Thursday, November 17, 2011

Girl with a plan

I am officially a girl with a plan! Earlier this week I posted my "decisions decisions" post, and shared that I was trying to figure out if I could/should get a coach, what training plan to use, races for next year, etc.

I have talked with Josh, researched, prayed, read, soul-searched and planned.

I am a girl with a plan. :)

For now, I am going to keep training on my own, without a coach. I definitely think a coach could be great for me in a lot of ways, but what it boils down to is that I can't justify the cost of a coach at this point and time. Our budget is tight. The costs and expenses of life with 12 kids are literally endless. I do not have any guilt or doubt about the money I spend on my running and racing, but adding the monthly expense of a coach isn't possible/responsible.

But as much as I think a coach could be great for me in a lot of ways, I am feeling really good about my plan and confident in my ability to continue to coach/guide myself. I think it's going to be good.

I read (devoured) "Advanced Marathoning" by Peter Pfitzinger and Scott Douglas.

I love this book. I really enjoyed reading it, and I feel like I learned a ton (even though I had read lots of running books before this one). I found it very motivating and encouraging, and it really helped me put together what I think is a great plan to get me from here to Boston.

I am going to use the Pftiz "in between marathons" plan from now to Goofy. I tweaked the plan slightly so that I would have back-to-back medium long runs and long runs on Saturdays and Sundays. The speed work is different from what I have done in the past and I look forward to new challenges.  Then after a short recovery period after Goofy, I am going to use the Pfitz training plan for 70-85 miles a week to train for Boston. (I know that sounds like a lot of miles but I have done many weeks at 65 miles lately so it's not a big increase).

I also came up with a plan for my overall fitness. I already had been good about stretching after my runs (and foam rolling) but after reading "Advanced Marathoning" I have a more thorough stretching/flexibility routine I will do after every run.

Up until now I have been doing a routine of exercises twice a week that I considered my strength training. After reading this book I realized that about half of the exercises I was doing were core-stability exercises and the others were strength-training exercises. Pfitzinger recommends doing a routine of core-stability exercises three times a week and a routine of strength-training exercises twice a week. I used the book and the exercises I was already doing to put together a core routine and a strength routine that I will be doing the recommended times per week.

I have done the core workout once and the strength workout once now (each just takes 20-30 minutes) and I really think that these exercises, along with the stretching/flexibility routine are really going to help my overall fitness and strength and help prevent injury, and I am excited about it.

The chapter on nutrition and hydration was great, and I loved all the info and science about training and racing marathons in the other chapters. This book just really excited me about training hard getting faster, and taking care of myself and doing things so that I can be a healthy and strong person, runner, and athlete. (And yeah, it still makes me smile to think of myself as an athlete).

I also have set some goals for myself for Goofy and Boston (I will share in a future post since I am ready for bed now!). Goals are subject to change as training goes on, but I am feeling good and excited for what the future holds.

I have a training plan for my running. I have a plan for my overall health and fitness. I am going to follow my plan, listen to my body, adjust as needed, pray for guidance and protection,  and give it all I have.

Watch out world. I am a girl with a plan. :)

(I bought "Advanced Marathoning" with my own money. I wasn't asked to review it and I am not giving it away. I wrote about it because I really like it).


Teamarcia said...

Exciting! That's a great book. Although I've only followed it loosely, I know several on the RW Boston forum especially, who've enjoyed great success with it. I know you will too!

Jessica (Pace of Me) said...

that's awesome! i am in the middle of reading that book too - so very good and so helpful. i think it's great you are stepping up to it and making a plan for yourself! you are amazing and inspiring, as always :o)

Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

I think you will be fine without a coach! It would be hard for me to justify the cost and we only have two kids. I will be interested in hearing how you like this book and how it works for you!

fancy nancy said...

You are a girl on a mission and I'm certain you will get there!!!

Meredith said...

Excited for you!! Looking forward to following you on this journey. And now, I'm heading over to my library's website to see if I can get that book!

Dear Old Dad said...

What a shock! Erin with a plan. How very unusual for you. In the immortal words of John Gielgud in the movie "Arthur", "I'll alert the media." Just a little sarcasm with some very proud undertones from Long Island.

The Green Girl said...

Sounds like you are ready to take on the world, girl! ::high fives::

Terzah said...

That's a great plan! New beginnings are exciting. You will do (more) great things with that.

robinbb said...

I love the Pfitz plans. I am currently doing the 12 week 55-70 plan for Disney and will jump into Boston training after that as well. Excited to have found your blog!

Penny said...

That is awesome that you were able to figure out a plan that works for you with out spending all that money. Way to GO Girl.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

My virtual friend Pam who is a stellar runner like you, raves about this book! You're onto something Erin! Trust yourself!

Caroline said...

girl with a kind of gal!
I dont know this book
I'd love to read more I learn the better for me

I hope this method works out great for you Erin!

Anonymous said...

What a great plan!

I have been reading but not commenting for a long time. You inspired me to start running and I just completed my first 5K last weekend! It was amazing to have set a goal for myself of running a race and acheiving that goal!

I would love any information on beginning running you might be able to share. Any books or methods you love? Help for a newbie runner, please?! :)

Thanks for inspiring this mom of 4 to get out and RUN!