Thursday, October 6, 2011

Three things Thursday

A quick three things for this Thursday morning

- It's snowing. Right now. Outside. At my house. On October 6th. CRAZY. Haven't decided yet if my 10 mile marathon pace run this morning will be outside or on the treadmill.

- One month from right now I will be in my starting corral for the NYC MARATHON!!!!! Seriously, I am beyond excited for this. Running this race is an emotional dream come true for me. AND I get to see my parents, family members and friends. AND Josh and I get a little getaway without any kids (which hasn't happened in....hmmmmmm.... a really, really long time). It seems like so long ago that I signed up to run the NYC Marathon for Team MEB and I can't believe it is only a month away now. I will write more about my goals and thoughts about this race as we get closer, but I AM SO EXCITED. (And I am just $140 short of my fundraising goal for Team MEB. Please consider making a donation here to help kids in need in the U.S. and in Eastern Africa have access to health, education and fitness).

- The little square on my calendar today is EMPTY. Empty! That means there are no therapists for Noah today, no field trips, no appointments, no meetings, no sporting events for any of the kids or Josh...NOTHING besides the usual stuff... running, child care, cooking, laundry, etc. Josh is playing hooky from work today and we are going to go to lunch and spend some quality together (with Noah too!) 

The other day I posted this on Facebook, "For those of you that don't have kids with special needs this may not mean much, but today I asked Noah where his teeth were and he smiled and then pointed and tapped his teeth with his finger. We have been working on pointing out body parts and this is the first time he has done it without any help. yay!!!! And he is SO CLOSE to walking independently. We are seeing miracles every day." 

I was AMAZED at the response.... so many people that I never hear from or even interact with on Facebook commented or "liked" this status. It really touched my heart how much people cared and how supportive they were. And of course, my heart is happier every day because of our miracle baby.

Happy Thursday everybody!

Do you have a busy day or an "easy" day?

What is the weather like where you are? ANYONE ELSE have snow this morning?


MCM Mama said...

Wow! Snow in October?!?

That's so awesome that Noah is making such amazing strides!

Enjoy your "quiet" day. ;o)

Julie said...

I love snow, so send some my way. Right now we just have a lot of dreary rain.

I have an easy day. Workout a little bit, work a little bit, go out to dinner with a friend. Hmmm...I'm liking the sound of that now that it's all written out :D

Run with Jess said...

OMG, Snow?!?!?! It's a perfectly beautiful fall morning here in Illinois, which unfortunately makes me sad!
So exciting on NYC!! How exciting was Runner's World this month with all the hype in there about NYC. Have you read the book "A Race Like No Other" yet? If not, its a must-read before NYC.

Lacey Sue said...

Yeah, welcome to the wild weather of the west right?!?! We are expecting snow as well sometime this week (heck, I am your state neighbor, we are practically in each others backyards... lol)
So pleased to hear about Noah!! Miracles happen, everyday, and I truly believe HE is a miracle in and of himself. Your one amazing mom!
Good luck on the NYC marathon! That is incredible!! GOOD LUCK!


Snow would drive me crazy. I can't stand it. Probably why I live in the South.

Yay for NYC! I can't wait! Really hope we can meet up! Do you have plans for post race? I don't. Maybe we could do lunch?

misszippy said...

Ok, it may be incredibly beautiful where you live, but...I don't think I could handle snow this early!

Great stuff about Noah, no small thanks, I'm sure, to the great environment you've provided him.

Yay to NYC!

April said...

Snow!? I love cold weather, but it is way too early for snow!
Good luck to you in NYC!

Suz and Allan said...

Snow already? Wow! I'm so grateful to live in the South right now. Hope you guys enjoy your day!

Meaghan said...

Huge YAAAYY for Noah's progress. Take the time to pat yourself on the back as well for providing him such a wonderful environment to thrive.

I can't wait to hear the recap of NYC - that marathon is on my bucket list for sure!!

Enjoy your "empty box" day!

Caroline said...

yeah for Noah! I can see why this would touch your facebook friends. how can it not?!

snow! send this my way!!!!! it rained yesterday and all the californians freaked out. it was on the news. water falling from the sky....only in LA!

Caroline said...

yeah for Noah! I can see why this would touch your facebook friends. how can it not?!

snow! send this my way!!!!! it rained yesterday and all the californians freaked out. it was on the news. water falling from the sky....only in LA!

ryanandginger said...

Erin, I discovered your blog in July when I was prepping for a midnight 1/2 in Utah. I think I was searching for some running product- can't really remember. I'm not usually a blog stalker but I was drawn to the title and description of your blog. I have 2 children who are adopted and 2 children who are biological. And I love to run. I never, EVER will run as fast as you but you still inspire me as a genuine person, doing what you love. I also worked with adoptions with LDSFS for a while before moving overseas for 8 years. Anyway, after my last 1/2 my husband finally committed (all on his own:) ) to prep and run the Layton 1/2 this coming Saturday. He has made amazing progress and I'm so proud of him. We won't be fast, but it will be a breeze to finish. So..... yes! I'm enjoying the thought of a "rest" day tomorrow. Today I spent a short time on the elliptical and enjoyed spin class at a leisurely pace. But I'm already excited about tomorrow. And yes, it seems to be snowing most places but my house. I'm just hoping it clears up for our drive to BYU for the volleyball match tonight! Anyway, keep on inspiring!

Liz said...

Your comment about Noah just made me cry. My little girl is deaf and we decided to get her cochlear implants. Every little word that she utters is so precious. It makes me so happy to see other parents who understand how exciting it is to have your child show that they are learning what you teach them. Huge milestone and I'm excited for him.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

No snow here yet, but I know it can happen any day. Seems like we always get at least one big heavy October snow. I am not ready for it.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Yay for Noah! I look forward to seeing you in RW magazine! Congrats on getting to go to NYC and Boston, too!

Shana said...

Not quite snow, but we DID have a 45 degree drop in temps since Monday. Crazy!

christa said...

Yup crazy day, but no snow here in Vermont and that's a good thing. There was a frost tho!

Robyn said...

Erin, I haven't seen your kids since your blog went private, but reading about Noah pointing to his teeth made me cry. Amazing!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

The seasons have officially changed in E. Washington. Poop. I'm a summer girl at heart. :)

I saw your FB status too, I hope I liked it...if I didn't, I totally noted it! You appear to be such a balanced, calm mom, runner, wife. Amazing. Inspiration.

Natalie R. said...

I was actually watching the news Wednesday night, and thought about you when I heard snow in the Mountains in WY! The rain has started here, but luckily not too much down pour in the mornings when I run. BTW, I went to my fav running store and just bought the PureFlows. I am probably returning my Gycerin that I bought 2 weeks ago, but I wanted to try one more long run in them. Thanks for all the running info/tips.
And, I am so happy for Noah! That is a tremendous accomplishment. He has an awesome family! I can wait until we come to UT next summer, and for sure we will make a side trip to WY!

Dina said...

No Snow cause I like in AZ, but it has been beyond cold as of late. I mean 15 to 20 degrees colder than normal. And for us it was 65 degrees and people were wearing jackets. I was basking in the "cold" because I'm at 32 weeks now and can barely take another day of 100+ degrees but I hear it's coming back again next week.

fancy nancy said...

Oh heck no! Snow in October!!!! No thanks!!!

One month.....I'm so excited for you!!

Yay for Noah!!!!! That is major! How blessed he is to be a part of such an amazing family!!

Molly said...

It should be snowing here by thanksgiving, right now it's almost 80, which is normally unheard of!

I can't believe how fast NYC came up, yikes!

that is amazing about Noah!

lindsay said...

Snow already?!! Gross. :)

I'm out of touch with how late in the year it is since I'm not training for a marathon (or anything for that matter).

Can't seem to comment on your previous post (just won't load on my phone for some reason) but I liked that quote!