Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Happy New Year's Eve!

I have read through lots of blogs in the last week in which people say they are anti-resolutions or don't like resolutions, and don't make resolutions, etc. etc. I am not sure why or when resolutions got a bad rap...

The definition of resolution is -"a resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something, the act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure, etc. and the mental state or quality of being resolved or resolute; firmness of purpose."

Being determined on a course of action? Firmness of purpose? Sounds like good stuff to me. :)

So yes, I do have resolutions for next year. They are - 

- Continue to be the best mom and wife that I can be.  Never take Josh or my kids for granted for even a second. Love them with all my heart and soul.
- Dedicate more time daily for prayer and scripture study.
- Frequently express to family and friends how grateful I am for them.
- Notice, appreciate, and be grateful for my blessings daily.
- Continue to train hard and train smart, to make the most of my running talent, and go after my dreams and goals with no regrets.
- Find ways to continue to inspire others to get healthy and find their own passions, talents and dreams and dare to go after them.

I also have some plans and goals for 2013. 

My running goals and plans- 

- 3 "A" race marathons. Tallahassee on Feb. 3, San Diego Rock n Roll on June 2, and CIM on December 8.  The goal is to get under three hours in the marathon this year.

- I have at least one goal half marathon, which will be the Star Valley Half Marathon in July, and the goal will be to get sub 1:30 there.

- I will also do a couple of 5ks, with the goal of a sub 19 minute 5k. Other than that, I will run Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back in June as part of our ultra team, and the goal there is to kick butt and have a blast. :) 

2012 was a big year. Like all years it had highs and lows, both in my running and in my personal life. With 12 kids, life is never slow!! In running, I ran a total of 3,634 miles this year. That is an average of 302.8 miles a month, and 9.96 miles a day. I had zero significant injuries which I think is a major success with the mileage and I attribute a lot of that to my diligent core and strength work. There were PR's and a DNF.  There was lots of fun, tons of sweat, and MANY pairs of PureFlows. I was inspired to dream the dream of qualifying for the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials, and then dared to set it as a goal and make it public. I have not regretted it for even a second.

I was featured in Runner's World Magazine in May, and in the January 2013 issue of Women's Running Magazine (which came out this month but I still haven't seen!).  It was my first year with a sponsor, and I have loved being sponsored by Brooks and am excited and grateful to run for them again in 2013. 

I learned a lot in 2012. I learned about having disappointing race outcomes, and how to learn from the disappointments, and come back better and stronger and even more determined. I learned that I love running even when it isn't easy, and that I don't give up or quit just because things are hard. I learned that I am a fighter.

I learned that I LOVE coaching and that it is incredibly rewarding and fun.

I learned that I am allergic to gluten, and that a 100% gluten free diet is not nearly as hard to do as I thought it would be, and that it is SO worth it for me. 

I learned to be cautious in who I trust. I learned that not everyone is who they pretend to be, and that not everyone who pretends to support you and/or have your best interest in mind really does. Not an easy or fun lesson to learn, but a valuable one. 

I learned a lot about friends - about the special few who really know me and who are truly always there to lean on and count on no matter what life throws at us. I also made some wonderful new friends in the running community, and it is so much fun to have friends that "get it" and support me in my running adventures. I say it often, but I love the running community!

I am grateful for the many blessings that 2012 brought, as well as the trials, challenges, and lessons. I hope to continue to grow, progress, and learn in all things in 2013.  13 has always been my lucky number, so I am excited for a wonderful year. :)

After a fun day of playing in the snow, hot chocolate, home-made pizzas and brownies, we are on our way to a family movie. Happy New Year's Eve everyone! And Yay for 2013. 


Jill said...

I don't think there could be a better way to spend NYE. Enjoy the family time and smile big thinking of all the incredible things 2013 is going to bring for you! :)

lindsay said...

There always seem to be a number of anti-resolution posts. I don't get it... What's wrong with goals? Oh well

Corrina said...

San Diego R&R? Love it! Hope I get to meet you :) I'm supposed to have a free entry to that race. Been vacillating between the half and the full. I want to run the full but may not be able to train like I want to. But I am leaning towards doing it anyways and just training to finish :)

fancy nancy said...

I'm all about the goals!! I love how so many of yours are family focused! You are an AMAZING runner/athlete yet you always maintain perspective on what are the most important things in life!! Blessings for 2013!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I love resolutions, I think it the past I have been anti resolution but I am not sure why now :)

Happy New Year and good luck in 2013, can't wait to see what is in store for you!

misszippy said...

Happy new year! I'm sure 2013 will bring you lots of great accomplishments. Having concrete, spelled out goals is one of the best ways to get from point A to point B. Good luck with it all!

giraffy said...

Happy New Year, Erin :D

Mallory said...

Sounds like wonderful goals for 2013, Erin! I still remember how excited I got when I saw you in Runner's World. So awesome. Your dedication is amazing, especially with so many other obligations and considerations in your life. You're so strong.

Mark Matthews said...

Your resolutions sound like to be a sharper and truer version of you. If you do half of what you hope to, you've done quite well. And yes, I see no New York here, but I had forgotten that you are one of those who can qualify on their own. (BTW, the san diego rnr marathon plays into my next novel). I"m sure boiling your marathons down to 3 for the year will mean faster and funner times.

Jen@runfortheboys said...

Lots of good lessons this year, including some that weren't fun to learn, but so many blessings along the way. I am so grateful for you my BFF! Love you and am so excited to get to see you achieve all of your goals and then some! It is indeed a wonderful life!!!

Sybil said...

You had such a great year, can't wait to see what 2013 holds for you! I can't even fathom how many miles you ran. Wow! Do you ever take time off or scale back?

Annet said...

I think resolutions get a bad rap in the wider media because people promise themselves the world and can't achieve that, so then others blame resolutions on that. However, I agree that resolutions are great - and yours are amazing. Love following your journey - Happy New Year!

Gracie said...

You're so modest for all of your accomplishments. I'd be bragging!
I think your training already points to a sub-3 marathon: you just need a good day (so hard to get one when racing!).You area very strong at the tail-end of difficult workouts. That's what amazing marathoners need!

Kylene said...

Just found your blog and have to comment and say how inspiring you are. I ran my first marathon this past October. I had my 3rd little girl the October before so it was a big goal for me to run that marathon before she turned one. The goal was sub 4 but I finished in 4:02 so I was a bit disappointed. Reading about how you have shaved so much time off of your first marathon inspires me.

My mom is a Wyoming girl and grew up in Star Valley. Beautiful place. Good Luck in your goals and thanks again for your words of encouragement and inspiration to all of us runners!