Friday, June 28, 2013

Back at it

Good news! My quads no longer feel like sore, mushy jello! :)

I have taken it super easy since Ragnar, as I was more sore than I usually am after a race. Actually for the first time ever, I got a bad calf cramp with two miles to go on my last Ragnar run. I tried to stretch it out but it would not relax, and so I ended up walking most of the last two miles because I was not willing to injure myself for a relay race we were doing for fun. Since then I have worked it with my favorite stick several times a day, and done quite a bit of stretching and icing. Josh was awesome enough to massage it for me twice too. The first day I was back to running I could feel it just a tiny bit on the uphills, although it didn't get any worse and it didn't hurt - I could just feel a little bit of tightness. After that I didn't feel it at all when running, just when rolling it and stretching. Today was the first day that I didn't feel it even when rolling and stretching, and it handled some fast miles (even with a lot of uphill) just fine. Yay!

So I am officially training for Chicago! I took three weeks very easy after Utah Valley (I ran Ragnar but I did not push the pace at all).  Between taper for Cox, recovery after Cox, taper for Utah Valley and recovery after Utah Valley, I am itching to get back to training hard, running fast, and racking up lots of miles.

I had been planning on racing a half marathon on July 13, but coach has decided it is not a good idea. He wants me to scale back the races and make sure they are timed wisely with my training, which I completely understand. So I am following his advice (and am very grateful for it). He has tweaked my training some, and he helped me choose a different half marathon that is a month before Chicago. After Chicago I will take a break, and then next year we will keep it to two marathons and plan some shorter races around them. But for now, the focus is on Chicago! I am excited!!

I would be lying if I said that this spring my confidence wasn't given a good beating. So I am going to be working on my mental training as much as my physical training. I want to go into Chicago KNOWING that I am ready to run strong and to have an awesome race. I want to feel that confidence again and to believe in myself.

How do you build your confidence as a runner? 

Here are five quotes from three runners that I very much admire. 
"Don't be ashamed or embarrased to dream BIG. You're living your life with HOPE- that's a powerful thing." -Kara Goucher
"Running is the ultimate faith healer, restoring belief not only in oneself but life's possibilities." -Bart Yasso
"Running isn't about how far you go but how far you've come." - Bart Yasso
"Be unrelenting. If you don't believe, then who will?"  - Kara Goucher
"I will stay on course. Sometimes when I am running a hard work out I get discouraged. I begin to doubt if I can finish. The pain seeps into my lungs, my legs and eventually my heart feels like it will burst. Same as in life when you hit hurdles to your goals. You get weary from trying, your heart has so much pain and begins to think it will fail... As I thought about the hardest workouts and races in my life, I know it is always most difficult right before the finish line and accomplishing what I thought I could not. So I will stay the course. I encourage you to do so as well." - Lolo Jones


Mark Matthews said...

I've decided that the running gods have voodoo doll versions of us all. But there is a huge difference in knowing and believing. (I think you're 'knowing' is a stronger word). To gain confidence, i often just lower the bar before I jump.

Amy N. said...

Good luck in all your training! Coaches never want us to race quite as much as we want to, but I guess that's why we have them, to keep us running smart.

Mommy Run Fast said...

I needed to hear those quotes! I'm dreaming big for my fall marathon too... it's exciting! I think as you get back into serious training, your confidence will return. You can nail your training paces- it's just about everything coming together for you on race day. And one of these times, it will!!

Heather said...

Yay for not being sore anymore! I think you are so smart to focus on mental training as well as physical training. And aren't coaches awesome?! I know I love mine. :)

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

I should get myself a coach, then maybe I'd kick it up a notch. :) I love that you walked at the Ragnar when you needed smart not to let it turn into a full blown injury!!