Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Winner #5!!!

Thank you to everyone who has donated to my Team MEB fundraising efforts. It was a bummer to have to put the fundraising on hold for a few weeks while they secured their own 501c3 status, but I am excited that things are moving again and ready to raise the last $1300! Please help spread the word about the giveaway/fundraising. Thanks so much!

This morning chose #12, and that lucky winner is

Jill at Jill Will Run!

Congrats Jill!! Check out this post to see what prizes are available, and then send me an email at fullhousemom @ g mail . com and let me know which TWO prizes you want. Congrats!!

Running is good. Yesterday I did an eight mile run with six miles at marathon pace (7:50) and then today I did  my strength training and six easy miles. My achilles feels almost all better and the PT came yesterday and thinks it looks really good. He agreed it is great that it continues to improve even now that I am running hard on it again. I am going to try a track workout in the morning although I am still being really careful about it and icing it lots, etc.

I will be answering some more of your questions in a post later today or tomorrow. I am literally drowning in back to school paperwork, therapists for Noah, doctor appointments, dentist appointments, ortho appointments, eye doctor appointments, back to school shopping, and running kids back and forth to soccer practices, soccer games, volleyball practices and football practices. Whew. We might as well be back in school being this busy!!

Happy Wednesday!