Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Exploding with excitement

I am running another marathon in four days! My bib number for the Top of Utah Marathon is 2239. I am excited!!! I love racing. This weekend is going to be special because two dear friends are running their FIRST marathons (and I am so excited I get to be there for that!), I get to meet and hang out with Terzah who I love already (and hopefully see her BQ!!) and there will be lots of other running bloggers I hope to meet and friends there. Running is awesome and racing is a blast, and getting to do it with friends around just makes it that much better.

I wish Josh could be there, but the kids are pretty tired from this first two weeks of school and an early morning road trip just wouldn't be in their best interest. But I know they will be cheering me on from home and I will have more awesome texts from Josh to look forward to when I finish.

Speaking of Big Daddy.... he is sick. Scratchy throat, snotty nose, cranky mood. Four days before my race. As I said on Twitter this morning, I love that man with all my heart and soul, but if he gets me sick, he's toast. :)

I also found out this morning that my number for the NYC Marathon in November is 11533, and I am in the BLUE course, WAVE #1, Corral #11, 9:40 am start (first start). Woo hoo! Top of the bridge and earliest possible start. Yeah baby. That ROCKS.

AND, I get to register for the Boston Marathon tomorrow morning at 8am. I am pretty  much exploding with marathon excitement right now.

I feel ready for Top of Utah. I didn't really have a plan to recover/taper last week and just ran nice and easy as felt good, and I ended up running a lot (58 miles...whoops). My long run was only 11 miles though and I am definitely keeping things very light this week. My legs feel awesome. One hammy is a bit on the tight side but I don't feel it when I run, so I am stretching and rolling it lots and the PT hit it with the ultrasound today just to be on the safe side (I am so spoiled that a PT who happens to be a runner comes to my house once a week!) I haven't felt my Achilles at all in weeks, and I am SUPER happy about that.

My goal for Top of Utah is short and sweet - get under 3:30. On one hand the pressure is sort of off because I got my BQ in Pocatello, but I know I am ready to run a 3:30 if things come together right and that is what I want to do.

Here is my free finish line picture from Pocatello. :) And hey, if you are looking for a great fall marathon next year, it is only $40 to register for the Pocatello Marathon right now. You get a great, fast course (they were #9 in the country this year for Boston qualifiers), super nice swag, the nicest finish line food and area I have ever seen, a very big and nice medal, a very well organized rice, a free finish line photo, and you get to see me. :)

I am off to cheer on my 13 year old, Ryan, in his first cross country race of the year. He has made a ton of progress in the last year and loves to run, so I am way excited about that too. :)

Ok, anyone who joins in my "exploding marathon excitement" with a donation today to my Team MEB fundraising will get 26 extra entries into my fundraising giveaway. (Next winner drawn tomorrow)



Lacey Sue said...

What an amazing pic!!! You look fab!!!!! I am very excited for the Top of Utah race, and am really hoping I get a chance to meet ya at the finish line (yeah, I'll be there) I am hoping in two years to maybe do the half!!! (crossing fingers tightly...chanting "I hope"..."I hope"...) You are SO going to rock this!!! :)

Penny said...

So excited for you. You have it in you for a 3.30. Good Luck this weekend Girl. Go get'em

Katie said...

I LOVE your enthusiasm!! It is contagious. You are going to ROCK it this weekend.


So pumped for you! You are going to crush TOU!

Can't wait to find out my NYC info! Where is it?

LBTEPA said...

That is such a good photo :) Have fun this weekend!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Good luck!! Love the photo you look pretty hardcore in it.

Terzah said...

That is a great photo! Hardcore is right!

Pocatello does sound awesome. I'm sort of wishing I'd trained for that one, though getting there would have been an issue. We'll see how next year goes. If I'm still hunting for my BQ, that will definitely be an option.

Sorry Josh is sick! I feel like I'm surrounded by viruses at work. Fingers crossed that if we are going to get sick it will happen *next* week. :^)

Run with Jess said...

Wow - so many exciting things! How on earth do you focus on normal-life activities?!?! NYC is my dream... o' and all ODD numbers I'm noticing... that's always good luck in my book.

Liz said...

I'm excited for you. Logan is really gearing up for the race, signs counting down how many days left. I really want TOU to be my first marathon, though from the sound of it, pocatello might not be too bad a substitute. I had no idea they did a marathon until this year, and I grew up in Idaho! Super excited for you, I hope you make it into boston. *fingers crossed*

Her Name Is Rio said...

Another marathon, already?! So glad you're exploding with excitement...good luck and have fun out there!

Jessica (Pace of Me) said...

oh my gosh i am exploding with excitement for you just reading this!!! seriously, so much awesome stuff going on for you with running and life right now! YAY!!!
i cannot wait to hear all about TOU and the experience you have there. it sounds like it will be truly beautiful in so many ways.

Jen @ Run for Anna said...

Your excitement is contagious! Have a wonderful time with these races!! :)
Hope Josh feels better quickly.

misszippy said...

You so have a sub-3:30 in you--much better than, I am sure! It was nice sharing a PR with you for a couple of weeks! ; )

Finally donated--took me long enough to go get the credit card and bring it to the computer, huh?

Laura said...

Have a fab time and race hard as usual!

Molly said...

I'm starting at 10:40, with the slow kids : )

Good luck this weekend superstar!