Saturday, March 5, 2011

Awesome and Stupid

This morning's run was AWESOME. Not because I hit any crazy paces or because the weather was freakishly warm or anything like that, but because I got to run with Jenny! She texted me last night and asked how far I had to go today and if I wanted to run with her.... ummmm yes! Of course! Since this is a scale back week in my training I only had to run six miles today, and Jenny was ok with that distance (she is just getting back into running after an injury).

Can I tell you how grand it is to start your day running with an awesome friend?? Man I missed it! The miles go by so quickly. And with Josh being gone for four days, lets just say I may be a little lonely and a tad bit more desperate than usual for some adult conversation! (Feel free to leave a comment, email me, text me, call me, send a carrier pigeon, WHATEVER).

My ankles and arches felt good and the dry roads and light skies this morning were grand.

Ok, mini-rant time. DAYLIGHT SAVINGS IS STUPID. Why? Why do we mess with TIME? Just these past few weeks it has started to get light out nice and early.... enough so that I could go out at 6am or shortly thereafter and not even need a head lamp for long. But next weekend stupid Daylight Savings is going to go and mess that all up and make the mornings an hour darker. WHY? And don't even get me started on what Daylight Savings does to kids and wake up/bed times. You wouldn't think one little hour could mess things up so much but oh trust me... it does.

My favorite quote ever (and I can't remember who it is from) was by an Indian Chief who said, in regards to Daylight Savings, something along the lines of, "Only a white man would think that you could cut off the top of a piece of paper, glue it to the bottom of the same piece of paper, and have more paper."

I hate politics but I always joke that any candidate that runs on the "Abolish Daylight Savings" will have my vote. :)

Ok, rant over. For the moment. :)

I have 12 miles planned for tomorrow morning which is sounding pretty easy after 19 and 20 milers the last few weeks (and 20 miles next week).  Oh, and I made my hotel reservations for the Salt Lake City Marathon on April 16! Josh got the weekend off and is going to drive me down and bring the kids so they can all be at the finish line. I am SUPER excited for this race and having them all there will be awesome.

I hope you all are doing something fun this weekend. I am a track widow until tomorrow afternoon and a couple of kids are sick so we are just going to hang out today and watch movies (after I clean the house, braid Belane's hair, etc. etc.) More soon!


Kerrie T. said...

BWahahahahahaha! LOVE that quote. I didn't realize DST was coming up. Boooooo!

And I so agree, running with friends is the BEST!

BTW - send me your address so I can send you a sticker. :) My email is kerrie (at) sanitydepartment (dot) com.

Run with Jess said...

Bahaha! That indian is one smart man! Day light savings always messes with the family routine... i e. kids sleep schedule. Seems like we just got adjusted to the last one!

Happy Run tomorrow!

misszippy said...

I'm with you on the time changes, although I always welcome the spring change. The fall one just depresses me. The upside to the spring one with kids is that they sleep later for a while--that's not SO bad, is it?

jen said...

It was a grand way to start the day!! I enjoyed your comapny so much, and the run. I have some catching up to do. Thanks for being my pal:)

SupermomE12 said...

It's bad when they WANT to sleep later and still need to get their butts out of bed at 6:30 am, even though to them it is 5:30am. Cranky cranky cranky

Terzah said...

I am SO with you on daylight savings time (and I love the quote, too). Time is what it is. We who choose to live in northern latitudes expect winter to be dark longer and summer to be light longer. Changing the clocks just messes with our body rhythms. And don't EVEN get me started on kids, bedtime and wake time. Arghh!

George said...

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