Tuesday, May 24, 2011

No regrets

The only runs that I ever regret are the ones that I don't go on.

That is what I told myself over and over (and over) when I dragged my tired butt out of bed at 4:15 this morning, and stood in the kitchen listening to my very quiet house and the sound of POURING rain outside. The "devil-Erin" on my shoulder whispered that I could get two full hours of more sleep if I were to just crawl back into my nice warm bed right then. "Devil-Erin" suggested it was stupidity for a mom of 12 to be up when she had a house full of sleeping children and pointed out that I had a late night ahead tonight. I almost listened to her.

I contemplated the treadmill then or later, but with a busy day ahead of me I knew that if I wanted to get my eight miles in it would have to be early. And I didn't want to skip my run and knew I would feel blecky later on if I did. I started going through the motions of getting ready to run outside, all the while hoping that the rain would let up some. It didn't. I waited around to see if Jenny was going to come. She didn't. At just after 5am I said "screw it" out-loud and headed out the front door.

It was wet and it was cold (cold enough that the rain mixed with snow for a little while), but you know what? It really wasn't that bad at all. It was even kind of fun. And as I knew I would, I got home and felt awesome, and was super glad that I had gone and run, even in the dark and the rain.

Because truly, truly, the only runs I ever regret are the ones that I don't go on. :)

Do you have two minutes and $5? $10? Please help me raise $3000 to support Team MEB when I run the NYC marathon in November, and help provide children in the U.S. and in Africa with access to good health, education and fitness.  Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated. :)



Andrea Busath said...

Hi Erin! I've been following your running blog from your family blog (of which I've followed for a few years now) and I notice you've gone back to making it private. I don't know if you are only allowing family to read it now, and if so, I completely understand, but if not, I would love to be able to read your blog. I love reading about your family =] I am LDS as well, and currently go to BYU (just so you know I'm not a creepy person or anything =] ) But I understand if you are keeping it only to family.

Thanks =]
Andrea Busath

LBTEPA said...

gosh I wish I'd read this on Monday night so I didn't pike out on yesterday morning's run...oh well, I can learn from it today!

misszippy said...

So, so true! I always tell myself to give it a try for about 20 minutes...if I'm not happy, I can always turn around. But usually I'm happy I stepped outside!

Bruce said...

Being just south of you a bit, I awoke to rain as well at 5am. Considered not running, but took a peek at the radar and thought the rain might be over by the time I got ready. It was and like you I was glad I went. Best run in quite a while.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

congrats!! i have to admit that those days where I make myself go when I don't feel like it, end up being some of my best!

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

I donated this afternoon and you are kicking ass for your team!! Go you!

Terzah said...

Great post! My husband is out of town this week so my usual early a.m. runs can't happen. But I dropped the kids off at preschool this morning and then did my run before going to work. So glad I did! It's made today so much better than yesterday, when I couldn't fit a run in.

jessie said...

You continue to inspire me, Erin. I too, have been reading your family blog since you had nine or so kids (I'm a fellow adoptive parent with four--Vietnam, Guatemala, and Ethiopia). I'm a little bummed that you went private, though I completely understand!
I'm running again, thanks to you, after taking twenty years off. This post was perfect for me to read today, thanks!Jessie