Thursday, November 1, 2012

Big - Apple, love, fall, smiles

Whew! Crazy few days.

YES - to answer the question that everyone is asking - YES - the NYC Marathon is still on, and we are still going to NY and we are still running. In fact, I am writing this from my seat on the plane, on my way to the Big Apple.

It has been very hard and very stressful watching all of the TV coverage of Hurricane Sandy, and seeing all of the damage and devastation on the East Coast. With so many friends and family in the area it was extra emotional. I don't envy Mayor Bloomberg and those who had to make the decision to either cancel or go on with the ING NYC Marathon (and good arguments were made both ways by many), but since the decision has been made, we are glad to be going. Someone on TV said that the marathon is a triumph of the human spirit and that that kind of event is just what NYC needs right now. I like that thought. And of course my thoughts and prayers are with all who were affected by the storm.

My parents were very blessed and their home was spared from any damage and flooding, and even has electricity. The race is ON, and our flight was right on schedule (and is only about half full). Some of the fun things we were looking forward to have been cancelled (press conference and the Parade of Nations for which I had been chosen to be the Ambassador from Wyoming), but that's ok. We are going to the city that I love to see people that I love and run a race that I love.

So we are on our way!

To keep things even more interesting and more complicated than a major hurricane on race week, I decided to take a nose dive and injure myself. Ok, so obviously (I hope) I did not do it on purpose. But the wrong combination of running in the dark, a very uneven side of the road, and a stupid car with it's brights on crowding my friend and I even though the entire rest of the road was empty, led to me falling HARD during my run on Tuesday morning. I have literally run thousands of miles and have never fallen before. And when I say I went down hard, I mean I went down hard. I was on the ground with my friend asking if I was ok and I had no clue what had even happened.

I ripped my favorite Brooks gloves and tights, skinned and bruised both knees, bruised a shoulder, and sprained my ankle. The ankle swelled right up and turned pretty colors and hurt. The knees and shoulder were just "surface" injuries but the ankle I was worried about. I iced and elevated as much as I could and thought positive thoughts. Never a dull moment.

I got up yesterday morning and it was stiff and sore, but not as swollen and I decided to just see how running felt. I got on the treadmill so I could stop right away if it was too painful. It was stiff and sore the first half of a mile, but then it loosened up and I didn't feel it all the rest of the run, even during the three tempo miles I had on the schedule in the middle of the run. I did 7 miles total and was feeling much better emotionally at the end of the run. I came up the stairs and said to Josh, "Watch out NY! The girl can still run!" :)

Yesterday afternoon I went to the sports PT and he was great. He did the electrical muscle stimulation, icing, ultrasound and massage. He told me that none of the stability ligaments or tendons were affected and that I would not be risking any long term damage or a more significant injury by running on it (but to be super careful not to roll it or twist it). He gave me some tips and advice and was very encouraging, and thought I would be ok to run the marathon on Sunday.

I was AMAZED at how much better it was this morning. The bruising was significantly reduced and faded and the swelling was almost gone (and I am the kind of girl that gets very impressive looking bruises that last forever). I am so grateful for the treatment from the PT. I ran six easy miles this morning and the ankle wasn't even sore or stiff at the beginning of the run and I never felt it or even thought about it. 

Chrissie Wellington is one of my favorite athletes and inspirations, and I smiled when I thought about how this was just the kind of thing that always seems to happen to her before a big race, so I am hoping it is good luck in disguise. :)

We had a fun Halloween and left the kids at home in the very capable hands of Gramma (and soon Auntie Shanon too).

Big exhale. Big smile. I am so looking forward to this big weekend.

More soon!


Happy Running Mama said...

I read Chrissie Wellington's book, too, and that does sound just like something that would happen to her right before a big race! Definitely take it as a sign of good luck. :)

I'll be following you on Sunday and hope you have a great race and a fun weekend with Josh!

Kortni said...

Be safe, have a great race, and enJOY your time with your hubby!

Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

I'm tossed...people are so upset we are running. They feel the water, police , volunteers should all be going to other efforts...Our neighborhood was trashed...still no electric.

sitting in my winter jacket...tossed on whether to run or not. any words of wisdom would help.

Adrienne said...

That's awesome you're a Chrissie fan too! We all have our "muppet" moments, I guess!

Represent WY well and safe travels!

Jill said...

Ah girl, so sorry about the fall...just tell yourself it's a badge of honor and it will make you that much tougher with a little visual aid :). Have a fantastic time in NY....remember to smile every mile!

Mark Matthews said...

Your PT sounds incredible. I need someone like that. I was so happy to have a PCP marathoner, but you got quite the crew.

I've read way too many messages about the event going on, but many have said some interesting things such as "throw water bottles at the runners" "dont' come to our city" "give them flood water" "Give up your room for someone who needs it." With all of that, you would think the runners are going to get booed. I best stop reading, cause I'm not thinking it represents, even if i do, from my limited/michigan based knowledge, think it would have been best to cancel the event. Either way, we're coming, and perhaps I'll see you in the orange.

Annet said...

Have a very safe and relaxing weekend. Wait, can running a marathon be called "relaxing"? Maybe only for Erin :)

I too get both sides of the too-cancel or not to cancel debate. I'm sure you'll have super interesting posts to tell us all about it - and I can't wait to read it all :)

misszippy said...

Good luck this weekend! Glad you got on top of the ankle right away--getting the blood flowing to it via massage is the best treatment. Enjoy the race; I'm really hoping the city is ready for it!

Heather said...

I live local so I felt if it ran so would I. Now I feel so conflicted and have to stop reading my facebook timeline because of all of the hateful things people are saying. I Hope we all stay safe now.

Heather said...

I live local so I felt if it ran so would I. Now I feel so conflicted and have to stop reading my facebook timeline because of all of the hateful things people are saying. I Hope we all stay safe now.

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

Good luck and have fun!

Laura @ Mommy run fast said...

I'll be cheering you on this weekend! Oh, man- what timing for a tough fall. Glad to hear it's feel better. You are one tough mama!

Tammy said...

New York City Marathon is cancelled.

Mallory said...

I hope you can still have a good time in NYC!