Saturday, November 5, 2011


Today is my sweet Belane's eighth birthday and it is also Lucy Activewear's birthday!!

I wanted to post this earlier but just got to internet access. Today is their one-day special event, where EVERYTHING is 25% off. They have a huge line of activewear for all sorts of female athletes. Check out their website here and stay tuned for some upcoming product reviews and giveaways. :


Nikki said...

Hey Erin! Question for you when you get back from NY.... so as you know I read your old family blog for years and have just stumbled across the blog recently. Am really working this year on living a healthier lifestyle- taking supplements, going to naturopathic doctor, exercising more, trying to eat healthy, organic food, etc. Anyways, i am just in the beginning stages of everything but wanting to pick your brain re: running.

For exercise, all I really do is yoga. I LOVE yoga, but it is expensive. I have been trying to go for a run once a week to cut down on yoga costs. That said, I hate it... haaate running. I can only manage to go 15 mins, get bored out of my mind, can't do it without stopping, etc. I DO feel better after I do it and like the feeling afterwards. Have you ever struggled with any of that? Does this mean I should give up on running and find something I enjoy, or keep pushing it through, and I will eventually enjoy it?

would love your thoughts! thank you!!

Nikki said...

Hey! Just wanted to follow up with my Q above... any advice?