Saturday, May 12, 2012

10k recap

This morning I ran the local medical center "fun run" 5k/10k. It was definitely set up as a fun run and not as much a race. The course was all over the place with about 100 turns and lots of uphill climbs. It wasn't chip timed or anything either...just a "ready set go" and a siren (scared the heck out of me!) The course was also super long. I always run the tangents and usually on my Garmin my marathons are only two tenths of a mile over 26.2, but for this 10k my Garmin said 6.4 miles (and others were saying the same thing).

My time was 42:28 (adjusted) and I was first female and fourth overall. I felt ok...not super tired, not super speedy. I battled a side ache for two miles which I have never had before and my legs didn't have the zip in them I wanted, especially on the uphill sections, which was frustrating. But it was a fun morning.

The kids did AWESOME!!! Shane (12) took second in the 5k overall with a 18:31, and Ben (11) ran his first 5k in 25:18. Ryan (14) did his first 10k in 51:xx.

We are cool. And we know it. :)

I so love these dudes and am super proud of them!!!
I am a little disappointed with my time and would have liked to do better. A few people thought I could run a sub 40 time, although I wasn't thinking that was realistic right now (especially in the middle of 80-85 mile weeks and tough workouts). Josh and Jennifer have both reminded me today that I am not training for 10ks, I am training for marathons and that I shouldn't be disappointed.

It was a fun morning and it was great to see so many friends and neighbors out enjoying the sunshine and getting exercise. :)

Did you race today? Long run? I need to give a SUPER HUGE SHOUT OUT to the awesome Jennifer who rocked her 16 mile run today. It was her longest long run ever and she didn't walk at all. WOO HOO!


Jen@runfortheboys said...

You are the best, chica! Thanks for cheering me on in my long run today...the only thing that kept me from walking was knowing I wanted to report in to you and to make you proud!

And AGAIN, you are training for a MARATHON and would easily break 40 in a 10K (even on a poorly planned hilly route) if that was your focus. No doubt. But you can't focus on sprint races and marathons at the same time...two completely different focuses. You know that, but I'm here to remind you :)

Now be good to those legs today. They rocked an 18 miler yesterday...remember?!

Love you!

Jill said...

Congratulations to you all, those are great times and such a really fun family event!! :)

Courses can "legally" be long and still count as that race distance. Also, you do know that Garmin's are not 100% accurate, right? I think I read on the website there can be something like up to 5% error. When I did the 50k a couple months ago, I ran side by side with a friend and when we finished, he ran almost a half mile more than me. He didn't, but that's the discrepancy in those devices. Anyway, I think you did amazing on legs with a ton of tough miles on them. Congratulations!!

Terzah said...

Just remember that you WON the race! Pretend you are on a cross-country team--a win would be all you were after in that case, right? Great job! And the pictures of you with your boys were great, too.

Adrienne said...

The family that races (fast!!) together, stays together. WTG Hendersons!!

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

Awesome runs all around!!

Lacey Sue said...

Good runs for everyone!!! I LOVE the family pics! Wonderful!

Laura @ Mommy run fast said...

What a fun day for your family! You did amazing-- didn't you just run a speedy 18 miler yesterday?! Wow!

Raina said...

Great work, Erin.
An extra 2 tenths of a mile will certainly add to your time!
I love that so many in your family raced this together. :)

fancy nancy said...

I'm amazed...not only are you SUPER speedy but your children are too!! Great job!!!

Vicky Cook said...

You can't put in the miles you are, focus on marathons AND expect to go out and blast in a faster than fast 5k, but I know you know this! You are not working towards a 5k you are in marathon mode and, for what it's worth I think you are about to blow your marathon PR out of the water (I think you already did with your Boston performance, the heat just meant the clock didn't reflect it).
I did the same thing in January, ran a 5k just after my 1st marathon and was disappointed. Now I'm training twice a week on the track and focusing on speed and have already taken 28s off that Jan PR. You'll achieve sub 20 when that's your focus!

Kutya said...

Be proud... it´s really awsome!