Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkey and Trot

I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving! We had a really wonderful day. I got up super early and got my easy-paced 10 miler out of the way, and then bundled up and loaded up the car with Josh and most of the kids and we went up to the church parking lot around the corner to set up the Turkey Trot.

It was sunny and the roads were clear (a small miracle this time of year) but it was COLD. Despite that we had a pretty good turn out and a great time. The rest of the day went just as we had planned - we went home and had a nice breakfast, watched the parade, cooked all day, ate a lot of food, had some family and a friend over, and enjoyed a relaxing but fun holiday. We wrapped up the night by putting the little kids to bed and watching "Christmas Vacation" (such a funny movie) with the older kids snuggled up on the couch with blankets. 

I live my life trying hard to always be aware of all of my blessings and grateful for all that I have been given in life, and to show that in my words and deeds. I often count my blessings on my easy runs, and Thanksgiving morning was no different. The list of things I am thankful for is not short, but the highlights are of course, my Josh, our 12 kids and the way we have been brought together to be a family, my most wonderful parents, my Jennifer, family, friends, my running, the runners I coach, my Penny, our home, this beautiful place we live, the amazing progress Noah has made, the good health Shorty and Belane are in, the health and safety our family has enjoyed, my new coach, being a part of the running community, opportunities, long family weekends, the love, strength and guidance I get from my Heavenly Father and Jesus, and so many other things big and small.

This was the first Thanksgiving I have been gluten and dairy-free. I thought it might be hard to have to pass up most of the dishes, but honestly it wasn't. I made my favorite sweet potatoes (really more of a dessert than a vegetable by the time I am done with them, but oh so good) and had salad, turkey and a yummy gluten-free roll. And I have been feeling SO good and my stomach issues have been SO much improved lately that it is all very, very worth it.

Here is a recap of our Turkey Trot in pictures. Josh waited down at the turnaround point and snapped some fun pics.
I huddled in the van to try and warm up after the runners took off!
This is my Amanda (11) and Josh's brother, Eli, and his dog, Ebony
My Ryan (14) flying! :)
Yeah, Shane won. 19:12.
Here is my Shorty (7). Love this kid!
This is a little bit of the group hanging out around the hot chocolate. :)
Belane (9), trying to warm up.
Hot chocolate is ALL gone
Shorty, recovering like a pro
Marcus and Shorty working the hot chocolate. Marcus ran too, and so did Maggie and Belane.
Did I shop today? HECK NO. I am not a shopper. I hate it actually, and can't think of a less fun way to spend the day after Thanksgiving. I live in a small town with few stores (no Walmart) and certainly was not going to travel to join in Black Friday madness, but I actually have never once been shopping on Black Friday. I do almost all of my Christmas shopping from this computer. :)

I did get up this morning and run a butt-kicking work out. It was 13.5 miles total - 2 mile warm up and 2 mile cool down, with 4x2 mile repeats in the middle at 6:45 pace, with 4 minute jog intervals.  Two mile intervals are looooooong. It was a really awesome workout though. I felt strong and in control the whole time and finished tired but smiling.  That's the way to start Black Friday! Now we are finishing the day with a family dance off with Dance Central.

Have a great weekend. More soon!


Raina said...

First: You look GREAT, Erin. Such a pretty smile :)

Love that you do this race! And that the skies were clear for you all.

You have had some great workouts!!

I didn't do black friday this year...just a pain for me, unless I lived closer to town. There were some good deals though! We keep Christmas pretty small here, though.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Yolanda said...

I do a lot of smiling when I come to your blog!

I've decided to run a full marathon instead of just have the itch and my training started yesterday. :-) a girlfriend and I are making up our own as we want to run our first one together and she lives 3500 miles away so when I am on Maui in the spring where she lives we are doing it!!!

Thought you might enjoy reading this:


Jen@runfortheboys said...

Love it all!!! So thankful for you too :-)

And we're gonna work on that hating shopping thing. BAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I don't do Black Friday shopping either. Shopping stresses me out so bad, I like my computer way better too.

2 mile intervals are long! Great job with all your running. Love all the great family pics!

Amanda@runninghood said...

I admit, I have yet to read this all...but I'm sneaking in a few of my favorite blogs. I did read most of it though and 1. Love your smile
2. Love how you live your life.
3. My kind of girl! Hate shopping. makes me sick to even think of being out there in those crowds. I'd rather poke a stick in my eye.
4. Great job on the workouts
5. Love how you are teaching your kids love, fitness, and giving back to the world.

Way to go Erin! xo

Vicky Cook said...

Ditto on the shopping, it overwhelms me, hate it. I avoid the shops like the plague apart from the grocery store, I'm there A LOT! I'd love to read a post about your weekly shopping, photos of the cart(s?) full of groceries, etc!!! I can't imagine how much it takes to feed your squad!

Loren said...

I love hearing about your kick butt workouts, it makes mine sound so much easier! The race looks like it was tons of fun- but you forgot to show us the fabulous prizes for the winners. :)

christa said...

Love that all the kiddos are running too!

L.A. Runner said...

Hey, pretty lady! I agree with Raina, totally awesome smile! Green looks great on you, too (the jacket). Glad to hear you had a great thanksgiving. I do enjoy shopping, but there's no WAY I would get out in those crowds. I like my space. ;)

L.A. Runner said...

Ps. You and I do very similar workouts. I LOVE 2 miler repeats. I will take them any day over track stuff. ;)

Adrienne said...

OMG-that scenery is amazing! Looks like your family is just as much. Congrats on all your kin's success on Turkey Day!

Jill said...

Oh man, what a perfect family Turkey Day Trot - love that you guys all did this together and made it a family affair. A fun one at that. I think you're going to have a few clan members following in their momma's footsteps :).

Jill said...

Oh man, what a perfect family Turkey Day Trot - love that you guys all did this together and made it a family affair. A fun one at that. I think you're going to have a few clan members following in their momma's footsteps :).