Friday, July 29, 2011

Five for Friday

It's Friday! Here are five random things going on right now.

- Josh has his first tri tomorrow!! He is doing the Spudman Triathlon (olympic distance). The swim is actually in a river so you have current helping you along. He is going to rock it!! My Ragnar teammate and good friend Alana is also doing Spudman and I am super excited for her too. She has done a few tri's at the sprint distance before and has been training a TON. She is going to do awesome tomorrow.

- I got my hair cut yesterday. Pretty dang short. I really, really like it. It is not as short as I wanted it, but the girl said she thought this style would work better with my hair so I took her advice.  I haven't had short hair in over 15 years, and I had always said I didn't look good with short hair because I had a fat face. I decided it was time to try something new! I have to put new batteries in my camera but I will get a picture up soon.

- My little brother is here from New York! He got here late last night/early this morning and brought home my two girls that I had brought to NY last week. The girls had a total blast and were thoroughly spoiled in a very good way. :) When my brother leaves next week he will be taking my oldest son, Nate,  and his best friend back with him. Our county fair starts this week (kicks off with the Demolition Derby tomorrow night. Yay for some redneck fun!) so we will have lots of fun stuff going on.

- Speaking of Nate, he is 15 today. FIFTEEN. Crazy! Everyone tells you when you have a baby that the time is going to fly by, and when you are knee-deep in diapers, bottles, sleepness nights, etc. it is hard to believe. But it is very true. Nate is the one who made me a mom. I was 18 when I got pregnant with him and 19 when he was born. I wouldn't change a thing. He is an AMAZING kid and I am so grateful to be his mom. He is gone at Scout Camp this week but gets home tomorrow and I can't wait.

- We got a minivan! I know, not very exciting to most people, BUT, this is the first time in over 15 years of marriage and 12 kids that we have had TWO VEHICLES. And, to someone who is used to driving this all the time (my Chevy 15 passenger van)

 is actually quite small and sporty. It is used, but is new to us and having two vehicles is going to make life SO much easier. Noah's wheelchair fits in the back which is really really nice.

Today is a running rest day and I am taking it. I am trying to feel hopeful and not frustrated about my Achilles. I just want the dang thing to be 100% so I can get back to speedwork and serious training.

More soon!  Happy Friday!


Run with Jess said...

O' I can't wait to see your new hair style!! Good Luck to Josh... and I couldn't agree more on the years ticking away like minutes with kiddos!

giraffy said...

I've always been afraid of short hair, can't wait to see it!

And, confession, I love my mini van. I'm a weirdo, though.

Happy birthday to Nate!

Becky said...

I can't wait to see your cute hair cut! You'll have to post those soon!

And you know you have a good pack of kids when a mini-van is small and sporty. I love it! You are such an amazing person.

Marisa @ The Pace of my Life said...

enjoy your rest day!

Keri @ Blue-Eyed Runner said...

Good luck to josh with the tri and congrats on the new car! Enjoy your weekend with your brother!!!!!

Ash said...

looking forward to seeing your haircut. good luck to josh. and yay for a second vehicle!!

Adam said...

Whoa, I'm not sure how you did it with just one car. You won't know what to do with your newfound freedom!

Julie said...

Nate is SO handsome!!

I can't wait to see your new do! I went really short a few years ago but I'm back to long now. I liked it short, but no one else did :-(

Yay for the new "sexy" minivan!!

Terzah said...

I can totally see the resemblance between you and Nate! Hope all went well for Josh.