Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I have a lot of miles this week! My training plan for this week looks like this -
Monday - 3 miles (easy) plus strength training
Tuesday - 5 miles (tempo run) 1 mile gradual speed up to 8:00 pace, hold that for two miles, run one mile at 7:53 place, and use last mile to gradually slow down to 9:30 place
Wednesday - 10 miles at 9:13 pace
Thursday - 5 miles of 1/2 mile intervals at 7:30 pace with 1/4 mile recovery in between plus strength training
Friday - off
Saturday - 10 miles at 8:50ish pace
Sunday - 20 miles at 9:50ish pace

And I am happy to say that my inner ankles (which have been sore since I ditched my insoles almost three weeks ago) seem to be getting better despite the miles. I was worried for a bit that ditching my insoles was causing an injury, all the while hoping that my body was just adjusting to not having the insoles and I would emerge a stronger runner on the other side of the adjustment. It was pointed out to me by several smarter runners that it probably would have been wiser to make the change SLOWLY, but I am not very good at doing things slowly. I decided the insoles were bugging me and I probably didn't need them and I ditched them.

There is still a bit of soreness and tenderness, but it is definitely getting better. I am doing lots of exercises and stretches to strengthen/loosen the tendons in that area and like I said, I am very happy that it seems to be resolving despite the high miles. If it didn't I wouldn't really know what to do because when I tried to put the insoles back in a week or so ago just to see if it helped everything felt tons WORSE. The rest of my body feels awesome... my knees and hips have ITB bands and everything else have never felt better (KNOCKING ON EVERYTHING WOOD IN MY REACH).

Ok, so strength training. I admit that I just started doing it a couple of months ago, and I only started doing it because I read over and over and over and over and over that it would make me a better runner, help prevent injuries, etc. Twice a week I do a set of exercises that the runners on Josh's track team do and that I got from running magazines. Right now I am doing lunges, squats, rocket jumps, donkey kicks, side knee lifts, side leg raises, planks, push-ups (I can do 20 in a row now!), V-sits, crunches and a bridge. And you know what? Even though I can see it is making me stronger I just don't like doing it. Josh laughs at me that I gripe about 20 minutes of exercises when I can gut out 3 hours on the treadmill, but that's me I guess. If I could just run, I would. :)

I don't have a gym membership and honestly there is no way I would get to a gym with all of our schedules, so classes, etc. are not an option. (We only have one tiny gym here where we live anyway... no pool or anything very exciting). Getting my miles in and my two short strength training sessions a week is as much time as I can squeeze out of the week for exercise. And I have no patience for exercise DVDs or videos... I never really have. So, for now I will stick with my little routine of exercises.

So how about you? Do you strength train? Cross train? What do you do? Do you enjoy it? How is your training going this week?

I have a way fun giveaway that I am going to post tomorrow. :)


Run with Jess said...

Wowza - that's some mileage this week! Glad you are feeling better.

LOL - I struggle w/strength training too. I find it so B.O.R.I.N.G. however I have made it a focus during this spring's training because of all the same reading you mention...

Terzah said...

I too find lifting/strength training boring. But I'm lucky in that I get a city rec center membership through my job, so I take a class every Tuesday/Thursday that makes it much more fun and interesting. When I'm faithful to it, the results are good--but when things come up (sick kids etc.) it's the first thing to go. The one thing I wish I had more time for but just don't right now is yoga.

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

I didn't last year but I learned my lesson and have gotten back into it. My core is a big issue and strengthening my left leg is a big deal. DVD's are great. I rip out workouts from the running and shape magazines and put them in a binder. I try to do my crosstraining on a stationary bike while catching up on the dvr. My gym has classes but not during my schedule. total bummer.

Lori said...

Looks like an awesome training plan! Are you following a specific training plan or did you draw up your own?