Saturday, April 9, 2011


This morning's run was SLICK. The roads were clear yesterday afternoon and looked clear this morning, but it snowed just enough last night and got just cold enough to make a crazy slippery layer of ice. I ran in the snow along the side of the road to avoid the ice. The temps weren't bad though and the miles ticked by quickly as I paid attention to my footing and enjoyed the quiet morning.  I have eight miles on tap tomorrow and then just a couple of short runs and a couple of rest days before marathon day. :)

Someone asked a while ago, "Do you get nervous before races?"

In general, I get more excited than I do nervous. The morning of a race I definitely  have some nervous energy, but nothing terrible. It's a "I am about to tackle something really tough but I am ready... let's get it going" feeling. :)

Before my first marathon I got pretty nervous about a week before race day. I started doubting myself and wondering if I really COULD run 26.2 miles. I also made myself crazy with all the little decisions... what to wear, what to listen to, when to eat, what to eat, etc. etc. etc.  Josh kept telling me to trust my training, and the last 24-48 hours before the race I settled down and was just ready to do it.

For my second marathon I knew I definitely could run 26.2 miles (because I had just done it a few weeks earlier), and I had thoroughly enjoyed it the first time, so I didn't have the same nervousness or self-doubt. I also had found a way to fuel that worked well for me and knew what I wanted to wear, so I didn't make myself nuts with lots of little decisions either.

This time around, I have no doubts that I can run 26.2 miles. I know I can do it, and I am looking forward to it. I love the marathon distance and I am excited to do it again. I have set myself an ambitious (for me) goal of running it in under four hours, but I am not feeling too nervous about that either. I know it won't be easy, but I am believing I can do it and feeling confident (but definitely not taking anything for granted or being over-confident). If I don't make my goal this time, I will get it next time.

It's funny because all throughout my life I have gotten super nervous for stuff... concerts (I sing and used to play the violin pretty well), tests, teaching in Sunday school, going to big events...all kinds of things. But when it comes to running I just don't get too nervous. I am not sure why.

How about you? Do you get nervous before a race? When do the nerves hit? How do you deal with them?

One week from right now I will be running my heart out in SLC! :)

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Terzah said...

I don't get nervous unless I have a goal. That's why it's important for me to have a goal for every race I enter. Sometimes it's just got to be for fun. Other times the pressure is a good thing.

H Love said...

How do you ever find time for LONG runs with a full household of little peeps? Hope the icy roads CLEAR and bring you some sunshine!

Molly said...

I get nervous right before the gun goes off, every single time : )