Monday, November 5, 2012

Almost home sweet home

We are almost home! Two more hours on this plane, then a three hour drive, and then I will be home sweet home in my own bed and will wake up with Josh (after three hours of sleep) to my kids and my dog. Yay! Getaways are nice, but I love to be home.

This is not going to be one more post rehashing everything you have probably already read plenty of times about the marathon being cancelled. To be honest, I am sick of hearing about, reading about, and talking about the cancellation of the NYC Marathon. All I am going to say is that it was handled terribly, and the fact that runners have only gotten one email from NYRR/NYC Marathon (12 hours after it had been announced to the public that the race was cancelled) and that there has been no official communication since, is wrong.

In regards to the storm, the damage is heartbreaking. Our close family was very blessed and was mostly unscathed by Sandy, but many friends and acquaintances lost much and some are still without electricity. The gas situation was starting to improve today, and Josh and I were able to fill up my Dad's car for him in just under an hour after getting on line. We had lunch today in a small, local restaurant owned by a family friend that had been flooded with over two feet of water during the storm and had just reopened. Things are improving, but it will take time to rebuild and recover.

So, since we didn't run a marathon while in NY, what did we do?

We did still have a very nice trip. We enjoyed quality time with my parents. We celebrated my incredible husband and his birthday! We saw my dear friend Kelly (who is due with her first baby next month). We spent time with my brother and I got to see my uncle who I rarely see. We ate lots of yummy food that is easy to find in NY, and not so much in Wyoming (hello gluten free bakery!) We were at the expo and done before the race had been cancelled so we did get to enjoy the expo (and I got to chat with my buddy Bart Yasso for awhile). Josh got to meet the staff of Achilles International, who he raised over $3000 for in honor of our son, Noah, and that was special and emotional, and I got to spend some time with my friend Sarah Lorge Butler, who wrote the article about me in Runner's World (and whose husband wrote "The Long Run" which you really should read if you haven't yet). We were on "the list" and had been invited to the big Runner's World party on Friday night, but decided we weren't in the mood to party.

We could not cancel our hotel rooms completely and since it was Josh's birthday, my parents decided we would still go in to the city and enjoy the hotel rooms for one night. We walked around the city, had a beautiful dinner, walked around some more, and enjoyed the night in the hotel.

On Sunday morning we got up and did what thousands of others did - we ran in Central Park. It was a very cool experience. There were thousands upon thousands of runners, just running for the joy of running. Runners were going in both directions around the park and fast and slow were all mixed together. There were people running in their marathon shirts, people running in their charity jerseys, people running in shirts that represented their countries, people running with flags, people running in costumes, and even wheelchair athletes all out together in Central Park.

There were spectators out cheering, and even some big crowds. There were people with signs and even people giving out Gatorade and water. The vibe out there was awesome. People were running for the love of the sport - for the love of New York City- for the love of life. There were smiles, laughs, cheers, and support. As we got to the finish line area it was emotional. Yes, being honest, there was some disappointment, but there was also a lot of joy and pride to be a part of such an incredible sport and community. The runners, as a group, weren't angry or mad or complaining or picketing or rioting or protesting. They were just running. And many then went on to help the area in any way they could. I love the running community.

Here is a great article from Runner's World about running in Central Park.

We went back to Long Island on Sunday evening and for the rest of the trip we just enjoyed quiet time at my parents' house. Josh and I had lots of alone time, we were spoiled rotten by my parents, and it was a much needed break.

It was not the reset button I had been planning on, but it was a good reset nonetheless, and I am very grateful to Josh's mom and sister for staying with and taking care of our kids so we could go on this short trip, and to my parents for making it such a wonderful getaway.

More on my running plans very soon, but for now, here are a couple of pics. There are more from the weekend I have to get off of our phones, but these are some that Pam took. 

At dinner on Josh's birthday
Josh's birthday dinner!

This was a bowl of warm, maple sugar grits. Seriously, one of the yummiest treats ever. Especially since I was freezing and it was so warm.
Josh and I in the city

At Dad and Pam's with Josh's birthday sushi platter. So yummy. :)

****If you are looking for a way to help those who were hit by Hurricane Sandy, here is a great post that lists many different ways you can help, whether you live in the area or are far away.****


Mark Matthews said...
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Mark Matthews said...

Yes, it is a topic overly hashed out, isn't it, but I still wanted to read what you had to say for sure. And darn it, I should have sent you a shout out on the cell at Central park on Sunday. I was there earlier than most, probably 6:45 until 9 am or so, and I was getting out as the most massive of crowds was getting in, but it was an unforgettable experience and I couldn't help but liken the runners to the 'whos' in 'whoville' the day the grinch tried to steal christmas.

Next year I'll meet you and the family, perhaps, since I am expecting that email from the NYRR that we are, indeed, guaranteed an entry into the 2013 event.

AmyZ, PhD said...

Hi from a new reader! How incredibly, utterly frustrating for you. I was following the marathon story (along with all the Sandy updates) all week. I was not running but live in NJ and spent the week trying to get back there. I sat at the Denver airport Fri night, expecting to meet a friend who was on my flight and was running when I read the race was cancelled. I could not believe it. Our plane was delayed by one hour, and in that hour, she learned the race was cancelled and managed to cancel her own flight. All things happen for a reason. But what an organizational disaster. Makes me question if ING NYC will ever be on my list of races to run...

Jill said...

So glad you got to spend some quality time with your hubby and his family. Just gotta make the best of a bad situation as well as you can and I think the smiles show it all! :)

Jill said...

So glad you got to spend some quality time with your hubby and his family. Just gotta make the best of a bad situation as well as you can and I think the smiles show it all! :)

jayloh@runningmovesme said...

I'm glad you were able to salvage the weekend, somewhat. It sounds like you made the best of it and created some happy memories.

Happy Running Mama said...

So happy you and Josh were able to spend a nice weekend relaxing together. As much as I'm sure you wanted to run the marathon, a weekend alone with your hubby can never be a bad thing!

The run in Central Park sounds like it was truly amazing, too, although not at all what you were expecting when you traveled to NYC.

Looking forward to hearing about your running plans for the future. :)

Jen@runfortheboys said...

Girl you are GLOWING in these pics. I'm serious! Love them all. And Pam looks so beautiful too!! Pretty girls and handsome guys :-)