Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend in review and sore ankles?

I got nine miles done yesterday and 12 today. It is a "scale back" week in my training and then next week on the weekend I have nine miles on Saturday and 19 miles on Sunday scheduled.

Ok, confession time. For the last few days I have been having some soreness in my inner ankles. Heels are fine, calves are fine, outer ankles are fine...knees and hips feel better than ever. It feels the worst the first mile or so of a run, then fades a lot as I loosen up and then doesn't get worse as I go on. Today I ran on the treadmill to be safe, since I figured if it got to hurting a lot I could stop running but it never got worse so I finished the 12 miles.

I am pretty confident from what I have read that the soreness is a bit of tibialis posterior tendonitis and is from getting rid of my insoles, and my feet/ankles getting used to less support.  I have been running without the insoles for almost two weeks now (including a 17 miler) and I didn't start having any soreness until a few days ago (a week after the change). I tried putting the insoles in this morning again just to walk around to see if it felt better and if I should run in them again, but the insoles felt SO stiff and icky under my feet. It's crazy to me that I ran in them all the time and now after just a short time without them that they feel so bad in my shoes.

So what to do? I am hoping that the soreness is my feet/ankles adjusting, and not a sign that I need the insoles. They were really bugging my arches and just felt like more support than I needed. From what I have read this soreness is a result of overpronating (which I have been told that I do mildly) but my Ravenna's are stability shoes that are supposed to correct overpronation. My plan for now is to keep running without the extra insoles and hope that the soreness goes away. If it gets worse I guess I will have to re-evaluate. Anyone else ever deal with this? I'd love some advice if anyone has any. I don't want to run myself into an injury, but I'd love to be able to keep going without the insoles if my muscles will adjust.

Despite the soreness it was a good running weekend and my paces were just where they needed to be (8:55 for my 9 mile pace run on Saturday and 9:50 for today's "long" run).

Ok, on to a couple of short Q and A's. :)

So, is the Hammer Fizz a bubbly drink...or does it fizz and dissolve? 
I had to make Josh taste it and make sure he agrees with me. He did! Hammer Endurolytes Fizz is a fizz and dissolve drink, not a bubbly drink. Mango is still my favorite flavor although the grapefruit is really light and nice. Yes, it is a lot like Nuun, although I like these flavors better and the tabs go further (I need 1 1/2 of Nuun tablets for my big water bottle and one tab of the Hammer is just fine).

And my favorite question ever...
Can you mail me some of your energy, optimism, hope, exuberance , love, compassion, passion and joy? that would be awesome. address to follow. 
Love it! Thanks so much for the smile and the kind words. Send me your address and I will see what I can come up with. :)

Here is a pic of Josh and I from yesterday when we went on a REAL LIVE DATE WITH NOT A SINGLE CHILD. :) And remember, you can still enter my giveaway. $55 is a lot of money!! Hope everyone had some good running this weekend. More tomorrow.


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Annet and Kirk said...

I bought new shoes yesterday ($200 nikes, eek!) after having bought a pair of Asics and just not loving them - felt way too stiff. So I brought them back (which I still think is cool), traded up and love the built in support yet still also cushioning. Went for a run once I got home to (to help justify the price!).
Hopefully these settle in nicely, cause I won't be trading them yet again - and they are really cool looking!
Not that any of that helps you, but I do know about the difficulty in knowing what shoe to choose, whether you've done the right thing, etc! But I am guessing that since they aren't feeling worse, it might just be an adjustment thing - otherwise every mile would feel worse than the last, wouldn't it?
Good luck!