Thursday, September 5, 2013

Starting again

ONE MORE DAY until I can run again. I have been super well behaved and have not run a step per coach's orders for 10 days now. While the purpose of the no running was to let the feet get a nice long rest and heal up, it is also a part of a planned break from heavy training (which I haven't taken since....ummm....ever....). My total mileage in the month of August was only 153, which is the lowest I have run in the past two years at least. As much as it has been fairly miserable, I have to begrudgingly admit that it probably has done me good, both physically and mentally.

I have averaged more sleep per night in the past month than I have in years and years. I have been able to step back and look at the big picture of my running - at how far I have come and where I want to go and how I am going to get there. I am excited to run and to train hard again. The fire is burning hot.

I have not done any cycling or elliptical-ling and have tried to embrace the rest period. I have kept up on my core and strength work and stretching. With all the sleep I have been getting you would think I would be bouncing off the walls but I feel SO sluggish and icky. Not running sucks.

Part of my sluggishness could also be my craptastic diet the past two weeks. I have definitely taken a break from disciplined eating along with a break from disciplined training. Bleck. That is officially DONE, and I am back to eating like an athlete as of now. I am sure I have put on a couple of pounds, although I know it will come back off quickly once I start eating well and am running again. (I just finished reading "Racing Weight" and like it a lot - I am going to give his plan a try).

The feet are feeling tons better. I am not limping when I get out of bed in the morning or when I get up from sitting for a long time. They aren't swollen anymore. They don't bother me in day to day life stuff. I can push on a spot on both feet and "find" the tenderness, but it is less and less "there" each day. I am hopeful that this scaled back month, 2 weeks off, and the cortisone shots will lead to happy running again. I am a little nervous for Saturday morning to see how it feels and to see if the pain comes back, but I am thinking positively.

One thing I know for sure - this girl has GOT to run. Now and always.

There has been PLENTY going on in life to keep me busy.

- I went to the Pocatello Marathon last weekend (where I ran my first BQ time two years ago and a 3:17 last year) to cheer on my friend A, and another friend who I also coach, J. It was hard to not be running but there is NOTHING like being at a finish line. Watching the winners and then everyone else down to the very last of the finishers was so exciting and inspiring. I was proud of my girls and I SO love this sport. 

- Josh and the kids met me in Pokey after the race and we went back to school clothes shopping. Yeah, they get distracted easily.

Shane, Josh, and Belane

- My little kids went back to school! Here is the elementary school bunch. :)

Left to Right is Belane (4th grade), Marcus (4th), Amanda (6th), Maggie (6th) and Shorty (2nd)
- These two cool cats started eighth grade....

Ben and Shane
- and they arrived at their first day of school in THIS!

Shane's best friend's dad has a friend with a limo. The boys planned this all summer long. We live in a tiny town where the kids don't even use limos for prom or anything and there is no limo company anywhere nearby, so it was super exciting for them.

Here they are when they arrived at school!
They fit a lot of kids in there!!
- Just a few days until registration opens for qualifiers for the Boston Marathon! Oh yes, I will be crossing this in 2014. 

Who else will be in Boston in April??

Everything else around here is good. Busy, but good. 

Noah is actually going to start PRESCHOOL next week for an hour two days a week. It is sort of a trial to see how he does (and to see if he can avoid getting sick super often). 

Fall sports are in full swing. I have three running cross country, one playing football and Josh is coaching middle school football. LOTS of practices and LOTS of games. 

Have I mentioned that I am counting down the minutes until I can put on my Brooks and go run??

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Canuck Mom said...

I am so excited and happy for you that you get to run again!! Here is to some healthy and happy miles ahead. You have got this!!

coach dion said...

OK time to start on fresh legs, always the best way to start your training for the next race...

jamie smith said...

"Craptastic diet" I love that term, I've lived it the past month will recuperating too! I too have been sleeping more than ever since getting injured--kinda nice, isn't it? I'm ready to go online at 9 AM CST on Sept 11 to register for Boston. See you there, Coach!

The Jackster said...

I'm not doing Boston, but know people who are. Maybe I'll tag along as a cheerleader?

Laura @ Mommy run fast said...

Hope you start feeling good as you get back on track and back to running! I'm debating if I'll attempt to register for Boston this year... I might wait til next, but I really want to go soon!

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

I loved the book Racing Weight. It's good. I should read it again so I can start eating better again!

I can't wait for your return to running! What a great opportunity to push the rest button, even if it was forced. I hope your feet are finally healed and everything goes well.

Beth @ Miles and Trials said...

Good luck on your first run back. Hoping it is a wonderful pain free run.

I want to be back in Boston in April, after being there last year it would mean so much to me, but I don't have a BQ yet! Hoping next Saturday will be the day I BQ at the Big Cottonwwod Marathon!

Loren said...

I love Racing Weight too, very common sense and doable, and I like the absolute focus on weight as it relates to performance, rather than losing weight for its own sake. I would love to do Boston 2014... but I'm not nearly fast enough! Have fun!