Monday, January 7, 2013

Kids, numbers, and Q&A's

Here is what I posted on Facebook today -

"I was in the middle of a tough workout this morning (for those that want details - 12 miles total, 3 mile warm-up, 100m strides, 7x1000m repeats in 3:48 each, which is 6:07 pace, 3 minute active rest intervals, 3 mile cool-down). It was -10 this morning so I was fighting through this one on the treadmill (incline on a 1), which to me always feels a million times harder for speedwork than running on the track.

It was six o'clock in the morning. I was trying to catch my breath in between reps #5 and #6 and convincing myself I could do two more, and my Marcus (8 years old) comes in and in a very accusatory tone says, "MOM!!!!! You are only WALLKKIIINNNGG. Not Running!!"

Kids. Got to love em."

There will be no getting away with any sort of slacking in this house. No siree. :)

On Saturday I wrapped up my second 100-mile week (including a 22-miler on Friday with the last 10 miles at a sub 7:15 pace). I could not be happier with how I am feeling. My training seems to be just the right mix of quality and quantity for me. I have loved the high mileage weeks and have not felt burnt out, and my paces have been dropping on the speed workouts. I have had some really good running dreams this week too. It is very exciting! 

I have my review of the Brooks PureFlow 2's coming asap, but first I have a few questions that were left in comments that I wanted to answer. If you have a question for me, feel free to leave it in the comments and I will answer them in a post in the next few days.

Sybil asked - "I can't even fathom how many miles you ran. Wow! Do you ever take time off or scale back?" - Yes! I think it is important to scale back and take time off once and awhile. Ok, truthfully I don't often take days off (ok, almost never), but Coach Sage is going to make me after marathons and I do follow directions. :) I do scale back though. With this training cycle we have scaled back the mileage every few weeks, and before I started this training cycle I had my mileage quite a bit lower and almost all of my runs easier for about four weeks. The physical and mental break is nice. I do find that I feel really good at consistent mileage in the 75-100 miles a week range.

Corrina asked- "San Diego R&R? Love it! Hope I get to meet you :)" - Yes, I am pretty set on Rock n Roll San Diego the first weekend in June for my next marathon after Tallahassee. I have a Brooks teammate and friend that is also planning on running it and it will be great fun to get to meet her in person. I would love to meet you Corrina (and anyone else that will be there)! I really liked the Newport Marathon which is the same weekend, but it is a long drive from the closest airport (from what I can figure) so isn't very convenient for me to get to.

Mark - "What your plans are for New York, 2013. Are you taking the refund, or running one of the next few years?"- I am going to take the refund. I can get into the NYC Marathon with a qualifying time and would have to repay to run it again anyway, so I don't see a reason not to take the refund. Josh got in for 2012 by fundraising and he definitely wants to get to run NYC, so he will take the guaranteed entry and I will have a blast playing cheerleader for him with my parents and getting to see the NYC Marathon as a spectator!! I am scaling back my marathons and NYC doesn't fit into my plans this year or next. I am actually excited for the opportunity to support Josh and be a spectator at such an incredible race.

Kim asked - "I am just curious, and I don't know if you have addressed this before, but when do you fit your running in, with your busy life? Do you get up way early?" - I say this a lot, but the key for me to fitting in all my miles is not to wait until I find the time, but to make the time, and plan. I am also very grateful that Josh and my older kids are very supportive and helpful with Noah when I need them to be so I can run. (And the little break from being "on duty" is really nice).

Every night I lay out my running clothes and shoes, and any other gear I need. I look over my training plan every night as well so I know what I will be running the next morning. I am up almost every day at 4:30am, which gives me about 30 minutes to get dressed, use the bathroom, wake up, etc. and 30 minutes to do strength or core work before I start running at 5:30. Most of my runs are somewhere from 1 hour and 15 minutes up to 2 hours and 45 minutes. Josh gets up with the kids on school days at 6:30am and makes sure they all stay on track eating, getting dressed, etc. On the weekends, in the summer, or on days that there isn't school, I am done running before the kids even wake up. 

On "double days" (days when I run twice) it is a little bit trickier. If Josh or one of the teenagers is home I make sure everyone is settled and then I can sneak out for a quick run (afternoon runs are usually only 6-7 miles), and if just the younger kids are home, I jump on the treadmill. It takes planning and a willingness to get out of bed super early. Our schedule, my daily to-do list, and the care that Noah needs during the day makes it necessary for me to run really early (or really late).

Sometimes we have appointments out of town and I have to get an even earlier start. Sometimes kids are sick or Josh is out of town (that will be fairly frequent now that coaching season is upon us) and I have to change things up to make it work. Life happens. But running is very important to me. I love it. It makes me a better person. It is a part of who I am. So I make the time everyday. I never regret it.

L.A. Runner asked- "Do you feel that you run better later in the day? Or do you do better very early, like before the kiddos are up? I have mixed feelings. I think I am more motivated if I do it straight out of bed, but sometimes I can pull of faster runs if I do it later. I'm guessing because my body is warmed up and more awake." This is an easy one. I almost always feel a MILLION times better first thing in the morning. I feel faster, sharper, and just more ready to run. I have always been a morning person and am useless after about 8pm. Plus, my body does not handle solid food well before a run, so it is so much easier for me to just wake up and run and then eat, instead of trying to plan eating around a run later in the day. I have come to enjoy my afternoon runs on double days, but those are always easy-paced.

Ok, time to make some dinner. If you have a question feel free to leave a comment. Happy Monday and Happy Running! :)


kiki said...

I'm hoping you can elaborate and talk at length about what you eat. I know you have had GI distress with running, and recently said you are now eating gluten-free. Can you talk about your symptoms, the process of figuring out the gluten sensitivity, and what you eat? Also, how can you run 22 miles (or even 12+) on an empty stomach?

Heather said...

I'd love to know, at what point did you realize that running was something you're good at and not just a tool to get in shape?

fancy nancy said...

Oh the things kids say!!! They are always so honest! Whenever I race pushing my daughter she tells me to stop walking and run faster!!

e1639b3c-59a5-11e2-86eb-000bcdcb2996 said...

you are so inspiring!! can you please tell me what you do to keep you occupied on your treadmill for long runs and what kind of treadmill do you have at your house??

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

I am glad you have a kid to cheer you on and make sure you keep up the pace.

My daughter is pretty good at giving me the eye if she thinks I am going to slow on the treadmill but the best comment was after the Maui Marathon when I was struggling to just move....she looked at me and said they won't let me back into the gym if I keep moving that slow. I picked up the pace the next day. :)

SWMom said...

Of all the races you have ran, what is your all time favorite, of any distance?


Kelly(M&M) said...

You are amazing! If you decide you want to run Newport this year or a different year, I would totally pick you up from the airport and get you to the race! I would love to have chat time with you. I am pretty sure we would be instant friends. :-) I absolutely LOVE the Newport Marathon. My baby is due in March ,and unfortunately I am not able to run during pregnancy, so I am antsy to get on a schedule again. My goal is still to qualify for Boston. Only 8 minutes to take off after taking off an hour and a half. I can do this!! Thanks for your inspiration. I am not a treadmill fan so I am impressed you can do that kind of workout. Your boy's comment was very funny!

Katie said...

It's not super hard to imagine a 100 mile week by itself. I mean if you didn't have kids, and even if you had to work, it seems doable. But with kids? Goodness, I only have 2, and I feel like getting my 60-70 miles a week is a challenge. And you have a football team of kids! ;)

Beth @ Miles and Trials said...

I love Marcus's comment! Sounds like you have a bunch of mini-coaches in your house to keep you on track (not that you need it!). Congratulations on another 100 mile week, that's awesome.

I'd love to hear how you fuel on your long runs and how you plan to fuel in the marathon. Thanks!

Annie Crow said...

Thanks for the details on your daily schedule, I'd been wondering how you do it. (And also if/when you ever take time off.)

Raina said...

I was glad to read you NYC 2013 plans, Erin. Glad you get the refund and he will have a cheerleader :)

It is so amazing to me how organized you are around there! It is blessing to be able to run and I am happy for you that you can do what makes you happier and keeps you healthy.

coach dion said...

A number of guys ask me about coaching and I tell them I really only coach at UCT, and if they want a program they can read runners world!!! now there are a couple of people who I do coach over Facebook and email, but I think it's best if you have some-one there watching that you keep yourself honest... it looks like you have your kids to do that...

I'm impressed that your 2013 is all set out, good luck with the running, can't wait to see the results.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

From reading your blog, anyone can tell that you work hard, but that you have fun doing it. So inspiring!