Sunday, August 21, 2011


Ok, so this is pretty cool
Photos by Chris Hunter/
Courtesy GORE-TEX TransRockies Run

Josh said the whole thing was awesome. The run was great (despite some cramps) and they finished the 20.9 trail run (with 2500ft in elevation gain) in 4:26. He said that Dean was just like he seems in his books (lots of fun, super nice), and that everyone involved with Goretex, Outside PR, and the Transrockies Run were just over the top amazing. Oh, and the scenery was beyond beautiful and all of the other runners were just tons of fun to hang out with. I will try to get him to write up something in his own words with more details (and more pictures). He is on the plane now from Denver to Salt Lake and then has a three-hour drive home.

I am in the middle of a completely different kind of endurance event. I had a great 16 mile run this morning (even though I had to start an hour later than I wanted to because of thunder and lightning), and then after an ice bath, hot shower and breakfast, I tackled the dreaded job of going through ALL of the kids closets and dressers. I started with the youngest and pulled out everything that was too small and bagged it up to donate. Then it was on to the next kid, but instead of donating the too-small stuff, I moved it down to the younger sibling. And so on and so on and so on, etc. We got rid of A LOT, moved around a lot, and bagged up quite a bit for one kid or another to grow into at some point. We sorted through all of the clothes in all of the bedrooms and the laundry room and then I gave them some new school clothes to add. We still need a few things but everyone is in pretty dang good shape now (and it only took 7-8 hours).

And tomorrow is (insert ominous music here)... dentist day. Yes, the dentist office is literally open only to Henderson children tomorrow, and we are booked from 8am to 4pm. 12 kids. That's a lot of teeth. I often (sort of) joke that the only time I feel like we have too many kids is on dentist day, when the stomach flu goes around,  and when we have to buy them all new shoes (and shoe shopping is Friday so this is quite the week). Every year the kids do a "boys vs. girls" to see who can have the least # of cavities... I think my money is on the boys this year.

Ok, off to bed to get in an early run (8 miles) before the dentist appointments start. More soon!

I got a FUN package in the mail on Saturday with two awesome products from YMX by Yellowman AND I get to give away a SWEET shirt, so stay tuned.


fancy nancy said...

VERY cool pic!!!

I can only imagine how much work it is to keep up with 12 sets of clothes! I have a hard enough time with 1!! Good luck with the dentist!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Going thru clothes for two kids is alot of work but not compared to 12! Love the picture!

Marisa @ The Pace of my Life said...

yes! very cool!!! love the pic!

Rene' said...

I just started that process with my 4 kids, and can't imagine doing it for 12:)
Your husband's pic is awesome....that is just to cool for words!!

Molly said...

love the photo! Good luck at the dentist, I was telling my Marathon runner/triathlete Dad your whole story this weekend : )

Teamarcia said...

Yay for Josh! What an adventure.
Good luck with the dentist--always a great day to have behind us!
It's back to school week here...noooo!

Julie said...

I promise to never complain about taking care of my TWO kids ever again :-)
You are AMAZING! You probably get tired of hearing that, but don't.

Penny said...

Good luck at the dentist.

That is a lot of dresser and closest to clean out girl. Way to go on just getting it done.

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

how awesome!!!! I met Dean last year at the expo and he's so cool!

Terzah said...

Did you guys survive the dentist? What was the cavity count? So far no cavities for my kids...fingers crossed...we go back on October....

I LOVE that picture. It's like Josh is the star and Dean is the supporting actor. :^)

H Love said...

I am in awe of your dentist day! I always feel so much pressure when I go to the dentist with my kids. You amaze me!

SWMom said... I was just catching up on Runners World online and found this for you! Congrats!

Caroline said...

I love love the picture!!!
must go in a frame somewhere in your house!!!!

and you are my hero.
you and my grand mother (mother of 16 and grand mother of 66, I am number 51)