Friday, May 17, 2013


Recovery is going really well. My resting heart rate was 44 this morning and my legs have felt good on the two easy runs I have done at the end of this week. My hamstrings have been a little tight, but that is normal for me after a long run or a tough workout, and they are just about normal this morning. I don't have any soreness or lingering tiredness (even after traveling all night Monday night and getting home at 3:30am on Tuesday morning).

I was feeling pretty down on Monday, but after some good conversations with Coach and with family and friends, I am feeling a lot better. It was a rough day and I didn't handle the weather conditions well. The general consensus is that I had some heat exhaustion, which would explain the blotchy face and dizziness during the race and the headache that lasted all day afterwards. I thought I was well-fueled and hydrated but it wasn't enough for me that day. The good news is that all of the hard training I have put in is still there, and I didn't beat myself up too much during the race since I pulled back so early on.

I work hard, I train hard, and I am consistent and dedicated, and I know that is going to pay off in a big way soon.

A while back I promised reviews on two new products that I have been using and loving.

The first is Tailwind Nutrition. I first read about Tailwind on the blog of the awesome Fast Cory. I have had decent luck with Hammer products, but I loved the idea of only needing one product for fueling and when I compared the calories, potassium, sodium, and magnesium to the other drinks I had used, I was really impressed with what Tailwind has. With Tailwind there is no need for electrolyte, salt pills, or other supplements during your training or racing.

I have tried the Lemon and Berry flavors and both are very light and tasty - NOT overly sweet at all. And let's remember that despite the rough day, Providence was the first marathon I have ever run that I have not had to stop at a portapotty! (And since I "crashed" so early on in Providence I do not think that my fueling during the race was the issue. I likely was underhydrated going in to the race, especially for the conditions). I should have been sipping on Tailwind the day or two prior to the race. I had great success in all of my long runs just using Tailwind (no gels or chews, etc.)

I love that this is a product made by an athlete for himself and other athletes, and that it is a small company. They personalize every bag! They also offer the Tailwind challenge. You buy the Tailwind challenge pack, and "if Tailwind Endurance Fuel doesn't make you stronger, happier, and less stressed while you train and at your next event, we'll pay your race fee." Pretty cool, right?

 They did not send me any product or ask me to write this, I am just sharing because this has worked really well for me.

More soon, including a review of another great new-to-me company, and a race entry giveaway! Happy Friday!!!


Canuck Mom said...

So glad to hear you are recovering well. Need to check out this hydration drink.

Annie Crow said...

I've just ordered the sample pack. I'm just about to start longer runs and was contemplating what to do for hydration/nutrition, so the timing is perfect!

Amy N. said...

I've been using Tailwind thanks to Fast Cory too and I LOVE IT. It's so great! I haven't run a race with it yet, but I am looking forward to it!

Cory Reese said...

I am glad you're getting rested and recovered Erin.

Also, glad the Tailwind is working out well. It has really changed the way I race.

Well done - keep being speedy!

Jessica (Pace of Me) said...

hang in there, erin! you are such an amazingly strong woman and runner. i am glad you're recovering well and that is awesome that you never made a bathroom stop in providence!! whooowhoooo you know i am with you on how awesome that is! i am curious about tailwind - will check it out! xxoo

Beth @ Miles and Trials said...

I have not heard of Tailwind, but want to try it now based on how it is working for you. I am still in the search for the right fueling for me. Glad your recovery is going well and I know all your hard work and consistent training will pay off huge someday soon.

Shirley said...

Glad you are recovering well after that tougher-than-you-anticipated race.... I had a similar problem with being dehydrated and affected by the heat a couple years ago.... Tailwind sounds intriguing...think I'll check it out and compare to what my husband and I have been using (Hammergel).