Thursday, September 12, 2013


I feel like I can exhale and relax just a little bit.

I am running every day again. Thank heavens for some endorphins!! The mileage is low for me and the intensity is even lower, but the feet are holding steady so I am not complaining. I am feeling great as I get out of bed in the mornings and the feet are feeling almost 100% on the runs. As I told my coach today, on a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being "completely perfect, can't feel even the slightest niggle" and 1 being "hurts to run, hurts to walk, Josh picking me up crying on the side of the road", I would say one foot is at a 9 and one foot is at an 8.  They have not gotten any worse since the first run and are feeling less tender after the runs as each day goes by, so I am feeling pretty hopeful that this is almost behind me.

I did 8x100m strides yesterday after a short, easy run and it felt incredible to run fast. And on Saturday I get to run DOUBLE DIGITS.  We are building slowly, slowly, sloooooooowly which I know is the smart way to do it.

I will feel even better when I can say both feet are at a 10, but I am grateful for progress and am believing that this break will be a good thing in the big picture of my running. Houston is going to be GOOD. :)

In family news, the kids are in full swing of school. Shane ran an 8:04 in his 1.5 mile cross country race this week (he is in 8th grade). The kid is pretty dang fast.

But even bigger than that is that my Noah went to preschool two days this week! I was super nervous and emotional about it (which I usually am not about this stuff). He has had therapists coming to the house for the past four years and we decided this year to try to do much of his therapy in the preschool setting. If he starts getting sick a lot, we will have to change it back to the house, but we felt like this was a good thing for him to experience.

He is four and a half years old and he is visually impaired, walks like a peg-legged pirate (it is super cute), is visually impaired, is almost completely tube fed, and only says a handful of words that most people can understand. I worried he would cry, I worried he would think I left him, I worried the kids wouldn't be nice to him, I worried the teachers wouldn't understand him... I worried! And he did GREAT. He played with kids and his aid is wonderful and the teachers love him and he didn't cry at all. I cried twice. Ok fine... three times. Along with being nervous I was also just so grateful - the little baby we were told may never even be able to sit up on his own walked through the front door of preschool. He has come SO far in the four years we have had him.

Between Noah going to preschool and Sadies going to college in the same month, it is a dang good thing I can run again. Parenthood is NOT for the faint of heart.

Here is some cuteness for you. :)

On his way to the first day of preschool!

Hanging out with Destinee :)
Then on the day in between preschool (Tuesday), I had a seven hour round trip with Noah, Shorty and Belane to the children's hospital in Salt Lake City for appointments and labs. The kids were great the whole day, but the minute we walked into that hospital Noah was on a mission to find a way OUT the door. He is quite sure nothing good can come of being there. By the end of the third hour there, we all felt like this.
That's all for the moment. Time to make dinner, help with homework, tackle laundry, etc. etc. etc.

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Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

I'm so glad to hear your feet are improving and you're running again! That is fantastic!

Your cute little Noah! I imagine it was hard to trust such a special little guy to the care of others for awhile. I'm sure he will love preschool!

Mama of 5 said...

Yeah for Noah...and YOU!! It is hard! He sure is a cutie!!

Carrie said...

Yay for your feet! And yay for Noah! He is so darn cute!

jamie smith said...

After a hard day at work, your news cheered me up! Thanks for the update.

coach dion said...

Maybe you need to try walking on your hand when not running to help the feet get back to 10/10...

When resting I find myself taking the lift insead of the stair up to the office...

Anonymous said...

Noah is beautiful!

misszippy said...

Good news all around! That is just great and I'm so glad for you, your running, and Noah!

HalfCrazed Runner said...

Great that you are running pain free! Life changes quickly - motherhood is not for the faint of heart. My daughter just went to college - and my tissue box is empty!

The Wilkins Family said...

Hi Erin!
I know how hard it is to send a little one off to preschool. Josh has been going to preschool for a few months now and I am absolutely amazed at his progress! In home therapy was wonderful and very much needed and in some ways the preschool doesn't meet all his PT and OT needs but emotionally, peer wise and with speech he is doing so much better. I hope that you will have similar positive experiences. Thinking of you!

Canuck Mom said...

So happy for you!! May those feet continue to improve. Love the pictures of your little one.