Thursday, December 29, 2011

A year of posts

2012 is almost done and I thought it would be fun to look back through the year of posts and pick out my favorites. If you are new to this blog it will give you a good recap of my year, and if you have been around a while, there is some good stuff to remember or reread.

There are lots of fun posts linked to below, but my two favorites are my post on limiting our potential and happiness and the one titled Strong. If you reread just one or two posts, reread those. :)

If you are interested about why I blog, I wrote about that here.

In January 2011, I started this blog. Yay! It's been almost a whole year of See Mom Run Far. I have had so much fun with this blog and really enjoy writing about my running and connecting with other runners. I would have to say my favorite post from January was the one about how I accidentally bought a treadmill. (TRUE STORY).
Yes, I use the very high-tech solution of putting a ladder in front of my treadmill to hold my laptop. It works!

It made me smile to reread my post from February about my true love and my response to an article that exercise can destroy marriages. I also giggled reading about my loaded oatmeal, because I still eat almost the exact same thing every single morning! (Although now I add strawberries too, switch out raisins for chopped dates sometimes, and drink Collagen Sport instead of Ovaltine).

March was my birthday month! My favorite posts from March were my letter to my body and the running play list game. I think of this post still often and smile every time Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys come up when I am running. I love it even though many of you wanted to take it off my list! :)

My favorite posts from April were my post on "How I do It" and my recap of the Salt Lake City Marathon. (SUCH a great race!)
I miss my parents!!!

May had a lot of fun posts! I loved the one about a change in perspective, the recap of the 5K I ran with two of my boys (and was first female finisher) and my announcement about getting to be on Team MEB and run the NYC Marathon.

June was a fun month and it was great to reread my Ragnar recap (I so so SO love Ragnar) and my recap of Josh's first marathon!

From July my favorite posts have to be my recap of the Star Valley Half Marathon (you ALL should come hang out in my beautiful valley this summer, visit me, and run this race) and my post with the pictures from the race.

August's highlight had to be getting chosen (and giving the opportunity to Josh) to run with Dean Karnazes in the Gore-Tex Transrockies Run! Cheering on Josh and Jenny at El Vaquero Loco, getting a phone call from Meb, and chatting with Bart Yasso were pretty dang cool too.
Josh and Dean!

In September, qualifying for Boston was a killer moment, as was PR'ing two weeks later at Top of Utah (in the rain, wind, thunder, lightning, and hail!), but playing with my kids was a total blast too. (Lots of fun kid pics in this post).
Top of Utah!

In October I had a moment doing laundry where I felt a bit like a superhero, and then I got interviewed by Runner's World! (Article is still a go for the "Human Race" section of the May 2012 issue. Woo hoo!)

November brought a little excitement called the NYC Marathon, and an incredible trip that included time alone with Josh, seeing my parents, meeting Meb, seeing friends and family, going to a Rangers game, and all kinds of fun.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I organized my very first race (a super fun and successful Turkey Trot).
Nate, who didn't really die, even though he thought he might :)

I opened up about a haircut that was just a haircut, and yet so much more than a haircut.

I also wrote about that nasty thing called doubt, and how I try to inspire others with my life.

My favorite posts from December were my post about being chosen to be on the Brooks ID Team (I am STILL on cloud 9 about being sponsored by Brooks!!!!) and my post from yesterday about what a difference three years can make.

It was really fun to look back through my training paces and race times and see how they improved throughout the year. It is really encouraging to see that paces I struggled with and thought felt super fast back at the beginning of the year are now super easy for me. That makes me excited for what is to come. There were lots of posts I had forgotten about, and pictures I enjoyed seeing again. It's fun to look back!

Thanks for reading along!

Did you have a favorite post of mine from 2011?


Annet and Kirk said...

I've loved reading your blog - i know I read much more about running than I actually run, but heck, the book I just read about brains ability to change even had a bit about how thinking about exercising muscles helps build muscles, so hoping that works in my favour! :)

I love how you write with details (I too am big on details), it makes it more fun. And to sound totally stalkerish, you were in my dream the other day. Random. Weird I know, sorry!

I am about to set up my new-to-me but just like brand new Garmin305, just in time for the new year and am stoked. Thinking I might call it Coach Erin. :)

Michelle said...

Oh, it is too hard to choose just one. I always know that your blog will help me to think about my own running life, smile and be thankful! You are an inspiration.

Caroline said...

love reading the recap from a year in posts! it is fun to write these posts and look back I agree!
happy new year!!!

christa said...

Great recap. I love your blog, it's always inspiring to me.

Laura said...

This is a great summary! As a relatively new reader, it was really fun to learn more about you and see all that happened and how much you accomplished this past year. Congrats!

Katie said...

Just read your post on limiting your happiness . . . AWESOME! So right and true!

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

I really love your blog and thanks for this recap. I totally missed the post on how you "accidentally" bough a treadmill! Hilarious!

SWMom said...

Your Too... post is still my favorite!!!

abbi said...

New to your blog so loved being able to read this recap and the posts in it!

Teamarcia said...

What a fabulous year youve had! I so love that pic of Dean and Josh--priceless.
Cannot wait to see what great things 2012 has in store for you!

Jill said...

You have had such a fantastic year, YAY! That's also so neat that you've only been blogging for a year...I'm glad I found your blog and I can't wait to see what amazing things 2012 brings to you! Happy New Year, my friend!

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I love these pics! You look amazing in Yellow ; ) Thanks for sharing us.