Thursday, June 30, 2011

3 things for Thursday

1. My feet are so stinking happy in THESE
They are the same super awesome Brooks Ravenna 2's I have been running in for quite a while now, but they now come in this crazy cool color combo. SILVER AND LIME!!!! (Josh says lime is a flavor, not a color. Whatever. I think it rocks!) It is a lot more green in person than it looks in this picture and has just a teeny tiny bit of purple. It is like Brooks said, "Dear Erin, we are making your favorite shoe in your favorite color, just for you. Love, Brooks". THANKS BROOKS!

I put these on for my 10 miler this morning and of course they felt awesome, and I am pretty sure the neon green made me even a little faster than usual. ;)

2. This morning's run was a 10-miler with four miles at tempo pace (7:36-7:56 goal). I ran five miles at an easy-ish pace, then did the four temp miles at 7:41, 7:42, 7:33, 7:24, and then one mile cool down. I felt super good!

I used Accelerade (drink) in the Lemonade flavor and Accel gels (vanilla flavor) for the first time today and I think I really like them. I am definitely a fan of the flavor of the lemonade drink, and I like that the Accel gels are thinner than most gels (they go down really easily). The Accelerade has protein in it, and I have used Hammer Perpetuem until now which also has protein in it and I have really liked that for my long runs/races. I need to use the Accelerade and Accel gels a few more times to decide for sure if I will stick with them, but today my stomach was better than usual, my energy was great and I liked the taste/flavor of the drink a lot and the texture of the gel a lot.

Anyone out there use (or try) Accelerade or Accel gels? What do you think???

3. I AM GOING TO NY!!! Yes, I am going to NY in November to run the ING NYC Marathon (dream come true!) BUT, I am also going to NY in July! My amazing parents bring out several kids for a week each summer for ultimate spoiling. (We're talking Broadway shows, donuts for breakfast, amusement parks, eating out, swimming in the pool every day, shopping, doting attention from relatives, etc. etc. etc.) It is SUCH a treat for the kids and they each look so forward to their turn to go to NY.  We usually coordinate my brother's annual trip out to visit us in WY so that he can escort a child or two one way, and then Josh has escorted kids in recent years.

At first the plan for this year was to have one of my parents fly out, visit for a few days and then bring a couple of kids back, but their work schedules were crazy and they wanted to save their days off for when the kids are in NY. So they asked if I would want to bring some kids out to NY. Ummmm... YES! I haven't been back to NY in over two years, and even if it is just for a couple of days, I am super excited! I will fly out with Des and Belane (who are 13 and 7), I will stay for a couple of days, and then they will get a few days without me and my brother will bring them back. Then my brother will stay for a week and then he will take two kids back with him (older kids). The big kids will just fly back by themselves since they are expert travelers.

I will be on Long Island from July 21-24. My parents live in Bay Port. If any of you NY'ers want to come say hi or meet me for a run, I would love it! (I am excited to run at sea level... not excited for the heat and humidity!)

That's all for the moment. Hope everyone is having a great Thursday. :)


Chris K said...

I love the lime shoes. Mine are WAY limier, but it's not a contest or anything :-) But, I win.

Awesome run today. Those are some great tempo run times. You got this BQ in the bag.

Jessica (The Pace of Me) said...

I recently tried the Accel gels and I agree with you - they are MUCH lighter and easier to get down than any other gel I have tried. Your shoes are super cute and I totally agree than when you feel good in your apparel/gear it does make a difference in your run. Oh and so awesome about NY - that sounds so exciting!

Terzah said...

You had me at "my stomach was much better than usual." I'll have to try those gels! :^)

JC said...

Woo hoo! You'll be in NY for my birthday :) too bad I'm not on long island! feel free to give a shout toward Albany on the 23rd. haha I kid, I kid. Have a great trip!!

wendy said...

Hahaha! Laughing over Chris K's comment.

I also use Accel gels and really like them. I have tried vanilla and lime and liked them both. Actually, I think I tried orange once and liked it too.

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

Love the shoes! I am a new fan of Brooks! Instant love....

Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal said...

Perfect tempo!! Good job :)

Julie said...

I totally want to be one of your kids and get spoiled by your parents - that sounds like A LOT of fun!!

Happy Friday!