Thursday, June 2, 2011


 Yesterday I did my first "two-fer" run day. Since during a Ragnar relay you run three times in 24 hours, their training recommends you practice running more than once a day. (Only just over two weeks now until Ragnar Wasatch Back! Woo hoo!)

So yesterday morning I got up and ran five miles at my usual time. Later on it was a BEAUTIFUL sunny afternoon, so Josh, Shane and I decided to go for a short run together up the canyon. We live at the mouth of a beautiful mountain canyon. It is KILLER running up the canyon... big hill after bigger hill with all gradual uphill in between the big hills. Talk about your hill training! When the canyon isn't snowed in, we run up there once or twice a week. Yesterday we ran up about two miles, and then turned around and ran out.

As tough as it is to run UP the canyon, it is so much dang FUN to run out of the canyon. Yesterday, Shane and I were just flying! (Josh's knee doesn't love downhills yet so he was being cautious). I kept looking down at my Garmin and seeing times in the 6-7 minute range and I didn't even feel like I was working super hard. It was a TOTAL BLAST.

We got home and Josh snapped a couple of pics of me celebrating running in the SUN. :)

Yeah....if I didn't have a life... 12 kids, a husband, a house to take care of, a job, etc. I could DEFINITELY run twice a day. Love it.

If you check out my feet, you may notice that I am sporting a pair of these bad boys...
 These are the Brooks Green Silence.
I found a killer deal on Runningwarehouse and was able to get a pair for just $65 (normally $100) and I decided to give them a go. These are not "barefoot" or super minimal shoes, but they are a lot more minimal than most. They are super light (under 7 ounces) and flexible but still have a little bit of cushioning. Brooks lists them as a competition/neutral shoe, although Runningwarehouse says they still offer a little bit of support.

I have only done two runs in these (one of four miles, one of six miles) but boy do I love how they feel! They fit me perfectly and just feel FAST. For now I am going to use them for speedwork and shorter runs and stick with my Ravenna's for my longer runs and see how things go. I definitely want to be careful and not injure myself, but I really, really enjoy running in these shoes. Brooks shoes rock!

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Heather Elliott @ the desire to run said...

Two a days are awesome. Although I have never run twice, my two a days are usually spin and run. Yay for running in the sunshine! It makes a run so much better.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Oh I want those shoes! What a killer deal you got on them. I am going to see if they are still having it! Great job running twice in one day.

Kittee said...

Yea for getting to run in the sunshine.. I have never ran twice in one day. But I would love to.

The Green Girl said...

Congratulations on your two-fer!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Great pictures Erin! You look like you are coming off your runner's high! The weather looks so nice. It's 42, windy and rainy here...still. :P

Penny said...

I love the look of those shoes. Congrats on getting two-fers.

Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal said...

I agree - if I didn't have three kids or if I had a nanny or something I would totally have two a days on my schedule :)

Did I tell you I've done Ragnar before? My unsolicited advice is to make sure you hydrate really well in between each leg and don't run your hardest on your first race or you will feel like you have dead legs for the second too. It feels great to feel great at the end of leg 3 so save something for the 2nd two races :)

I'll email you soon about my shoes! Hugs