Sunday, March 27, 2011

Taper time!

Thirty miles DONE this weekend. I did my 10 miler outside yesterday (half with Jenny) and then had a super fun day with the kids and with Jenny and her kids. (But I have to say that Rango was a really weird and pretty dark movie...especially for a kids' movie. Anyone else see it? Love it? Hate it?)

This morning I got myself up early and then went back and forth and back and forth and back and forth trying to decide if I should run outside or inside. It had snowed, but only about an inch or so, but it was really windy and the snow that was still coming down was really wet. I have been fighting a cold for the past couple of days (runny nose, scratchy throat, touch of headache) and the mom in me said that it was probably smarter to stay in, even though I so much prefer running outside.

So I decided to run on the treadmill, and told myself it was a good idea because I could try out my new shorts, tank and socks that I want to wear for the SLC marathon (and it is never going to be warm enough here in the next three weeks to wear a tank and shorts outside for running).

Decked out in my race outfit and armed with Hammer Gels, Perpetuem drink, tissues and a few DVDs worth of "24" season two (Yay for Jack Bauer!) I got on the treadmill. Can I just say that 20 miles is really stinking long on the treadmill, no matter how you slice it? I swear time and miles go by SO much slower on the 'mill than they do outside for me. (EMZ, you are awesome and I dont' know how you do it!) But I sucked it up and finished the 20 miles in 3 hours and 8 minutes, at a 9:23 average pace. If I had held that pace for another 6.2 miles I would have finished a marathon in about 4:05, and I was taking it nice and easy today, not racing, so I am feeling really excited about the SLC marathon and about my chances of breaking four hours.

I sat in an ice bath (self induced torture, but totally worth it) and now am hanging out in my compression tights and a big hoodie for recovery.

And now there are only 20 days until marathon day (April 16!) and less than three weeks of taper. I am really excited! I am really happy with how well this training has gone. When I was at this point in November (at the beginning of taper) I had a lot of soreness and a super tight ITB. I was proud as all heck to have survived the marathon training, but this time around I feel like I didn't just survive it, I feel like I kicked it's butt. :) I am running a lot faster and feel a lot stronger, and I think the increased miles and the additions of speed training and strength training have really made a difference. I guess I'll find out in 20 days. :)

Congrats to the amazing Dorothy over at Mile Posts who ran an incredible time of 3:26:43 at the DC National Marathon yesterday, and to the super cool TMB over at Racing with Babes who beat her marathon PR by almost 34 minutes and rocked the DC National Marathon with a time of 4:15:48. You ladies are awesome!!

Have a great rest of your Sunday everyone! More soon. :)


Run with Jess said...

You are incredible for doing 20 on a treadmill!!! Never in my life, I hope! More so, have no idea how you do ice baths... mad me cold just reading it!


Way to rock the 20 on the treadmill! It take a strong runner to make it 3+ hrs running in place. Can't wait for your race. Enjoy the taper!

Mallory said...

I cannot imagine doing that many miles on the treadmill. You are a strong willed woman, that's for sure!!!

Kittee said...

Jack Bauer is AWESOME! But not really sure I could do 3+ hours on the mill. You are incredible..

I think you are going have a Marathon PR for sure...

Anonymous said...

Hello Erin! Long time lurker here.

I just saw this:
After I wiped away a tear, my brain thought "Has Erin seen this?" Running, hope and special needs.

It's an amazing story:

Anonymous said...

I can barely manage 1/2 hour on the treadmill:)
I saw Rango with my 10 year old son and I thought it was dark and odd and didn't really care for it either. Decided it was one my 7 year old daughter could well skip.