, I normally open a cookbook, flip through it, make yummy sounds at some of the pictures, and that's about it. But this Runner's World Cookbook is great! I have actually already made a couple of things and plan on making quite a few more.

This cookbook has 150 recipes which were chosen because of their nutritional benefits for runners. At the beginning of the book it gives some great info on nutrition and foods that runners should know. Then the rest of the book is recipes divided into categories like Salads/Soups/Stews, Pizza/Pasta, etc. and they also have an icon system which labels recipes as "recovery friendly", "low-calorie", "quick and easy", and also labels recipes which are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc.  The labels are across the top of each page which make it really easy to find a recipe that fits your needs/taste buds. This is a very practical, user-friendly cookbook.

There are lots of really good pics too that make you hungry. :)

My kids had a lot of fun looking through the book and found all kinds of things they wanted to eat, wanted me to make, and wanted to make for me.

The first thing we made was the yummy Stick-With-You Polenta.  It was quick and easy, gluten free, and super yummy. :) I added in a banana and a few more berries, but besides that, followed the recipe. I love polenta and eat it often but had never thought to use it in a sweeter dish or as a breakfast food. Very cool!

Along with not being a chef, I am not a food blogger or a food photographer. I promise it tasted way better than it looks!

A few other recipes we are planning on trying soon are Jerk Shrimp with Sweet Potato and Black Beans, Peanut Butter Balls, Pam Anderson's Tomato Gazpacho, Coconut Almond Energy Bars, and Mark Bittman's More-Vegetable-Than-Egg Frittata. Yummmm! There are plenty of others too.

If you love to cook or just love to eat... If you are an athlete looking to dial in your nutrition, or just for some new ideas for healthy, nourishing meals, I strongly recommend this book. You can get your own copy here.

What is your favorite recipe or go to meal? Do you like to cook? Do you love to eat? :)


coach dion said...

Not much into cooking books as I never see anything in them that one would cook at home, there are for show, and I don't eat show I want qantity that tastes nice, not this silly food that top resterants put on your plate just to make it dirty...

Erica Gorman said...

Oh my goodness Erin, you finally got me to cross the line and get the cookbook! I really do love to cook if it is easy and my daughter is getting really interested in it too.

Just tonight she suggested a meal for us to do for dinner: spaghetti but with the meatballs and pasta sauce on the side, not on the noodles. On the noodles add some olive tapenade. I promised her it would be on the menu next week! said...

I have now seen so many good reviews for this one that I just may have to get it. I'm also not a big fan of cookbooks but do have a few tried-and-true loves. I could use some variety :)

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

I love to eat, but like you I don't love to cook. My favorite meal is anything I don't have to make, for real. My lack of cooking desire sure makes me really appreciate when others cook for me!

That cook book looks awesome! I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Beth @ Miles and Trials said...

Those sound like some great recipes. Maybe I'll break down and buy this book. I cut myself off from buying cookbooks a few years ago because I hardly ever use them! But this one sounds like it has many recipes my family would like.

Annie Crow said...

Bought this at the Chicago expo and can't wait to try things out. This is a very user-friendly cookbook and the recipes look yummy.

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

I've been debating on this one as well...but like everybody else, didn't want another cookbook to just sit on the shelves. If I'm going to buy it, I want to actually use it. I think you've talked me into it :)

Kiley said...

I hate cooking! Maybe because any time I'm in the kitchen there are little rugrats whining and pulling on my legs the whole time, but just the same, I'm not good at it and don't like to cook. Maybe I'll have to try this out.