Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Running with my love

After running in blizzard like conditions AGAIN yesterday (two days in a row!) I had BLUE skies this morning. Ok, so the temps were still in the low 30's, but we are supposed to get almost to 60 today so I am excited. Josh and I ran together this morning (eight miles) and it was really nice. I usually run earlier than him, but we planned to go together today and it was great. He used to be way faster than me so we couldn't run together, and now the tables have turned which is kind of fun. :)

I haven't written about it on here yet, but Josh has his first marathon in just over a week! He is running the Teton Dam marathon (and can't wait to be able to say that he has finished "the Dam Marathon"). Ha! Josh was supposed to run the Rock n Roll Las Vegas marathon with me in December (my first) but he had kidney stones in the early fall that messed up his training, and he ended up doing the half marathon instead. His training was going really well this time around, and then he tripped at a track meet and hurt his knee. He has been really frustrated that he hurt himself (not even running!) but a PT looked at it and said that it was just bruised and running wouldn't make it any worse, so after two weeks off he is running again. His goal is just to finish his first marathon. I really want him to enjoy the experience and for him not to be miserable.  He also has his first tri coming up this summer and a 50K trail run!! Yup, he is awesome.

It is going to be super fun to get to be at the marathon and cheer him on. I have never been a spectator at a race before and I am looking forward to it. (My friend says I am a liar and that is is going to kill me to not be running... which may be true... but I AM going to enjoy it and the day is about Josh, not about me). That said, if this marathon wasn't just six days before my Ragnar relay race, I probably would run it with Josh. We are going away overnight without any kids so it is a great opportunity... SO TEMPTING...but as tempted as I am, I want to focus on Josh and on not doing anything stupid (because I want to kick some butt and thoroughly enjoy Ragnar this year!)

Do you run with your spouse? Josh and I don't get to run together too often, but when we do, I really love it. Now that the big kids are home for the summer we should have some more opportunities. :) He isn't much of a talker when he runs, but just being close to him and being out there with him is great. Josh has lost a good 60lbs and looks amazing, and he is a natural athlete. I love that  having an active lifestyle, eating healthy, racing, etc. are passions we can share and support each other in.
Here are two pics of Josh and I from Rock N Roll Vegas in December. 

And, I am super proud of my boys, Ryan and Shane. (They are the two that ran the 5K with me a couple of weeks ago). Ryan, at the ripe old age of 13, is also on a Ragnar team this year (not my team, but it is awesome he will be out there too!). He also ran on his cross country and spring track teams this year at his junior high. Both boys have been running every day, somewhere in the 3-6 mile range. (Nathan, almost 15, and Ben, almost 11, run with them sometimes too). Shane really, really wants to do the local half marathon that is coming up in July. (Shane is the one that won our local 5K at age 11). I have mixed feelings about letting him do it since he is so young, but he really wants to (without any pressure from us), it is a small local race where we will know tons of people and he'd have lots of support, and it is such a good thing for him to want to do with his time and energy compared to what most kids his age are doing... He is right on target to train for a half, so I guess we'll see how the next few weeks go and see how he does with some longer runs and then decide.

With 12 kids, and all of their different personalities, talents, likes, dislikes, etc. we have no pressure on any of our kids to pursue any hobbies, sports, careers, etc. It is really awesome just to watch them all discover who they are, what they enjoy and what they are good at. We have kids who are super athletic and love sports. We have kids who are gifted musically. We have kids who are natural artists. We have kids who read books like they are going out of style. If any of our kids end up to be runners that would be awesome, but what I want most for all of them (beyond being healthy and happy )is for them to find something (their "thing") that they are truly passionate about and truly enjoy, and then go for it.

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misszippy said...

Awesome that you got to run together. My husband and I used to, but now with kids it doesn't happen too often. But in a year or two, we will have one old enough to watch the other, so that might change!

Oh, please make it warmer in August!!

Teamarcia said...

So cool you ran together! The Caveman pretty much retired from running just as I was getting started. We did a half together a few years ago and he stayed with me for maybe 8 miles then blasted ahead.

Emz said...

everything about this post SCREAMS.....AWESOME!!!
Love that you ran together. LOVE LOVE LOVE that!

Jennifer Cotter said...

Good luck to Josh in his first marathon! I'm going to be a spectator at the San Diego Marathon on Sunday, and I'm looking forward to it, too. I'm thinking it will just be super motivating and fun! I love how you talk about your kids and husband...so heartwarming.

The Green Girl said...

Those pictures are precious! Good luck to Josh!

Kittee said...

So jealous you get to run with your Love... Mine hates to run..

How awesome your kids run.. And like it.

Great pictures!

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

LOve it! Hey you won something from my contest!

Janice {Run Far} said...

I love running with my hubby. One year ago he couldn't even run a mile... now he has finished 3 half marathons. I love it. We are going to run a full marathon (his first, my 18th) for our 14th anniversary this Oct. Wahoo.... I keep telling him, that I would love to just be a spectator and cheer him on... but I am certain it will kill me not running next to him. That "Dam" marathon sounds gorgeous. I love it out West.

Terzah said...

I love to run w/ Dan--when he's healthy, of course, I run *behind* him. But he's been injured a lot in recent years (due to his insistence on playing ultimate frisbee). Now we have a deal that if I go see a doc about a non-running issue I'm having, he will go see my sports med guy about his Achilles...so I can run w/ him again. I hope our kids end up loving running, too, but as you said it can't (and shouldn't) be forced! We'll see who those little people become on their own.

Alicia said...

I'm running Utah Valley Marathon just 6 days before Ragnar and I'm thinking it may not be the best idea I've ever had. Good thing my team is not too worried about being competitive. I may be struggling. :)

I love to run with my hubby and we actually did run our first marathon together. All those long training runs were so great for some one on one time. Enjoyed your post.

C. Crosby said...

Ahhh the Dam Marathon! All the time I spent in Rexburg Idaho and I never helped or watched. Now that I am into running, I wish I was up there. It is for sure a Marathon I will do someday.

I love running with Jenn and I cannot wait till I am as fast as her. She blows me out of the water.

Amanda@runninghood said...

So wonderful that you guys run together! My husband and I do when we can. We just ran a half marathon a couple months ago and it was great. Love him! Love racing and running with him. Thanks for your great comment about fueling in a marathon!