Thursday, August 11, 2011

Big Apple Dreaming!

If you are here because of the New York Road Runners Newsletter's profile on me, welcome and thanks for stopping by!!! Running the ING NYC Marathon is going to be a dream come true and I cannot wait.

I am super happy to announce that Team MEB (who I am running the NYC marathon with) got their own 501c3 status and fundraising is back up and running. Below I am reposting all of the great prizes that are still available in my giveaway and all of the details. Everyone that previously donated/entered will remain in the drawing each week (unless you win!) and I will draw a new winner each Wednesday and remember, each winner gets their choice of any two available prizes. PLEASE help me reach my goal and raise money for a wonderful cause.

All you need to do to enter is to make a donation here of at least $10 (and there are lots of ways to earn bonus entries below if you are interested).

I am so, so, humbled and grateful for the amazing companies and people in the running community and the insane mount of support, encouragement and generosity I have been shown in putting this together. I am overwhelmed and EXCITED with all that I have to give away and am hoping and praying that the kindness I have been shown leads to raising some big money for a great cause.

The prizes are worth over $650 total and there is so much good stuff!! A lot of it is for runners, cyclists or triathletes, but there are prizes that just about anyone would be happy to have.

The cause - I am running the NYC Marathon as part of TEAM Meb. Meb Keflezighi is a U.S. Olympic Silver Medalist in the marathon and won the NYC Marathon in 2009. He has many other impressive achievements in running and in life. His story is truly one of "the American Dream", and I love how Meb stands for family, being your best, faith, balance, friends, dedication, hard work, education and other values and morals I believe in.

The MEB Foundation stands for Health, Education, Fitness and Balance and helps youth have the opportunities they need to succeed in life by providing access to health, education and fitness to children in the U.S. and in Eastern Africa. As a mom of 12 and as one who works with kids in need, this is a cause near and dear to my heart.

The goal - to raise at least $3,000 for the MEB Foundation before the NYC Marathon in November.

The details - I want to keep this as simple as possible. There are tons of awesome prizes. They are all listed below, and reviews of many of them will be coming in the next couple of weeks.

To enter - You must make at least a $10 donation to my MEB Foundation fundraiser here. You will earn one entry for every $10 donated.

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY DONATED prior to today you can leave a comment telling me so, and that will be good for one entry (per prior donation) into this giveaway.

If you have already donated prior to today and you donate again (at least $10), I will double your total entries. If you have already donated twice prior to today and you donate again (at least $10) I will triple your total entries.

You can earn extra entries by -
- posting about this giveaway on your blog and/or on Facebook (leave a comment for each additional entry you earn this way).

- visiting any of the Facebook pages of the companies that have donated items and leaving a comment on their wall that "Erin from See Mom Run Far" sent you. Facebook pages are linked below. (Leave a comment for each additional entry you earn this way).

- visit any of the websites for the awesome companies that have donated items and look around. Websites are linked below. (Leave a comment for each additional entry you earn this way.)

And remember - I will DOUBLE your total entries (including the bonus entries) if you have already donated and make a second donation and I will TRIPLE your total entries if you have already donated twice and make a third donation.

I will draw a winner every Wednesday using, and the winner will get THEIR CHOICE of any TWO prizes/prize packs and we will just keep going until everything is given away. As of right now there are 18 amazing prizes to choose from and there may be some more prizes added as we go too. :)

Now for the fun stuff!! As of now, the available prize list is - (drum roll please)

- BOTH OF THESE HAVE BEEN GIVEN AWAY!!! I have TWO pairs of Ironman Performance Raising Earphones (these sell for $50 each!) AND two Ironman Series Armbands from Yurbuds! These will be given away as two prize packs, each with one set of Yurbuds and one armband. These are MY earbuds and are the only ones I have found that stay in my ears and don't bug me when I run. They are the only ones I use.  I LOVE these earphones.

You can find the Yurbuds facebook page here.

- A combo back of two great books! A copy of Family Feasts for $75 a Week and a copy of Sane Woman's Guide to Raising a Large Family by Mary Ostyn. This prize pack is worth over $20 (and much more if you consider the money saving and sanity saving tips you will get!) :)

Mary is a fellow adoptive mom and runner (just did her first 5K ever and rocked it!!!) and she is also a very talented writer and all around wonderful person. For a bonus entry, visit Mary's incredible blog at Owlhaven and leave a comment that I sent you.

- THIS PRIZE HAS BEEN WON and is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. An autographed copy of Meb Keflezighi's book "Run To Overcome".  This book is a really great read and a very motivational story for runners and non-runners alike. I enjoyed it so much I read it twice. :) If you are looking for inspiration, search no further!
 You can find Meb's facebook page here.

- ONE OF THESE HAS BEEN GIVEN AWAY and one is still AVAILABLE TO WIN! Gotein! I have TWO prize packs from Gotein.  Gotein is a protein supplement that you add to your water that helps refuel  and improve lean muscle mass. It is easy to mix (just shake), low in calories and fat, and high in protein, vitamins and minerals.  I have a full review coming, but I tried out Gotein during my Ragnar Relay and I loved the flavors and found it a great, easy and tasty way to get extra protein in after a hard run. Love it!

The first prize pack is of two boxes of Gotein, 12 packets each box,  (your choice of chocolate, vanilla or strawberry) and a Gotein t-shirt.
The second prize pack is of one box of Gotein (12 packets) and a Gotein t-shirt.
You can find the Gotein facebook page here.

- - THIS PRIZE HAS BEEN CLAIMED!A totally awesome skirt from Running Skirts! The skirt donated fits women who wear a size 8 in women's pants, and they said that is their number one best selling size. The skirt I have looks like the one below but is a sky blue color with yellow sides. SO CUTE!

You can find the Running Skirts facebook page here.

- (ONE OF THESE SHIRTS HAS BEEN ONE ALREADY- THREE ARE LEFT)  I have FOUR awesome shirts to give away from Tri It Wear!!! (Each one is a separate prize). Winners who get a Tri It Wear shirt get their choice of shirt style and size.
They have men's and women's tops and all are very cool! Here is just one example of the many cute women's tops they have. (I love the 26.2 style!)
and one of their cool men's tops

You can find the Tri It Wear facebook page here.

- BOTH of these have been won!!! Winner's choice of any of the super cool Allied Medal Displays!! These medal displays are so great. I have the one shown below and I love it! It is super well made and my medals look awesome on them.

You can find the Allied Medal Display facebook page here.

- A beautiful black and pink flowered headband from Active Bands! I have tried lots (and lots) of headbands and I am really impressed with how well the Active Bands are made, how well they work, and how pretty they are! My best friend Jenny tried one out during Ragnar, and really really liked it (review coming soon).

You can find the Active Bands facebook page here.

- THREE pairs of Flex Sport Buds (pink, green and blue!) from h2o Audio! (Three separate prizes). THE GREEN and PINK ONES HAVE BEEN WON, BLUE ARE STILL AVAILABLE! These sport buds are sweatproof and waterproof and they STAY IN your ears. They come with three sizes of silicone ear plugs so you can find your perfect fit and they are perfect for running, swimming, just hanging out or whatever activity you enjoy.  Josh used a pair of these for his marathon a couple of weeks ago and he thinks they are great. These are his favorite and go-to earbuds for everything. He loves that he can just rinse them off when he is done sweating. :)

You can find the h20 Audio webpage here.

- (THIS PRIZE HAS BEEN WON)  A medium knee sleeve from 110% Play Harder. Have you checked out their products? They have some great stuff!!! This knee sleeve offers compression and cold therapy for the entire knee and surrounding area and is great for any type of athlete.
 You can find the 110% Play Harder Facebook page here.

- A gift pack of products from 2Toms! I have a pack of Butt Shield, Blister Shield and Sports Shield. If you haven't tried 2Toms products yet, these are superior products for athletes and active people that prevent blisters, friction burns, saddle sores and all sorts of other uncomforts that can plague us! These are great for runners, cyclists, hikers, triathletes, etc. I have a full review of these products coming up soon. These products last all day, are non-staining, non-toxic, non-greasy, unscented, waterproof and go on easily.

You can find the 2Toms Facebook page here and make sure you check out their 2nd annual Worst Blister Contest for a chance to win more great 2Toms products.

- THIS BEAUTIFUL PRIZE HAS BEEN WON!  a $40 gift certificate to SILVER MAPLE!!! Your biggest problem if you win this is going to be deciding what to use your gift certificate for! There are so many beautiful things.  Here is one of my favorites.

Here is what Jacquelyn from Silver Maple says about her jewelry, "At The Silver Maple, we work hard to create uniquely special, hand-stamped, vintage-inspired, pieces that channel happy thoughts. Whether it’s your child’s name, a memorable date, a special place, or an inspiring phrase, the idea is to smile and reflect each and every time you look at your piece."
You can find the Silver Maple on Facebook here.

- A friend who is an ambassador for Snickers Marathon Bars has donated TWO boxes (one box of Snickers Marathon energy bars, one box of  Snickers Marathon Protein Bars). Can you say yum??? Check them out here!!!

Please, please help spread the word about this fundraising giveaway. THANK YOU again to all of the amazing companies who have showed such generosity and support by donating their great products and thanks to all of YOU for helping me raise money for such a great cause. Good luck to everybody!!


***FTC requires that I tell you that these products were given to me free of charge for the purpose of review/giving away/fundraising by the awesome companies mentioned above. That said, opinions shared on the products are mine and mine alone.***


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You have an amazing amount of fantastic prizes!! Well done!

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I donated today $10. I think I donated before, but I can't remember for sure....

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Your raffle is posted on my blog sidebar.