Sunday, July 17, 2011

20 miles and race pics

Since I decided to run the Pocatello Marathon on September 3 in hopes of qualifying for Boston (and in reality, I want to more than qualify.... I want to be at or under 3:30) along with the Top of Utah marathon on Sept. 17, I had to bump up my marathon training plan by a few weeks. I still wanted to get in thee 20-mile long runs, so my options were to jump up to a 20 miler this week, cut out a week of taper and do a 20 two weeks before Pocatello, or double up somewhere in the training and have two weeks back to back with 20 mile runs in them. I knew after all my Ragnar training that I could do a 20 miler now (and it seemed the smartest plan) so that is what I decided to do. I pretty much just shifted up my training plan by 2 weeks, which put my first 20 miler today.
It was a totally awesome run! Jenny and I started together at about 5:45 am and she ran 13 miles with me. Then I went on and did the last seven on my own. It was long, and the sun was strong, but I felt seriously awesome the whole way. It was my best 20 mile training run ever. :)

And, it put me at 64 miles run this week, which is my highest weekly mileage ever. I have never felt better.

I averaged a 9:02 pace on my 20 miler this morning. My goal long run pace is 8:19-9:19 so that was just right. Woo hoo! Into the ice bath I go.

And yay! Here are pictures from the half marathon last weekend. Seriously, this is the most beautiful course and was just an awesome race. (And did I mention I finished in 1:38:18 and won my age group? I am still pretty excited about that). Here is their race website and if you missed it, here is my race recap.

You can click on any of these pics to see them bigger.(And the cute guy in the yellow shirt is my hubby Josh). :)

These first three pics are all from the first mile. How beautiful is the national forest?? Josh is fun. :)

 This is me coming into the final stretch. I love this pic!
 The guy in the green, the guy in the blue and the girl in the white were way ahead of me the whole race and it was exciting to catch them (because I didn't think I would get close). I passed the two guys in the final stretch and the girl beat me by two seconds.

Fun! These are some of my favorite race pics ever.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. Happy running. :) More soon!


Mallory said...

Way to go on the 20 miler!!! It's so awesome when a long run just feels so good! Rock on! I love the two feet off the ground pic! I have yet to get one of those from a race!!

Margs @ Faster Bunny said...

congrats on the billion miles! gorgeous looking run.

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

Good job on the 20 mile run! I know you are going to achieve your goals!

Marisa @ The Pace of my Life said...

20! Nice job!
Love the rocked that HM!!

Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal said...

So happy you are taking it slow on your long runs :) Congrats on your new weekly PR - we are twins! I set one this week too - hehe.

Great pictures!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

FABULOUS race pictures. I feel like you have improved every week! Your training run sounds like it was legit as well and I am fully confident that your mary goal will be obtained!!!

Molly said...

Great photos, especially the one where you're in the air!

Penny said...

Erin, I love how in those pic's you are still smiling even at the finish line. I wish I looked that good at the finish lines. Could you chanel some of you drive for running to me. Everytime I read your post I'm inspired to do better. Great 20 miler girl. Awesome pace.

Lesley @ said...

That's it. I'm moving. It is so beautiful! Way to pump it out at the end there. Love the pics. (And so sorry I'm so behind on commenting.)