Monday, September 10, 2012


Thanks so much for all of your kind comments about the Pocatello Marathon. It was a great race, an amazing weekend, and a wonderful race experience.

So what's next you ask? Denver Rock N Roll Marathon in 12 days!

I know that most people wouldn't recommend running two marathons just three weeks apart. I had signed up for the Pocatello Marathon in the late fall last year. With our weather and with my family's schedule, marathon training through the summer is awesome and ideal, so the early fall marathons are great for me. Pocatello is cheap ($40 for early registration!!), the swag rocks, the event is great all the way around, and it is close to home for me.

Then in December I found out that I was going to be sponsored by Brooks, and in January I was told that they would provide entry to any Rock N Roll race that I wanted. I looked at my schedule and the RnR race options, and with Denver being three weeks after Pocatello and pretty close to home, I decided it would be my best choice.

Last year I raced the Top of Utah Marathon just two weeks after running Pocatello and I actually ran 3-4 minutes faster in Top of Utah. I recovered quickly from both races and my body handled it really well, so I felt good about the three week time span in between Pokey and Denver.

You never know what will happen on race day, but I would love to shave another few minutes off of my PR in Denver. The course is advertised as flat and fast, and after a few hilly races I am really looking forward to flat! Denver is the "mile high city", but is still about 1000 ft lower in elevation than here at home and is about the same as Pocatello.

So how do you prepare for a marathon three weeks after a marathon?

Here is what I am doing and we will find out in 12 days if it worked. :)

I ran the first two days after Pocatello. I ran because I did not have any injuries, cramps, etc. in training, during the race, or afterwards. I had a little bit of stiffness and overall soreness, but not bad and I know from experience that the best way for me to get rid of that is short, slow, easy miles followed by rolling and stretching. After two days of that, the stiffness and soreness was gone but I took two days completely off. I did NOTHING. I slept in for the first time in.....a really, really long time. I ate whatever I wanted (well, whatever I wanted that was gluten free!) and just enjoyed a short physical and mental break.

I finished out the week with a couple of days of more short, slow, easy miles. I ran with friends. I left the Garmin at home. All of the runs were stress-free, easy and rejuvenating.  It was way fun! Each day I felt a little more spring coming back into my legs.

Then yesterday I started a week of training again, which will be followed by a week of taper and marathon #2.

I was nervous for yesterday's run. I am not sure why and sometimes I have to remind myself not to put so much pressure on myself to nail every workout. The run was 12 miles with 8 miles in the 6:45-7:15 range (plus two warm up an two cool down miles), and as soon as I started off I found that  the speed was still there and that I felt pretty good. I averaged 6:52 pace for the fast miles, even though I purposely chose a challenging route with a lot of uphill. My splits were 6:44, 6:50, 6:58, 6:56, 6:48, 6:58, 6:49, 6:57. I was tired at the end of this run but felt good.

Tomorrow the schedule has 800's and a 10-miler as part of a double run day. Tomorrow is a super busy family day too so we shall see how it all goes!

Along with getting my body ready to race again, I am getting my mind ready to race again. I am the queen of putting pressure on myself which I am trying to avoid. I did a good job in Pocatello at staying excited but relaxed and being in a positive frame of mind and I want to do that again in Denver. I always want to PR. I am definitely looking forward to another opportunity to do what I love to do, to represent Brooks, and to take on the challenge of the marathon.

Note- I have had people tell me that to be a "serious" marathoner and to make progress on my marathon PR I need to race marathons less often to allow longer training and recovery periods. I understand that, but this year's schedule was made before I got super serious about my training and set my goal of qualifying for the 2016 Olympic Trials. Next year we will be planning a more cut back marathon schedule.  That said, I am really enjoying this year. :)

What is next for you? Yay for fall marathons!
Anyone else racing in Denver on Sept. 22?


Lynn said...

I am volunteering! I hope I can help you have a great race day. Not sure what they will have me doing but I will be there before 6 a.m. to find out! said...

I'm excited for you! It sounds like you're feeling good and your last race will do nothing but motivate for this next one.
I almost signed up for the Denver R&R. Coming from FL, tho, I was a bit nervous about the elevation. I've heard nothing but great things about the course.
Thanks for sharing your training tidbits, too. There *are* others out there running back-to-back races, too. ;)

Anonymous said...

I wish I was going - we booked a trip to boulder that weekend! So close but so far away:( 2 expensive and I am training for the Columbus in oct.- so my husband said I couldn't go:( he thinks I am crazy running marathons:) good luck! Carol-WV

Raina said...

You are amazing! And SO blessed to be able to train at altitude. Wishing you the best of races there. Enjoy the comp'd race :)

Gracie said...

I've raced marathons a few weeks apart a couple of times, and I've always done better in race #2. Good luck to you! I expect to see 3:10 or under given your training!

L.A. Runner said...

I've heard running at altitude is hard, but I've never actually done it. They say that, in a way, it taxes the system the same way our extreme humidity does. So, maybe they would cancel each other out and I would be fine? Not sure about that, though.

I've done marathons close together, and usually had decent results. My times have always been in close range (sometimes a little faster or a little slower) than the original one. Good luck! I know you'll do great! :)

Jen@runfortheboys said...

I can't wait to cheer you on!

coach dion said...

Hi there

OK 3 weeks shouldn't be enough time to recover from a hard, but I believe you could have run that marathon a lot faster, so because of that you recover a lot faster and I think you will have another good marathon.

holding thumbs

SWMom said...

That does sound exciting! I am so looking forward to your update! I'm not racing a marathon yet, but my RRCA running coach Julie is helping me come back from my knee surgery and I've been running for 2 weeks now. I'm eyeing a 5K trail run in Oct., A 10K in Feb and maybe Ragnar SoCal in April!!! Very best wishes to you as you taper and travel!

Teamarcia said...

I'll be there doing the half! I hope I get to see you! Yay!

Abbey{RUNS} said...

Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Beth @ Miles and Trials said...

If anyone can handle the back to back marathons, I'm sure you can! While I was reading this it made me want to travel up to Denver and run the marathon. I am tempted, but I think I will hold out for the NYC marathon that I'm training for!

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

With how hard you train and the high mileage weeks you have, this is completely doable for you!

I wouldn't say that to just anyone but I feel you are trained well and you can do marathons three weeks apart.

Good luck and I can't wait to hear how it goes!

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

With how hard you train and the high mileage weeks you have, this is completely doable for you!

I wouldn't say that to just anyone but I feel you are trained well and you can do marathons three weeks apart.

Good luck and I can't wait to hear how it goes!

Annie Crow said...

How very exciting to read about your training (and your family - you are a blessing and you are blessed). Thanks for sharing!

Terzah said...

Hey! I'm not racing, but I will be in Kathy's group's cheer tent (I think she said around mile 17--look up when you pass!! we'll get a good scream going for you!) and am also hoping there might be a blogger lunch or something similar afterwards so I can congratulate you on a great race. :^)

Christina said...

I just got caught up reading through your recent marathon stories and those of your friend Jen, so inspiring! I'm sure having another marathon so close to this one won't compromise your success in the future! I'm going to try for my first ever FULL next year myself. I know I won't have your awesome times, but I will be happy to cross that line regardless of my time :-) Thank you for the inspiration! P.S. ... your tummy looked great, I have issues with my 'tummy skin' too post baby. I really wish I could feel confident to wear a running short top sometimes, especially in these high Midwestern heats.

Elly said...

You're a machine!! Go get 'em! ;) Looking forward to hearing how you go :)

lovetoread600 said...

I did Denver RnR last year. It was later in the year (Oct) so it was a little cooler weather. Sept 22 could go either way but it shouldn't be too bad. It is a relatively flat course but lots of turns.

Good luck to you!!! I can't wait to hear how well you do.

Momshomerun said...

I'm curious to know how your second marathon in three weeks will go! Wish you lots of succes and speed!