Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I have to be out of the house and on my way to the airport in less than 34 hours and my to-do list between now and then is craaaazy.

Every day has just been super full and busy. Here is an example -

This morning I got up at 4am and was out of the door with Shane and Ben at 4:30am to get them to the junior high school to get on a bus to go to the "Best of the Best" junior high track meet. (Later in the day I found out that Shane - my 13 year old 7th grader - ran a 4:58 mile at the meet! The kid is a BEAST!!!)

After I dropped the boys off at 4:40am, I headed to the high school track and just started my workout since I was up and there anyway. It was an easy workout since marathon day is this weekend! I did a 2 mile warm up, plyometrics and strides, and then 10x400m at goal marathon pace and then a 2 mile cool down. It was really hard to keep the 400's slow (for 400's) but I felt good.

Once I got back home I proceeded to make 302 chocolate chip pancakes. Yes - 302 chocolate chip pancakes. Nate (my oldest son - will be a senior next year) is running for student body vice president and this week is their campaigning week. The school puts them into teams and gives them money and they have tasks each day. Today's task was to provide a meal for the school, and somehow I got volunteered to be the mom to make 300 pancakes.

I think it is a true testament to how much I love the boy that when he dropped the "I-volunteered-you-to-make-300-pancakes" bomb, and then smiled at me and said, "you don't have anything to do in the morning do you?" that I didn't strangle him.

Since I know you really want to see what 302 chocolate chip pancakes looks like -

Add in Noah care and therapy, laundry, cleaning the kitchen, a few phone meetings, coaching work, helping little kids with homework, dinner, trying to get the house clean and ready for me to be gone, etc. etc. and that is why I am not making a whole lot of progress in the packing/resting aspect of this taper week. But, that is life when you are a mom and I would not change a thing. :)

Despite the busy-ness, I am feeling good. I have embraced taper this time around, and I like feeling my legs feeling stronger, well-rested, and full of energy. I am missing the miles, but enjoying the physical benefits of running so little and know that this is all an important part of the training.

Emotionally I was feeling SUPER nervous this weekend, but a calm (tinged with excitement) has slowly been settling in. When you are only racing two to three marathons in a year, and you are putting so much training and hard work into each race, you really, REALLY want each one to be a reflection of the work you have put in. You want each race to be progress - a PR - a victory.

I have put in lots and lots of miles and training going in to this race. It has been a really strong training cycle and I am planning on going out, running with my head and my heart, and having a great race. And I plan on enjoying it.

A marathon, a weekend with my parents and brother,  a chance to do what I love and see what I can do, - yay for Providence!

But first I have to pack.


greengirlrunning said...

Oh my gosh I can feel your excitment through this post! As always, I am amazed and so inspired by all that you do! 304 pancakes... that's quite a task. Bet they were darn tasty, too :)

coach dion said...

OK you are amazing... Track in almost over for the session, and I would love to run a mile, also dream of running a 4 min mile again (4:59 is what I mean) but I only know of a 3000m and an 800m left for a guy like me... So maybe I had better find a marathon like you. I just wish I could focus on one race for so long.

Your times are coming Good Luck

Amy Lauren said...

Way to go on your son's mile time, that is amazing but he gets it honestly from you :). And those pancakes look delicious- how sweet of you to do that and I hope he wins the class election.

Good luck with the taper and at least *trying* to rest :).

Gracie said...

I think I would have died if I had to make 300 pancakes! Or at least have developed spatula-elbow.
Get some rest these last couple of days so your legs are super strong for this weekend! Excited for you!

fancy nancy said...

Nothing says love like making 300 pancakes!!! Lol! I'm so excited for you this weekend! It should be cloudy but not too rainy for you! Praying for BIG pr!!

Team Serrins Springfield said...

Wow. That is a lot of pancakes. What a wonderful school.

I have two questions that I'd love to hear about whenever you have time.

1. How are your GI issues? You've put in a lot of miles in training and some very challenging speed work sessions and also long runs. Do you have the GI issues during training and also races or are they confined to races?

2. Some time I'd love to read something about your organization tips. Like do you have cubbies by the door and everyone keeps a pair of shoes and jacket and their backpack there? Do they put all the papers to be signed in the same inbox? Do you have a big wall calendar? Is there a chore chart?

Team Serrins Springfield said...

Oh and I forgot to say, 4:58 is insane for a 13 year old!

lisa price said...

YOU are a rockstar mom!! I stress about things and I have TWO!(AND ONE ON THE WAY) You are an inspiration without a doubt! Good luck and happy running! Im in awe of your sons mile time as well! awesome!!! Have a great weekend and race!

Jen@runfortheboys said...

I wish wish wish I could be there on Sunday but I will be hot on the phone with Pam cheering you on! You have put the work in and it will pay off on race day. See you in 18 days!!!

misszippy said...

The good news is that in comparison to getting the whole family ready for all their things, throwing your suitcase together will feel easy!

Best of luck this weekend!!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I can't imagine making 300 pancakes. I think I'd have to break it into shorter amounts to make it through - like a marathon!

Christina Williams said...

Oh my!!! 300 pancakes! You handled it well :) Many many good wishes to you at Providence, I am so excited for your race. I love that you get a chance to see family and try out a new race. You are ready and run so strong! Enjoy a little of your "me" time, we moms do need that now and then :)

Kristen Lawrence said...

Wishing you an amazing race!! Have a fun time and by the way, you are an amazing mom for making that many pancakes. I would have cried at the idea ;)

Gunderson Family said...

You are an amazing mom!!! We have 4 little boys under 7....I am sure one of them will sign me up for something crazy too in the future!! Hee Hee:) Praying for your race this weekend!!! Run strong:)