Friday, September 21, 2012

Time to Rock n Roll!

The week leading up to this trip was a crazy and hectic one!

The kids had a super busy week.

Noah was sick.

A tragic accident occurred in front of our house and a neighbor died.

And then there was all the usual "Mom is going out of town and has to pack and get things ready" stuff.

I literally fell asleep within minutes of sitting down in my seat on the plane.

But I got to Denver safely. I have been with my Mom since I landed (and it's been wonderful!). I have seen lots of friends. I have had lots of yummy gluten free food. I had a great night of sleep last night and am ready to turn in for the night here shortly.

I am ready to Rock n Roll in Denver. 26.2 miles Sub 3:15 or bust. :)


Gracie said...

This will be easy for you. Don't let this week's stressers get in the way! Good luck!

Yolanda said...

I love hearing about your life and running! I hope to meet both you and your coach one day!

Michelle said...

Sometimes, being distracted by life is the best thing before a marathon. See you on the other side of 3:15! I'm thinking.....3:12! Go get 'em!

Bill Fine said...

go get 'em,'ll be GREAT tomorrow! I'm cheering already here in Boston!!!!

Penny said...

Good luck. You got that sub 3.15 in you, as hey say get're done