Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Footwear and fillings

I have been getting lots of comments and emails with questions lately about my training, my nutrition, my fueling, etc. etc. I will be answering these in some upcoming posts. If you have a question, feel free to leave a comment and I will do my best to answer all of them.

Katie O. (who is very observant!) noticed that I was wearing my blue/black Brooks PureFlows (detailed review on my most favorite shoes here) in my pre-race Boston Marathon photos, but that in my official race photos I am wearing white and purple shoes, and she asked what was up with the shoe change.

The white/purple shoes I am wearing in my official Boston Marathon photos are also Brooks PureFlows. They come in three awesome colors now (see them all here). I always have at least three pairs of PureFlows in rotation as they are the only running shoes I wear now. I put on an old pair of black/blue PureFlows before I left my hotel room last Monday morning (it is crazy to me that it was over a week ago already!) and I had my purple/white racing shoes in my gear bag.

I didn't put on my race shoes until it was close to race time, since runners have a lot of walking/waiting around and a lot of time in a grass field before the Boston Marathon starts. The grass was definitely NOT wet last Monday, but it still was a good plan. So I wore my old pair of shoes until just before I headed out to the corrals, and then I lubed up my feet and put on fresh socks and my race pair of Brooks PureFlows (that were perfectly broken in with about 50 miles on them) and put my old pair in my gear bag.

I also always have a pair of my favorite flip-flops in my gear bag to put on when I am done. It feels amazing to me to take off my running shoes at the end of a race and slip on my favorite Reef flip flops.

I am enjoying a week of short/easy miles (nothing over 10 miles yet and no intensity), although I started back up my core/strength training again yesterday after a week of half strength two weeks before Boston, and then a week off before and a week off after race day. This morning I ran eight miles and it was blissful. My legs felt great and it was a fun run.

I am feeling great overall except for a tooth ache that has gotten progressively worse over the last two weeks. (Note - toothaches don't magically go away on their own no matter how much you wish them to). I am going in today for an emergency root canal/filling/crown. Should be super fun, and I am in denial about what it will all cost. Stupid teeth.

Today my Marcus is eight years old! Josh and I were in the room when he was born eight years ago and I was the first person to hold him. I love this kid. :)

I hope you all have a great day. More soon. :)


Erin said...

Hi Erin!

I am Erin too! I love your blog. Very inspiring. I am running my first standalone marathon in less than two weeks. Any advice??

Julia said...

MARCUS = adorable!!! happy birthday to him! love that pic...too cute :) good luck with the tooth...i have not been to the dentist in SOOO long. so it scares me to go back now. haha.

glad you are feelnig great! that is awesome news! i really appreciated what you shared about the shoes as well...makes so much sense and you can go into the race feeling fresh!

misszippy said...

Oh, I'm feeling for you on the root canal! I just had one and was honestly terrified going into it. Such a baby that the doc let Todd come in with me. But it's not that bad and you will get instant relief from the pain.

Happy birthday Marcus!

Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

HA..Just left my desk and had called the dentist to delay my root canal lol! Love the info...I am so craving trying another shoe. I have always worn the adrenaline. I'm going to give those PureCadence a try.

Anonymous said...

Hi Erin,

I really want to know what you eat for an average day. I'd love for you to keep a list all day and share it...because I struggle with this part of race training. With as many miles as you run- I'd love to see how you fuel.


Anonymous said...

Hi Erin,

Sorry to hear about your tooth, I've been there and you'll feel much better after you get it taken care of! I'm very glad you'll be helping us out by answering some training questions, I'd love to hear what you do for your core/strength training routines, my goal for this spring is to make that a priority. I'd be really interested to hear about your nutrition and fueling on race day as well.

Becky at Prairie Runner said...

Hey Erin~ I totally laughed at the comment about wishing away a toothache! I did that too, then bit into a jellybean on Sunday and broke the tooth!!! Crown prep yesterday :(. Why doesn't wishing away work??? Love your blog and am really looking forward to hearing more about your fueling, etc! Thanks!

Yolanda said...

What a handsome lad!!!

Jen@runfortheboys said...

Hope Marcus had a great birthday and that you are on the mend!

Vinman said...

I love reading your blog. Although i am a 43 year old father of three. I love it. I am starting up running again(did a marathon in 2004) I had a root canal /crown some last month (expensive and ow!!!!) And we have an 8 year old adopted son (Korea) named Marcus as well. Along with our biological children. Too funny. My all time favorite quote is from someone famous (I can't remember who!)I who said "I have five children and three of them are adopted. I just can't remember which three" :)I I love it j

Adrienne said...

PureFlows are the best invention, well, since running shoes themselves! I did a half marathon in them last Dec. and the compliments I got on the shoes paled in comparison to how they felt!

I love that you rocked the pink ones! I'll have those on at the track tomorrow.

Keep on inspiring-on all fronts!

Jen said...

Fabulous picture! Happy Birthday to Marcus!

Jill said...

I love my Brooks Flows also. I need those in the pink color...right now just have the black ones.

Happy Birthday, Marcus! :)

Rick Muhr said...

Hello Erin,

Another interesting and informative post. I will send you the next phase of your training program later today.

I'm confident you'll have a much better opportunity to PR in Utah. Weather in Boston this morning is in the 40's...much different than 9
days ago.

Coach Rick

Beth said...

I have been running shorter runs (up to 10 miles) in the Brooks PureConnects. I love them, but was concerned to go up in mileage in them, so I bought the PureFlows and ran a half marathon in them on Saturday. It went great, so I'm thinking about wearing them for a marathon I have next weekend. You have given me the confidence to go for it. They are so comfortable and light, I feel like I'm floating in them!

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