Saturday, May 25, 2013

RecoFit Compression Gear!

I am a big fan of compression gear. After struggling with shin pain on one leg for several months (two years ago), I found that a combination of strengthening exercises and compression calf sleeves keeps my lower legs feeling happy, even at high mileage. I have worn calf sleeves ever since, and I have tried many brands of sleeves and compression socks. I have always liked calf sleeves better than the compression socks, so I can support my shins and calves and still wear my favorite Brooks socks.

I also always wear compression during recovery, and I have used a variety of compression gear after speed workouts, long runs, and races.

I recently connected with a company that I am very excited to have supporting me. RecoFit (for RECOvery and FITness) was founded by Susan Waltman. I love that they are a small, Colorado company and that it was started by a passionate, active, wife and mother.

RecoFit makes compression calf sleeves, full leg compression sleeves, arm coolers, and therapy calf sleeves (with pockets for icing).

As soon as I got the calf sleeves I was impressed with the fabric. They are thin, stretchy, and light, unlike many of the compression socks and sleeves that are thick and warm. I have worn them for lots of runs now, including workouts and long runs, and my shins feel great. These calf sleeves are super comfortable and the compression is significant and effective. I have washed them many times and they have accidentally ended up in the dryer several times, and they still look brand new.  Here are some of the benefits and features of the calf sleeves -

- Oxygenation-enhancing Resistex Carbon-based Fabric
- Disperses Heat and Moisture
- Gradient Compression
- Left- and Right-Leg-Specific
- Designed and Developed in Boulder, Colorado
- Made in the USA
- Delivers Oxygen Faster to Muscles
- Reduces Damaging Muscular Vibration
- Enhances Performance
- Delays Fatigue
- Improves Recovery

As much as I have liked the calf sleeves, I have to say that the full leg compression sleeves are my favorite! I have not seen another product like them.

The design of these is awesome. You can pull them right on while still wearing your shorts after a run or race, they are thin enough to wear comfortably under jeans, and they are easy on and off. And they feel so, so good after a workout!

Here is the product description - "This innovative full-leg compression sleeve applies the benefits of gradient compression from the ankle to the top of the thigh to assist in recovery. Through technically advanced patterns and designs using carbon-infused high-performance fabric, they offer versatility and comfort. They are easily pulled on and off under sports clothing, before or after training or a race, and worn comfortably under clothing when sitting for long periods, such as while traveling. The leg sleeves support the calf muscles, quadriceps and hamstrings in a muscle zone-specific compressive design. The Resistex™ carbon fabric offers negative ionization, compression, moisture management and ribbed massage for great performance and recovery benefits."

I have not used the armcoolers yet (although I plan to this summer) and if you are currently struggling with  shin splits or shin pain, the therapy calf sleeves would be great.

This is a company and products that I have been very impressed with and am very happy to wear and promote. You can see lots of incredible athletes that use RecoFit on their athletes' page.

Do you use compression gear? If yes, I recommend checking out RecoFit.


Zaneta said...

Those full leg sleeves look super amazing! I'll have to check them out! :)

Raina said...

Compression is so helpful for recovery.

I like the idea of the full leg compression that you can wear with shorts or a skirt and not have to undress to put on and off.
Thanks for the review!

Andrea said...

Those full leg sleeves look awesome. Do they make compression tights and capris?

burun estetigi said...

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L.A. Runner said...

Those ice thingies are so awesome. Our local running store had some they let us sample after a run one evening. I am just amazed by them! I know compression socks/leggings/whatever are excellent for recovery, but I DESPISE wearing them when I am not running. I feel like I'm about to crawl out of my skin. I wore them once on a flight home after a marathon and had to get into the tiny airplane bathroom to get them off! I was miserable. LOL.

misszippy said...

Love the idea behind the full leg compression sleeves--can't think of another product like that out there. Although for me, that would have to be an "after" only product--I'd overheat in them during. Glad you found them!

SWMom said...

I ordered my recofit calf sleeves and they came in 2 days. I've worn them for recovery after my 5 and 6 milers this weekend and feel great! Thanks for the link! I think the full leg sleeves will be on my Christmas list! Best wishes wrapping up the school year and training! I have a trail 10k this weekend :)

Mira J. Montgomery said...

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