Saturday, May 21, 2011

One more day (and a question)

I am a track widow for ONE MORE DAY and then I get my husband back. Woo hoo! After back to back to back seasons of Josh coaching high school football, indoor track and then spring track, I am super ready for the summer.  The track season is long and they are gone on lots of overnight trips and I am so excited to just have him home more. He will have a good three more free hours to each day, and he will be home on the weekends. Woo hoo!

The kids have a short week of school this week and then they are done after a half day of school on Thursday. I sure wish it FELT like summer outside, but we are excited none the less.

I have an 18 mile run planned for tomorrow morning. I really, really enjoy these long runs. Jenny and I have been following the Ragnar training plan and this is the longest run of the training. After Ragnar (June 17-18) I will jump right into my marathon training for Top of Utah. I have a really awesome training plan put together with a little help from a new coach/adviser and I am excited to share it with you soon. It will mix things up for me a little bit and challenge me for sure....and hopefully get me to my new goal of sub 3:45.

Ok, here is a question for all of you Boston experts. I know that my chances now of ever actually getting to RUN Boston are slim with the new registration process, however I am feeling confident about my ability to qualify for Boston, and I like the sound of that. :)

So here is my question... I am 34 years old now, but will be 35 years old for Boston 2012. If I am reading things right, I think that means that I just need to beat 3:45 to qualify, not 3:40, since it says to use the age you will be at the Boston marathon you will be running (or qualifying for). Anyone know for sure?? I am actually hoping to RUN a 3:39, but with my rotten potty breaks I need to factor in 4-6 minutes of lost time (unless I find a miraculous cure between now and then!). I ran SLC in 3:53, but lost four minutes in the porta potties and ended with a time of 3:57:18, so even if I run a 3:39 (which I know won't be easy) my time will likely be a few minutes longer. Anyone know for sure if I need to beat 3:45 or 3:40?

Well, it is Saturday afternoon... house is clean... kids are clean... church clothes are laid out... running clothes are laid out... time to veg and enjoy some time with the kids, and count down the hours until Josh is home. Hope you are all having a great weekend!

THANK YOU to everyone that has donated to me and Team MEB for the NYC Marathon.

Running the ING NYC Marathon is a dream come true for me and I am so honored to get to do it for Team Meb. Please support me and Team MEB, and help provide children with access to good health, education and fitness. 

Do you have two minutes and $5? $10? Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated. :)



Jill said...

I'm also so glad that track season is over! I usually go to the state meet with Josey, but not this year with the terrible weather. I would love to run the SV half this year, but our Fossilfest celebration is on that weekend and I'm on the committee and have to be there on Saturday for a lot of the events. I'm not sure about the BQ time, but good luck with your goal!

Terzah said...

I'm obsessed w/ Boston--and I think your chances at TOU are excellent. I'm glad I'll be there to witness it. :^)

The time you need to beat is the qualifying time for your age on race day. So yes, that's 3:45 for you for 2012. Remember that for Boston 2013 the standards all get harder by 5 minutes, so you'll be back to 3:40 for that year. For me, pushing 40, 3:45 is what I'll be trying to beat for, oh, the next 6 years. Don't think I can do it this fall, but hopefully I'll get closer. Maybe your wake will pull me along. :^)

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Hi, new follower! I keep hearing about Ragnar I am going to have to look it up so I know what everyone is talking about. Good luck with Boston! I so far stick to half marathons and shorter, though once my kids go to school I might go for the marathon.