Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I'll be wearing!

I hate not running! Rest days... bleh. I know they are important and I am resting as I am supposed to, but man I am itching to run (and the FINALLY beautiful weather is not helping). Can't wait for Saturday. 

I thought it would be fun to do a post on what I will be wearing for the SLC marathon (in THREE DAYS!)

First though, I have a confession to make. I imagine it will make me wildly unpopular with quite a few of you in the female-running-blogging-community (I can't imagine the guys care???) and I am probably making myself an outcast. Forgive me, and give me points for honesty, k??

I don't like running skirts.

It's true, I don't like running skirts. I do not mind them at all on other people (although I  have come up on quite a few women in races wearing running skirts that I am pretty sure have NO idea how much back side they are really showing off to the world with the "swish swish"). I do see lots of runners wearing them who look great, but it just is not my style. I don't wear skirts in real life except for church on Sundays, so it just doesn't make sense to me to put on a skirt to go run. I tried one on once and it was comfortable but I just felt goofy and knew I would not be joining the ranks of running skirt wearers. So, I think they are cute on other people and think they are great for other people, I just don't like them for me. (Please don't hate me).

So what do I wear on my lower half when I run? I am a fan of tights, shorts, and capris. I have never worn the super short, "swishy", classic runner shorts... I am all about the spandex. It feels great, it stays put, and it prevents chafing. I have some pretty darn short ones, some slightly longer ones, capris, and full (compression) tights. Which ones I wear depends on the distance, conditions, and my confidence level. :)

For marathon #1 and #2 I wore full length compression tights and my legs felt really good (all things considered) during and after. I trained in compression tights all winter for my long runs, and so I am planning on wearing compression tights for this race... my super awesome SHE Skins tights. These tights ROCK. They are super super thin and have a very "cool" feeling to them. So even when it is very warm, you legs still feel cool in these (they have almost no warmth to them at all). I have other brands of compression gear and no other material I have found feels as good as these. I have a pair of compression shorts I have thought about wearing instead, but right now I am leaning towards the tights. (But I reserve the right to change my mind).

Here is my outfit pic! Right now the weather is predicting clear/sunny skies with a low of about 40 and a high about 60 for the day. Should be PERFECT running weather!!!

Along with my SHE skins tights I will be wearing-
- This awesome Craft Cool headband (most headbands and hats don't stay put on my head/hair. I have lost a hat and a Bondiband on different runs because they wouldn't stay on. This one is super light, feels great and doesn't budge).
- My favorite Tifosi sunglasses
- This new Brooks tank which I can't wait to wear, in my favorite shade of green (the color in this pic stinks... it is a lot brighter). Has to be lucky! And the material feels amazing.
- a sports bra, but you don't really need to see a pic of that :)
- Moeben arm sleeves. LOVE THEM (I wore them in both of my other marathons and the temps were similar and they were perfect). They feel so good on my arms... are warm when you want them to be, are cool when you want them to be and keep the sun off. They stay put (but push down and pull back up easily as desired), don't rub at all AND the pockets are perfect.
- Coach Bob (my Garmin 305).
- My Nathan 22 ounce hand-held water bottle, which will be filled with Hammer Perpetuem. I will also be planning on five Hammer gels... one every five miles.
- My super cool Pace Band that I just got from Races2Remember. I am really excited about this one! They not only make a pace band to tell you the mile splits you will need to hit in order to finish at the time you want, but they also adjust your paces for hills (up and down) and other factors for your specific race course. How awesome is that?

and then of course on my feet I will be sporting
My favorite favorite Brooks Ravenna 2's, and my Brooks low-cut tab socks. This pair of Brooks is perfectly broken in with 50 miles on them including my last 20-miler.

Do you notice what is missing? Yeah, as of now I am planning on running without my IPOD again. I may change my mind last minute, but right now I am thinking I would rather run without it.

I dare say I am ready! :)

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misszippy said...

Love the outfit!! And no strikes against you from my point. Everyone should wear what they are comfortable in. I like skirts here and there, but I'm mostly a shorts/capri wearer myself.

GOOD LUCK! You sound ready to rock and roll!

Jen said...

Great outfit - love the top. I want to be a fan of running skirts, but I still have to wear capri's under. I don't think I will ever be brave enough to just wear the skirt.

Candice @ I Have Run said...

Awesome outfit! I love the green shirt!!

I have several running skirts, but my capris are still my favorite! And I always wonder how much booty I'm showing in my skirts =)

Nina said...

that top looks pretty sweet!

i'm not a fan of skirts either. i just don't get the whole running in a skirt thing. i love shorts, they are my favorite!

Terzah said...

I love the tank, especially the color. You'll great and be nice and comfy, too!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

You are going to look good which in turn makes you feel good and run fast!!! GOOD LUCK E!!!

Penny said...

I'm with you on the spandex. Spandex is my next best friend. I hate when things jiggle. Love your outfit. You are going to do great. GOOD LUCK.

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

It looks great! I don't do skirts either!

Karen said...

I'm still giving skirts a try but I'm becoming less convinced I"ll love them. But I do love that green top! Good luck! I recently started following your blog and I'm very inspired. Thanks!

Run with Jess said...

I'm totally with you on the spandex!!! I love my compression tights, capris and shorts. I try to dabble in the skirts, but come race day attire, I get business-like which means compression! :)

You outfit looks great! I can't believe you're running tuneless... no way I could pull that off! Good Luck!!

Molly said...

I liked my running skirt last summer when it was so hot for my training runs, but I lean towards close fitting shorts myself. Great outfit!! I'm excited for you : )

Meredith said...

Lookin' good!! Love it! I just got my first 2 skirts and I do love them... especially over my capris! But, I love skirts anyway. Excited to hear about your race! Good luck!


I love the outfit! You are so ready for this and I am excited to stalk you all day!

It's OK to be a skirt hater. I have enough skirt love for the both of us. But, I will say, I NEVER wear a skirt unless I am running. Weird, right?

Mallory said...

I love the outfit!!!! I don't like running skirts either!!! I think they look silly!