Friday, July 5, 2013

Life Flying By

Time is just flying by - I can't believe that the Fourth of July has come and gone. Summer is going way too quickly! I love having the kids home for the summer. We are busy, but having lots of fun and I love all the extra time with them.  Life just moves TOO FAST.

We had a super fun Fourth! Last year my parents were here for the Fourth and we all went to Lava Hot Springs in Idaho (about an hour and a half from  here). They have big pools (indoor and outdoor), diving boards, platforms, lots of slides of all sizes, a kiddie zone, etc. They also do a huge fireworks show off of the side of the mountain across the road. We had so much fun last year that about a month ago the kids started talking about going again and a tradition has been created.

Yesterday morning we packed up two adults, 14 kids (my oldest daughter's boyfriend and his sister joined us), two vans, tons of food and drink, a giant stack of towels, sunblock, etc. and got to Lava in the early afternoon. The kids swam and played and ate and swam some more, and we all had a blast. My kids are all part fish I think, because they swim super well (not Noah, but he sure tries!) and they all LOVE the water (Noah even more than the others). The pools closed at 8pm and after we used their locker rooms to get showered and changed we headed over to the big grass field across the street and waited for the fireworks.

At one point I was laying on the blanket cuddling Belane, Noah, and Maggie, and Shorty (who was laying next to us, looking up at the fireworks) said, "This is the best day ever!" It really was - I enjoyed the time with Josh, the big kids, the little kids, and just seeing my family having fun all together. These are the days I want them all to remember.

We didn't get home until just after 1am this morning, but it was well worth it.

The night before I took most of the kids to see Despicable Me 2 and I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. If you want a good family-friendly FUNNY movie - we give this one 28 thumbs up. :)

Running update! Running is going really well. This was my first full "back at it" week of training. It started off with a strong 16 miler, and then I had two other key workouts. On Tuesday I had 12 miles with the middle 8 miles to be at about 7:00 pace. I ended up running this on the track (yeah - 8 tempo miles on the track) because I didn't want to deal with the hills up or down, and I wanted to just get into a zone and focus on the pace. Splits for the middle 8 miles were 6:54, 6:56, 7:10, 6:55, 7:03, 6:57, 6:48, 6:36. The first few were a lot harder than the last few for some reason. The track actually wasn't too bad, although when I saw my friends stopping and walking and chatting it was hard at times to keep on running around and around.

Then on Thursday I had a 10 mile progressive run and that also went well. Splits for the first 8 miles (the last two were cool down) were 7:59, 7:35, 7:24, 7:17, 6:56, 6:52, 6:29, 6:23.

I was just over 80 miles for the week and I am feeling really good and enjoying getting back into the groove of serious training.

Hope you all had a Happy Fourth!! Congrats to everyone who raced. :) More soon!

Here are two more quotes that inspire me -

"The potential elite runner must realize that hard means hard, easy means easy and they must patiently seek out what combinations work for them. They have to learn to be persistent and patient with their training and racing." - Frank Shorter

"Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming." - John Wooden - basketball player and coach


Mark Matthews said...

I felt your smile at that last of the 8 miles at 6:36 from here.

misszippy said...

You are so on the money--life speeds by far too fast. I really get sad about it sometimes, especially when it comes to how fast the kids grow.

Awesome that you are back in a running groove. Hats off for the mental toughness to do that much on the track! But I suppose the treadmill prepares you for that very well!

Amy N. said...

I got to meet Frank Shorter two weeks ago! What a legend!

Sounds like a perfect day! I'm glad you guys had such a great fourth!

I am so impressed with your training! I'm starting up again next week with a new cycle and I always get so nervous/excited about what's coming!