Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blue skies and dry roads

This morning's run was GREAT. It was a 10 mile pace run, and my goal was to keep the pace between 8:50 and 9:05. Every time I looked down at the Garmin and the pace felt good, it was right about 8:47. I finished with an average pace of 8:50 for the 10 miles, and the last two miles were all uphill (and there was some uphill in the middle too).  The sun was shining and the weather was in the mid 20's which felt warm compared to my recent outdoor runs. It has been up to the mid 40's during the day and all of the roads are clear. Yay! It really feels like spring is close now.

My stomach was really well behaved on this run too! I talked about my running tummy troubles a couple of days ago. After a comment from Caroline, I went and checked the ingredients on the Nuun and Hammer Fizz tablets that I enjoy so much (almost no calories, great taste, good hydration) and sure enough in both, the second ingredient is sorbitol, which is also used as a laxative. So I switched to just drinking good old water during the day (starting yesterday morning) and things were SO much better already today. Around mile 4 or 5, where I usually start having problems I still felt great. I ran past the first "potty stop" opportunity at mile 6 and then another at mile 7. I stopped and used a bathroom at 8 miles into the run because it was the last opportunity and I was feeling rumbly, although I may have been ok not stopping at all. Big progress! I used my Hammer gels and HEED drink as usual on this 10 miler, so for now I am going to stick with drinking water during the day (avoiding sorbitol at all costs) and fueling as usual on long runs and see if things stay better. Thanks Caroline!

Josh had to do 12 miles today. Normally I would have done the extra two miles with him, but since I have to run 20 tomorrow I stuck to my plan. We ran the first six miles together, and then he told me to "go ahead" since I was doing a pace run and he wanted to take it slower because it was his long run. When I stopped for a pit stop he passed me, and then I caught him and passed him again with about a mile to go to home. We'll have to coordinate better next time because I so love running with him. :)

I am looking forward to my 20-miler tomorrow. I really like the long runs and the roads and skies should be clear and it should be warm enough that I don't have any problems with  my water bottle freezing. I am really enjoying this training and feel like I am getting faster and stronger. I love how great my body feels right now.

I got some really, really exciting news last Sunday that I am going to post about tomorrow too. I was so excited that I shrieked, and I am not a shrieker. :)

Hope you all have a great weekend! Remember you only have until Sunday night or really early on Monday morning to enter my "Unbroken" giveaway.


Caroline said...

I'm glad your stomach was better. any of those "ols" drive my stomach insane. As a general rule, if something claims to be natural and calorie-free, I don't touch it (I also don't touch aspartame, nutrasweet, etc., bc they drive my stomach insane, but the supposed all-natural stuff isn't really any better). You could try coconut water-- tons of electrolytes, single ingredient. I use it on long runs and I think it works well. Enjoy your 20 miler. I have 16 tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it since our weather is getting better, as well.

Terzah said...

Hmmm...I had a good run today, too, but I might try Caroline's advice and avoid Sorbitol etc. as well. I do love my Nuun, but will give the coconut water a shot in my next training cycle.

Can't wait to hear your news! :^)

Run with Jess said...

Good to know about sorbitol! I'll have to keep an eye out for that?! Now why would they put a laxative in something like that?!? bizarre. Great run today! I totally know what you mean about the "loving your body" right now. I'm kinda on the same high lately...
Don't leave me hanging... dying to hear the big news!

MLS said...

My guess is, you got into NYC marathon.

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Interesting info on the sorbitol!