Monday, April 22, 2013

Healing miles

It has not felt right to me to write about day-to-day stuff since the terror attacks happened in Boston last Monday, but I have not felt like writing any more about that either, so I just have not written since my Heartbeak post.

I will say that I cried tears of relief when they captured Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and I have been so incredibly inspired, touched, and blessed by all of the stories that have showcased the good in people in response to this horrible attack, and in the way that the running community has come together to support the people of Boston, the runners of the Boston marathon, and the sport that we love. I can also say that I think the 2014 Boston Marathon is going to be an amazing event in many ways, and I plan on being there.

At the moment though, all focus is on the Cox Providence Marathon on Mother's Day! Somehow, the race is less than three weeks away. I remember thinking I had tons of time. I looked at Coach Doug's training plan with nerves and excitement, took it one run at a time, and got to work. And now race day is less than three weeks away. It is crazy how fast time goes.

I ran a 24 miler on Sunday morning, which is the longest I have ever run in training. I kept the pace conservative, although on a hilly course over 24 miles, it didn't always feel easy. I did feel really strong and solid throughout the run and was very happy with how it went and good I feel afterwards (I ran 12 recovery miles this morning).

Last week was a 98 mile week and this week I will run 107 miles, and then it is taper time. I am counting down the days! With all these miles I am at the point where I am tired and hungry most of the time, but I feel great and I am really happy with how well I am handling the mileage and the quality workouts in there as well. Good stuff.

Along with being excited to race again, I am also super excited to get to spend a long weekend in Providence with my parents and my brother. Yay!

A few odds and ends -

- Marcus turns 9 this week! Josh and I were in the room when he was born in South Carolina and he has been with us his entire life except for that first night. I do so love that boy! :)

- In just over a month, I will have a daughter that has graduated from high school. Crazy!!! (She pointed out that at 36, I am the youngest of her friends' parents. That helps a little).

- A crazy flu went through our town last week. It came on so strong and sudden and took out such huge numbers of kids that at first they thought there had been food poisoning with the school lunches. It turned out to be just a very nasty, very contagious flu. Our small elementary school (4th-6th grades) had 65 kids out one day, and our middle school had over 155 kids out one day. Of COURSE poor Noah got it and he was very sick and miserable for three days, but I managed to keep him hydrated enough that we avoided the hospital this time around (yay!). He always gets everything so much worse than the other kids. Shane (13) got a mild case and no one else got sick. I was very grateful!

- Noah has figured out how to take all of his clothes off but his onesies (which he still wears to keep his feeding tube covered). He thinks this is hilarious. We can't keep clothes on him for more than a few minutes. I need to buy the kid some overalls!!

- It has been snowing again today. Bleck.

- I have been staying away from product reviews, but I have two new companies/products that I have been using and am excited about that I am going to write about soon.

- Here is a pic of my sweet Penny. She is like me (always cold) and loves to lay in the sunshine on top of our pile of floor pillows.  Best dog ever.

There have been many posts done by others on all of the many ways to help those affected by the bombings at the Boston Marathon. Here is an article from Runner's World on ways that you can help and heal, and if you have a virtual run or other event/suggestion to support those in Boston, please leave it in the comments.

More soon.


Amy Z said...

Your dog is precious :)
I ran a previously scheduled half marathon yesterday and so many people were out there wearing blue and yellow, carrying American flags, or with "I run for Boston" bibs on.

Gracie said...

Wow, you are running some incredible long miles! 107? My mind boggles. Stay strong heading into taper soon!

Jody Britton said...

Can I ask what your mileage looks like for taper weeks???

Raina said...

You are going to do so well in Providence, Erin!!

Noah is a funny kid :) I have one who did that, and now he wears layers upon layers of clothes. It's either nothing, or 4 pairs of socks.

I am wondering the same thing as Jody!

SWMom said...

107! Amazing!!! I'm in my first real taper for my 1/2 marathon in 11 days (I can't believe it!). My 27 miles last week don't look so hard compared to your schedule! Best wishes as you train! I look forward to seeing your race recap!

Cindy BeMent said...

I love this post. I need to see lots of other cool things in my friends' lives - 107? HMPH. You will now have bested my all-time high by two miles. Not speaking to you ever again.

Happy bday to little man, cute pup, thinking lots of good-luck thoughts...hmm, what else? Things are poppin' out there!

Thanks for your Boston thoughts, too.

Cory Reese said...

Great post! I agree, thoughts about Boston are hard to put into words.

107 = AWESOME!!!!!!

misszippy said...

Erin--I'm with you...last week was just too tough to even think about posting. Every run has helped, though, especially those I've done with friends who just got back from Boston. We'll get there (and I'll see you next yr there).

Awesome training and can't believe you are so close already...seems like you just raced.

Noah sounds so precious--love that kind of ornery behavior!

misszippy said...

Oh--and fund to help my former massage therapist's daughter who lost a leg:

Diana Martinez said...

You are only two years older than I am, and you have a high schooler. Wow. My oldest is in Kindergarten - I'll have gray hair by the time he's your daughter's age! ;-)

Melissa said...

I love that you have a Boston! I have two myself. Keep it up with your hard work!

stephanie said...

Erin - WOW! A recovery run of 12 miles! You are inspiring. My Chihuahua loves to sleep in the sun too, although he can't get on a pile of pillows but does drag out my sweatshirt to sleep on.

Beth @ Miles and Trials said...

Awesome training. I can't believe it's almost taper time for your race. How exciting! I'm slowly climbing back out from underneath the rock I have been under since Boston last week. It's nice to catch up on what my blog friends have been up to.

Julie said...

Sitting here laughing ... your weekly mileage is only 2 miles less than where I will end up for this whole month!! I think you should start a blog that documents all the stuff you think about while you are out there on those roads, alone in your own thoughts.

So cool that you've had Marcus since day 1 ... my Sabrina was in foster care for almost 8 months, and I wish I had her from the beginning!

Love your pup! :)