Friday, March 25, 2011

"Spring" Break?

My birthday was wonderful. Thanks for all the kind wishes! :)

Josh got me this awesome Brooks bag that I had really wanted (but had not asked for or even hinted at!) He knows me SO well. :)
Tomorrow I am getting up and getting my 10 miler done (by myself) and I will be shooting for about an 8:50 place. Then I am going to come home, get cleaned up and head out of town with the kids, my friend Jenny, and her two younger kids. Josh needs to work from home on a website he is doing, so I am going to leave Noah here with him.  Jenny and I are going to take the kids to see Rango and then to Red Robin for dinner (triple woo hoo for the strawberry lemonade at RR!) Should be a way fun day!

Then the plan is to get everyone in bed and myself in bed early for my last 20 miler of this training schedule on Sunday morning. Woo hoo! They are predicting 2-4 inches of snow for Saturday night, but I am just going to hope that they are wrong about that, like they are so many other days. I do NOT want to do this last 20 miles on the treadmill. Really, really don't want to.

Today I kind of cheated and ran four miles on my rest day. Ooops. I just really was feeling the desire to run. I never skip my rest days and I know they are important, but today I needed to run. I kept the pace really easy and enjoyed it thoroughly. 

Tonight we are getting pizza and watching theYogi Bear movie all together. Yay for Friday night! And the kids are officially on spring break now so we have a nice week ahead of us, even if the weather isn't cooperating with the "spring" part.

Ok, hope you all have a great night and a wonderful weekend. More soon, including a post on two really awesome races here in Wyoming that you are all going to want to come and run (and come hang out with me!) :)


Meredith said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Today was a rest day for me as well and after reading your post, I wish I hadn't :) I so wanted to run and kept making myself not do it. I even went so far as to get dressed before I finally talked myself out of it. After reading your post, I wish I had ran :(

Run with Jess said...

We just bought the Yogi Bear movie... can't wait to see it again. My kids just rolled with laughter in the theater last December...