Thursday, February 14, 2013


Happy Valentine's Day! I am a person who thoroughly enjoys holidays, big and small. How can you not with 12 kids? Josh and I don't buy each other gifts or do anything major on Valentine's Day (in fact he leaves today for 3 days at a track meet) but he is my Valentine every day, and we have always been a couple that expresses and shows our love to each other daily. However, it is really fun to make a big deal out of things for the kids.
My love!

My heart and joy
True Love :)
 Every Valentine's Day I decorate the table in our kitchen for them to wake up to. This year there was hearts of chocolate, Valentine's cookies, Sweethearts and a big bowl of chocolate treats, and then a few small gifts (socks and little bags for the girls, boxers for the boys, etc.) Here is what the table looked like this morning!
Noah's is on the high chair which didn't quite fit in the picture. :)

It's probably a good thing I can't eat any. :)

Pink pancakes are also on the menu. (For the record, I do feed my kids a mostly healthy diet. We don't buy candy normally, but for holidays I think treats are fun).

I have always enjoyed Valentine's Day and celebrating love and the people I love in my life. I have often been described as a "mush" and as someone who wears her heart on her sleeve. I was thinking last night though about how long I went without loving myself or even taking much care of myself. My husband and my kids are still my priority, but I have a found a balance. Through running I have found love and respect for myself and my body. I have discovered and nurtured my own personal dreams and goals. I have found a passion, and a fire within myself. I found a way to care for myself, and as a result, to have more of myself to give to my husband, kids, and loved ones. I am stronger, happier, calmer, more patient, more satisfied, more confident, more energetic....more ME.

Running is the love I give to myself.
I won't be eating any candy today, but I did lace up my awesome neon pink PureFlow's and enjoy some easy miles this morning before breakfast with the kids. Perfect start to a lovely day. :)

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you all are able to celebrate the people you love in your life, and remember it is important to love yourself as well.

And thanks for all the feedback and input on what spring marathon to choose. I think we have made a decision and will let you know in a day or two once everything is set.


MCM Mama said...

I love your table! I'm going to bake some heart shaped cookies for the kids for this afternoon.

I just got some of those same hot pink flows. Can't wait to try them!

Amy N. said...

Love this! Loving yourself is one of the things that makes it possible to share love with other people!

Can't wait to hear your spring marathon choice! See you at Newport 2014 - it really is a great race!

Annie Crow said...

Love this! My mom used to do treats for us kids at Valentine's too (just a couple of years, but boy do I remember them), so we're starting with ours as well.

And I also went for a Valentine's run this morning, wearing neon pink Brooks (Ghost 5 in my case). How funny. That run was definitely about loving myself today.

Teamarcia said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Looks like fun!

Mark Matthews said...

Must go apologize to my wife after I mumbled something about her making up a candy scavenger hunt every year for our 2 kids was maybe too much for this holiday, because what you did looks so cool.

Christina Williams said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!! I love that table setting for the kiddos :) I had a little treat set waiting for my kiddo too this morning when she woke up. And since we just adopted our kitty Johnny, we have some extra V-day love here in our mix. Have a wonderful day with your family! My hubby and I don't get each other much either, we rather just have our time together and maybe try going out to eat as a date this weekend. We'll see if we can finagle that :)

Amy Lauren said...

I love how you set the table for the kids and have their gifts out and the big bowl of candy and pink pancakes. What an awesome way to celebrate, and I like how the gifts aren't all candy but things like socks and boxers and other special items. Totally fine to have candy too (but sorry you can't have any :(, I bet the post-run pancakes will be worth it too).

Can't wait to read about the marathon you choose.

coach dion said...

With that much candy I want to visit...

wait I've given up chocolate for lent... 37 days and then I race and eat chocolate!!!

Jen@runfortheboys said...

Love this and love you --- and your family! Fun fun Valentine's Day at your house :-)

DorisBlanchet said...

"My heart and joy" LOVE THAT PICTURE - you AMAZING woman YOU!!

~ Doris of