Monday, June 27, 2011

Holding up the jumper cables

My Dad is an awesome guy. He is loving, generous, forgiving, patient, funny, witty, loyal, and really smart. He does a lot of fundraising for a lot of great causes, and he often uses the analogy of "holding up the jumper cables".

He says that when it comes to doing good and helping out with a cause, most people care, but don't really see how they can make a difference or how they can help, and says it is a lot like when a car is broken down on the side of the road. People feel badly that the car is broken down and the person is stuck, but they don't usually stop because they don't know what to do or how they can help.

If you imagine coming out to a parking lot and finding that your car has died, or being stuck on the side of the road, and you just sat there and waited for help, you probably would sit there quite a while without many people (or any people) stopping to offer help.

But, if you pulled out your jumper cables and held them up, it is highly likely that in a short period of time, someone would pull over and offer to jump your car. Someone would see that you needed help, see the jumper cables and realize that there was something they could do to help you out.

So whenever my Dad talks about fundraising, he talks about holding up the jumper cables. He believes that if you let people know you need help and give them a specific way to help you out, they will respond.

And that is what I am doing today. I am standing out here in the parking lot by my dead car, holding up the jumper cables.

Except instead of a jump, I am asking for a donation, and asking for your help to get me to my $3000 fundraising goal for Team MEB and the NYC Marathon. Getting to run the NYC Marathon is a dream come true, but getting to do so while raising money for a charity I believe in is an honor.

I have seen first hand both in the U.S. and in Eastern Africa how desperately so many kids go without the opportunities and resources that so many of us take for granted.

I have been in Ethiopia and seen the total joy that comes across the faces of children who are handed their first REAL soccer ball, and the pride on the faces of kids as they put on their first team jersey. I will never forget it.  And there is no arguing that obesity is a real problem in our country and that there is a huge need to have our children's generation get active, healthy and fit.

We can't end poverty today. We can't change the fact today that millions of kids in the world have little or no access to opportunities to live a healthy lifestyle. But by supporting Team MEB, we can help provide kids in the U.S. and in Eastern Africa with access to resources for health, education and fitness.

 Participating in sports and organized physical activity can give kids in need self esteem, confidence, hope, joy, satisfaction, life lessons, pride, and opportunities that they otherwise may never have.

This blog has well over 300 hits a day. If everyone that stops by donated just $10, I would more than meet my fundraising goal in just one day. I know money is tight for most of us (I really, really know) but how often do we spend $10 on unimportant things without even thinking twice about it?

And, I put together a really super awesome giveaway! If you missed it, there are over $650 worth of great prizes, and with 18 prizes/prize packages, your chances of winning are pretty dang good even with a small donation. There are just TWO DAYS LEFT until I draw the first winner, who will get their choice of any two prizes/prize packages.

So, I am holding up my jumper cables, waiting for help. What can you do?
- Make a donation to Team MEB
- Help spread the word about my huge Fundraising Giveaway

Thank you!!!!


bobbi said...

I will try to donate when I can, but for now, I posted about it. Good luck!!

Molly said...

I'm so glad you're on twitter now! I'll tweet the giveaway right now : ) said...

I learned about you & your fundraising from Bobbi - it sounds so great! Will at least spread the word and see how else I can help!

Mallory said...

Donated to you lady. You got this. :)

lindsay said...

NYC is an awesome marathon. I have been meaning to donate but just remember I have an ER bill to pay off lol, but I donated a little!!