Friday, October 26, 2012

Orange up!

It's fall time, Halloween week, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Orange is everywhere, and a great reason to bring on the orange is to support the ING NYC Marathon's Orange-up program!

The ING Class of 2012 (check out their awesome Facebook page which is full of stories, videos, facts, and inspiration for runners) is doing "Orange-up" to support the 47,000 runners expected to run the ING NYC Marathon this year, and to support the ING Run for Something Better Campaign. The Run for Something Better Campaign fights childhood obesity and encourages kids to get active. I love that! From their website -  "ING Run For Something Better is helping kids learn that exercise is fun and rewarding. Through our free school-based running fitness programs, ING Run For Something Better challenges children to get active, set goals and start a lifetime habit of physical activity. Each program is capped off with a fun running event involving the school or even the larger community."

So how do you play along? Easy! Put on some orange - a little, or a lot - the more the better. Then take a picture of yourself (or your kids or your dog or whoever gets oranged-up!) and post it on your blog, your Facebook page, the ING Runner's Nation Facebook page, or on Twitter using the hashtag #orange-up.

If you participate in the Orange-up program and post a picture somewhere, leave a comment below and tell me where you posted your picture (and leave a link if you can!) and you will be entered to win a pair of orange ING NYC Marathon sunglasses, a pair of ING orange laces, and a fun surprise souvenir or two from my trip to NYC to run the ING NYC Marathon. I will pick a winner when I get home from NYC.

Here are some pics of some of my most favorite people "oranged-up!" :)

My big girls!!
orange never looked so cool :)

Nate and Ry are digging the orange (and they fought over my orange shoe laces!)

Does it get any cuter than Noah in orange? I cannot believe I got him to leave these on long enough for a picture. :)

Josh and I, oranged up!
3 pairs of glasses and shoelaces as earrings. Shane is oranged.
And, she wasn't thrilled with me but even Penny got in on the orange action. She may be a Boston Terrier, but she is all NY. :)

Two of my little girls were at a sleepover party tonight, but I will get a pic of them over the weekend.

Your turn! Put on some orange, take a pic, post it (on your blog, your Facebook page, the ING Runner's Nation Facebook page, or on Twitter using the hashtag #orange-up), and leave a comment here by Sunday, November 4 and I will pick a winner of my "orange-up" NYC Marathon prize pack by November 7.


Raina said...

Looks like your house had WAY too much fun doing these pictures! I love it! So excited for you guys to race.

Childhood obesity is sad. IT seems like it's everywhere, and I never saw it when I was a kid. I am glad that ING NYC marathon has a program to combat it.

fancy nancy said...

This is awesome!!! Your family looks great all "oranged up"! A great cause and a fun time!! I'll have to seek out some orange around here!

Mom on the Move said...

Wow, great idea. I will have to get my orange together and post a pic.
BTW, I started my blog. Here is link:
Still a work in progress.Would love to hear your input when you get a chance. Can't wait to hear about NY! I started following you last year when you ran it. Can't believe a year has gone by already!

Mark Matthews said...

They sent me the 'goods' to orange up and blog on it, but I've been all self-absorbed over my troublesome injurious self. My only 2 taper runs I cut short due to pain. (I did mean it when I said training was going well, up until this point it was)
So, if I"m really injured, I"m gonna run/walk 26.2 thru NY and take pictures, tweet, and eat a hot dog from a curbside stand along the route.

The Green Girl said...

Love the orange shades!

Beth @ Miles and Trials said...

I love the orange both because of the ING Programs and because it is the color that represents Multiple Sclerosis. I bought an orange shirt and compression socks to wear in the NY marathon this weekend. Can't wait!

TX Runner Mom said...

Very cool! Off to go get some orange...