Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break?

Where did the week go? Well, it is Spring Break which means the kids are home, and we have been super busy having lots of fun. (More on all that soon, but let's just say tomorrow we are going here and the excitement is BIG).

It has been another really good running week. After my easy 12 miler in the morning I will have run 90 miles this week. I had a solid 20 miler on Sunday, then a killer track workout on Tuesday, an easy paced 16 miler Wednesday morning, and then a great tempo run on Thursday (with easy runs on Monday and Friday).

The track work out was a 3 mile warm up, then 2x1600 with 30 seconds rest in between  (6:09 and 6:09), 2 minutes rest, then 2x800 with 30 seconds rest in between, (2:51 and 2:49), 2 minutes rest, then 2x400 with 30 seconds rest in between (78 seconds, a 5:17 pace! and 79 seconds). Then three mile cool down. Public Service Announcement - only 30 seconds rest is cruel and unusual. I felt amazing on this workout, although the bad news is that this is only HALF of a workout Coach Doug calls "The Gut Buster". Next Tuesday I have to do the whole thing twice. Yikes. 

The tempo run was a two mile warm up, then an 8 mile cutdown (starting at 7:00 and working down to 6:20), then a two mile cool down. Splits for the tempo portion were 6:59, 6:53, 6:33, 6:44 (big uphill), 6:29, 6:24 (downhill), 6:07 (downhill) 5:59 (downhill).

This morning's run was completely ridiculous. Completely. The weather report said it would be in the mid 30's with a slight chance of rain. As I was headed out at 5am, a few sprinkles were coming down. I wasn't too worried since I don't really mind rain, and headed on my way. Within a mile it was a torrential downpour. Crazy rain. And it was COLD. It almost never rains for long where we live - the rain storms tend to move through quickly, so I figured it would lighten up soon.

It didn't. It just kept pouring and pouring and pouring. And it was SO cold. Within two miles I was soaked. It was the water splashing out of my shoes kind of soaked. I thought a few times that the smart thing to do would be to turn around and finish the run on the treadmill, but then I kept assuming the rain would let up soon. And then I was far enough from home that I figured I might as well keep going. Then once it became apparent that the conditions weren't improving, I was so wet and so cold and so annoyed that I was just being stubborn and determined to finish the darn run. At one point my teeth were literally chattering while I was running. I have been soaked to the bone on a run before and I have run in the cold a million times, but I have never been that wet and that cold at the same time. I don't recommend it.

The rain did finally stop when I had about half a mile to go (on a 12 miler). Well, it didn't really stop - it just turned in to SNOW. Sheesh.

When I got home you literally could wring out puddles from my socks, shoes, shorts, tights, gloves, etc. You could have thrown me into a pool and I would not have been any more wet than I was. It took hours for me to fully warm up again! Spring in the mountains is a fickle fickle thing.

Luckily, a few hours of driving and now we are in MUCH nicer weather. Tomorrow is supposed to be about 60-65 and sunny. Yay! We had a nice lunch and dinner out today and then loads of fun swimming in the hotel pool. I am quite sure several of my kids have gills. They all are such great swimmers and LOVE the water.

And it never gets old walking into a restaurant and asking for a table for 14. The waitresses always want to quit on the spot when they see us come in, but by the end of the meal they are always telling us how awesome and well-behaved the kids are. Today's waitress at lunch said at one point, "So, is this a family?" and I said said we were. Then she said, "So you are mom to all of these kids?" and I said I was. And then she gave me a high five. That might be my favorite reaction ever. :)

Time for sleep! An early morning run and then a long FUN day at the amusement park are on tap for tomorrow. I am as excited as the kids.

Have a great weekend. More soon!


Nick B said...

How do you split up the rooms in a hotel with 12 kids?!

Diana Martinez said...

I love that she gave you a high five, that's great! =)

I am in AWE of your run - pretty sure I would have found a phone and begged someone to come get me. Ugh. I don't mind running in the rain, but that sounds pretty miserable.

Gracie said...

The high five is great: it is refreshing to see a positive response to a large family. There were nine kids in my family, and I can count on one hand the number of positive reactions after someone asked, "Are they all yours?" Yet we were much more quiet, polite, and well-behaved than most families around us!

Zaneta said...

Wow... your running always inspires me... makes me jealous ;)
I've been on spring break too! Sounds like yours planned trip is going to be exciting!! :) Have fun! :)

Jill said...

You are so inspiring; I'm not sure I could have lasted in the cold rain for that long. Way to go on an awesome week running and I love that it was Spring Break and you got to spend so much fun time with the family. High-fives from the waitress deserves a big smile :).

misszippy said...

Love the waitress reaction! That's priceless. Sounds like you have a great weekend planned out for everyone. They will make memories,for sure.

Ah, cold rain...I've had my share of those runs. There is NOTHING like the hot shower after!

Julie said...

Such an awesome reaction from the waitress!! My girls are 6 months apart, one from China, and I can't tell you how many crazy responses we get from people who just cannot believe that they are sisters. And then there are the other people who ask if they are twins, when they not only don't look alike, but there is a height difference of about 4 inches! It's so refreshing when you come across someone who "gets it"!

I continue to be so inspired by your running! I'm going to be thinking about your "easy 12 miler" when I run my 12 miler tomorrow!

Canuck Mom said...

As always you are beyond inspiring. Your miles make me smile because for now I dream about running that many miles in a week and not getting injured. Love the waitresses reaction. I hope you had fun at the park!!

Christina Williams said...

Oh my gosh, just when I start feeling I need to toughen up you put up a good post about a 12 miler in torrential downpours. :) Good for you on sticking it through! I might have turned around with the full on rain myself, but I did stick through a 12 miler earlier this year in hard snow fall that hurt my face and finished. It was one of those 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' feel good runs as I'm sure you felt! :) Glad you had a great Spring Break!

Chris Monasmith said...

Im giving you a double high 5 for that run. I know what your saying about the stubbornness of not stopping. I do the same thing and always tell myself..."what if its like this in a race, you wouldn't why should you stop now"

Good work!!!